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There might be hidden truths that need to be spoken today. Or,... More for Libra
Your current annoyance on the job can't be directed at anyone ... More for Libra
You might find yourself trapped in a difficult situation today... More for Libra
At first blush you may feel uncomfortable and doubt your abili... More for Libra
Finding balance in your life could be a study in frustration t... More for Libra
You may create an unnecessary crisis by attempting to squeeze ... More for Libra
Someone may place demands on you today, complicating your sche... More for Libra
A casual friendship may have the chance to be strengthened whi... More for Libra
You may feel stuck in a rut of routine in spite of your curren... More for Libra
You're holding onto a very well-kept secret today, and this un... More for Libra
When she tweets "wish I had someone to talk to rn" and you been sittin there on delivered for 30 minutes
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Looking at your life through a spiritual filter today enables ... More for Libra
GUYS MY DREAM IS TO HAVE A KEURIG , please retweet 😭 one retweet can change my life �JT
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Even if you are feeling unmotivated, you start to emerge from ... More for Libra
⚪️ idk ⚪️ idc ⚪️ idgaf 🔘 all of the above
You may be unnervingly quiet today, but others can still appre... More for Libra
Rt for Sativa, Like for Indica.
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Treating others kindly makes your heart happy, especially now ... More for Libra
Pay for my college tuition and I'll take this picture down @tacobell
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Really I'm the plug really I'm the plug
Relinquishing your preconceived notions about what the day hol... More for Libra
Turning your brilliant ideas into action is tricky now, but it... More for Libra
You may think that you are being extremely rational in your ap... More for Libra
Don't remember seeing this part in the movie…
You're longing to show off to the world today, and social gath... More for Libra
You might not be very clear about your destination now, but yo... More for Libra
You may face a stressful emotional dilemma while the moody Can... More for Libra
Keep RT'ing this is something big 🙏�gD
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It's nearly impossible to tell in advance what you should do t... More for Libra
Woopty do for a nigga like you!
Your admirable intention is to foster peace and harmony on thi... More for Libra
$5 is not gas money $5 is not gas money $5 is not gas money $5 is not gas money $5 is not gas money…
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Your first conclusion won't likely be your final solution to a... More for Libra
An intriguing matter lures you into solving a perplexing puzzl... More for Libra
KeKe Palmer & Cassie must got a thang for each other 😍💦xLs
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Will Ferrell, Jay Z, Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek, 2000.
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Your life may be so loud now that you are tempted to escape in... More for Libra
Defining the line between love and codependency is particularl... More for Libra
A sudden break in your routine catches you off guard today. At... More for Libra
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National Pitbull Awareness Day 🐶o
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