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....the amount of times I've dropped my phone on my face while laying in bed on my back & texting. It's soo sad lmao
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this is the only nigga in history who can put a stripper pole, 5 TVs, a fish tank & a chandelier in a 98 Honda Accord
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What do you get when NBA teams create "movies" starring their players? #NBAMovies happens. »
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VIDEO: Josh Ho-Sang’s spinning shootout goal was absolute insanity
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Finally a break from the city
I could never fuck around with my boys girl, theres no self respect in that just desperation.. Smh
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I still need 40 community service hours 😤💥🔫
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The difference between black and white people 😂
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@FunnyVines: Caillou grows up in the hood I found you
Ralph Lauren on my chest stunting on the rest 🐎
Went from the rookie of the year to the leagues MVP love how your girl watches me when I walk to VIP
Remembering the days when i could only buy things on McDonald's value menu now I pay for everything how ya feel
The struggle is real for OVO tickets
This the girl that Jay Z and Tiger Woods cheated with
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Washington Redskins give rookie kicker Zach Hocker awful haircut.
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Sad day today R.I.P Tyler Bailey at least I had my girl there to keep me happy 💛
R.I.P Tyler Bailey
Someone wasn't happy to take a picture Happy 2nd Birthday to my nephew Tristan 🎉🎁
You forgot to add Kirstin's name too @dxrxs
Know a couple hood hoes sucking dick is all they good for
Even though he passed away last month I miss coming home to my little guy r.i.p love you 7
22 jump street is jokes
Never knew Germans dived that's the Italians game
Fake Bitchessss all around Toronto
Tough way to go out , im cheesed
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Before the donuts there was Tim Horton Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers: #tbt
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When it comes down to it , you just gotta do your own thing
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Blackhawks are now 12-0 in Games 5, 6 and 7 over the last 2 postseasons.
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I feel like I'm growing up way to fast
I want mcdonalddddsssssss
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ICYMI: 50 Cent threw out perhaps the WORST first pitch in baseball history tonight. »
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Out in Toronto growing up bankroll keep going up
Fuck the kings
A blunt right now would be perfect
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Let's go blackhawksss
Lean in my cup got me slowing down