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Just kinda wish I had someone to talk to again
Just feeling really lonely..
Your natural concern for the well-being of others at work is o... More for Libra
Home from football early 🙏
You know that delivering on your promises is critical today or... More for Libra
Someone wanna bring me good and some 5 hour energy?
You're not so likely to compromise in order to keep the peace ... More for Libra
I hate feeling like I don't know what to do.
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I hate this time of night, everything's still and my mind just wanders...
Lol I'm actually so hurt. But whatever.
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Josh sucks at minecraft wait which 1 😂😂😂�@JoshBrownYoB@JoshuaClingenpeingenpe
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Someone wanna cheer me up?
Although you could be tied in knots with unexpressed anger, yo... More for Libra
When Kanye said "i’m killing y’all niggas on that lyrical shit. mayonnaise colored Benz, i push miracle whips
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@DaReal_Rizzy: "I don't like you" Me: 😌” favorite vine