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Tired of being everyone's burden
You might wish that the current relationship stress would quie... More for Libra
Call me crazy, shit at least you're callin
Oh you mad cause nobody ever did it like me?
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Someone bring me food
i prefer to distance myself whenever i’m mad because i become the most heartless person you’ll ever meet.
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Hungry 😞
You can make substantial gains today as you appear more optimi... More for Libra
Happy bday to my dude @adb_JHAINES 💸😤
Once again, you find yourself playing the role of a diplomat a... More for Libra
You might not want to continue on your current path because yo... More for Libra
⛄️Snowcoming Week Theme Days! ❄️ Mon - PJ's ❄️ Tues - Winter Gear ❄️ Weds - Holiday Dress Up ❄️ Thurs - Gift Yourself ❄️ Fri - Ugly Sweater
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You're in for a round of self-criticism as you examine the rea... More for Libra
females in this generation be livin their lives off tumblr quotes
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Sometimes it's not healthy to let your dreams spill over into ... More for Libra
Being a nice person is under appreciated.
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Majority of people's words never match their actions. Just talking because they're able to speak.
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Women will never understand that for a man to upgrade from his ex has nothing to do with who looks "badder" it's how better she treats him.
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Some of you females faithful to a dude that's not even yours.
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Not being appreciated hurts.
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Actually so tired of this
You usually don't like playing the role of a mother hen, but t... More for Libra
Your preoccupation with home and family issues could put you i... More for Libra
If my girl has ass like this we ain't gonna make it out the house..
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Sudden waves of wanderlust compel you to dream about going som... More for Libra
Whether people expect you to be the event planner or the peace... More for Libra
I just really want some chocolate
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Papa's word of the day: "tell them kiss my ass. Not on the left cheek not on the right but right square in the groove"
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There is magic in the air today and whatever happens has an ex... More for Libra
Relying on people usually ends in disappointment.
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Responding to extremes with extremes always works
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@JoshBrownYo I will! I should be coming in own soon so I'll definitely hyu
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@JoshBrownYo hi, just wanted to say I miss you and I love you (-:
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Your smooth diplomatic charm comes in handy now, especially if... More for Libra
I made a deal with @Pornhub Katie so RT this and get it to 5k 😭�
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You don't know what to expect now because people are acting ou... More for Libra