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Joseph M. Foster
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Just got my copy of @bishopevreeves book! you gotta go get it!
2015 is your year of Rain!!!
You feet will never take you where your mind hasn't already taken you...
The reason we don't see vision manifest in our lives is because we have not written it...
Call the prayer center @thewordnetwork now 855-730-Word get prayer, sow a seed and get the spiritual warfare kit today
We have the right conversation with the wrong people #Rejoice
What you hear determines what you will become... #rejoice @thewordnetwork
Tune in now I'm live on @TheWordNetwork with Bishop George Bloomer #Rejoice
Tune into @thewordnetwork right now...I'm about to release a powerful word! Get your seed ready and call 855-730-WORD!
At The Word Network tonight and ran into @bishopevreeves! It's about to be crazy in here
Excited about using my new bible this weekend. It was a wedding gift from my grandma!
On my way to Detroit, MI to empower business leaders from around the world this afternoon and interview with Bishop Geogre Bloomer tonight on The Word network!
You've got to say the right thing on the way to victory! Words create Worlds! #PrayerinFaith
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The things we do to maintain our stage. #ScandaI
Stop worrying about public opinion. #leadership #smb #smallbiz
Your purpose is all about meeting the needs of others. @DrLarryDReid
I want to go to TBN LA
What ever you mismanage, you will lose! #SMB #SmallBiz
You are the total universe localized as a body/mind this moment & this moment changes every moment . You are a verb not a noun #FutureofGod
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Your success is determined by what you are willing to ignore. If you are willing to ignore fear, your faith will produce greatness! #SMB
Sometimes you get up & have butterflies going crazy in your stomach because you're taking huge leaps of faith. Glad it still happens to me!
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Greatness will always require sacrifice. If it's easy, it's not your best. @toureroberts
Pain doesn't have to stop progress unless you let it!
The test is designed to challenge my weaknesses so that they will not remain weaknesses. @BishopJakes
Think globally! #smb #smallbiz #leadership
This is what The Bible was talking about when it said "whosoever finds a wife, finds a good thing!" @1sweetme is good too me!
Being in #StLouis reminds me of the crucial ministry of @DerwinLGray, calling churches to model the racial unity seen in Ephesians 2:14-18!
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For 48 hours only, my book #LimitlessLife is available for $.99 on your Kindle! Buy here-…
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Do more —create, present, and edit— with the new, improved PowerPoint for iPad and iPhone. For free!…
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Only ignorant people believe that calling somebody a Sissy or queer is preaching the truth in love. The truth is that God loves us all!
The gospel is not offensive, the presentation of the gospel is what offends people.
Fix the water, not the fish. Keep things in perspective as you start your work week! #HappyMonday #Kingdom #drLW
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When your voice is your money, you only trust the best to protect it. I choose #CalvinKlein !
Make 2015 your greatest year ever! Experience RAPID growth now! #SmallBiz #SMB #SalesTips
November 23 is your date with a miracle. Make your plans to come to Columbus, Ohio, now:
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“You don’t really read the Bible, the Bible reads you. Set an environment where the word reveals itself to you.” @philmunsey #OneChurchLA
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Praying for @jancrouchtbn this morning! God still works miracles!
“Stay connected to the flow of God and the river of the Holy Spirit.” @toureroberts #OneChurchLA
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"Anything God has called us to won't be easy, it is going to take fortitude and strength." @DeVonFranklin #onechurchintl #OneChurchLA
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I can listen to @cindytrimm everyday all day! She practices everything that she preaches. Who could've asked for a better mentor!