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Jordan D. Uhl
The Most Important Chart You'll See All Week
rode one wooden coaster at @cedarpoint on sunday. my back has yet to forgive me. #oldpeopleprobs
6 cups of joe, 3 Diet Mountain Dews & chocolate covered coffee beans MT @OhMissEvans U seem so perky & awake in the morn, what's ur secret?
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Ferris Wheel #cedarpoint
The Gatekeeper. #cedarpoint #ohio #grammaster
Wow the Irish just got robbed. #NDvsFSU
me: mom said "doing pot" last night. it was funny. dad: linda, that's something we should do. mom: pot? dad: no. dancing lessons. wut?
#breaking@WholeFoodsPST: Apologies:Closing tonight at 10pm (store meeting) Mezzanine will close at 9pm. Store reopens Sunday at 8am"
New shirt. Go #bucks! #OSU #Buckeyes #buckeyenation
if you don't tell social media about how you're writing a novel, are you actually writing it? #DeepThoughts
just scored a @joehaden23 jersey for $40. is this real life? #youngstown #ytownprices
flash mobs need to stop
New running shoes from Second Sole. #adidas #adizero #bostonboost #marathontraining #secondsole
White House Fruit Farm with @ohmy__tosh.
Fauci response to Ebola czar: “I don’t know exactly what is meant by a czar... but we will certainly follow the lead of the president.'
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aw, thanks Renee... RT @copuchenta: I adore this person:
went to the record store on U street last night, now all my FB ads are for vinyls. #singularity #FacebookKnowsAll
@JordanUhl like several important officials in the spotlight, I've been hacked. My publicist will contact you shortly.
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True Life: My @peta Coworkers Want To Be Me right @jesjohnsonn?
some people dream about marrying athletes. me too. can't wait for lebron uhl.
#tbt to when #katemara signed my bday card. Can't believe it actually happened, eh @lauren_thomasson?
forget fantasy football, just signed up for #FantasySCOTUS. @chrisgeidner, you in?
Hey guys @nypost found a picture of Bentley the Ebola Dog on a date.
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accurate RT @mattstopera: You can learn a lot about a person based on the fact on if they use glue traps or not.
lets be real. that tornado didn't want to piss off biden after the aviators & ice cream pic.
BREAKING GOOD NEWS: Tornado warning canceled for DC, Northern Virginia, and PG. Co. @wusa9
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And my phone goes crazy, tornado warning in DC.
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Congrats to @amyoleary, the new deputy international editor at NYT.…
my grandma just texted me saying she thought of how i would vote and voted the other way on her absentee ballot. #politics #family
OMG I WANT TO GO NOW - Heaven Is For Real And It's In Prague via @aplusapp…
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big win for @peta RT "@ReutersUS: Supreme Court leaves a California ban on foie gras intact:"
hey @STLouisRams, @MichaelSamNFL wouldn't have committed that personal foul. #justsaying
85% of what i've eaten today is kale. the rest is donuts. #health
These Optical Illusions Prove Life Is Whatever You Make Of It
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my coworkers got chipotle for lunch. i "discovered" their burritos. i have chipotle for lunch. #ColumbusDay
who needs a new pair of @KingJames' shoes when there's @MettaWorldPeace's panda shoes:
same-sex marriage is moving at a snail's pace? eh? eh? i'll see myself out....…
These Cats Have Some Strong Opinions About The New Dog
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.@Allstatecares I described this mystical world known to some as "Maryland." We'll see if he relayed the Myth of MD to the help. 70 min?