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Behind every favorite song, There is an Untold story.
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I was so hopeful the other day, now I can't do anything.
No other option. Got to drop out of university. Wasted almost 3 years of my life. Never gonna become someone.
Fucking fed up
No one gives a shit
Anyone ever heard or been too Trimpers in Ocean City?
Just got offered a job in Ocean City, for my summer job. Tempting.
Just got a C- in my essay. Brilliant. Fucked my life up now.
At Starbucks with this little rascal.…
@JordanJansen I pulled my ear last night, it's hurting so much, and mine was already pierced. I feel your pain.
So grateful to do what I love. I love music
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Some of the rumors out just gotta laugh. People are creative. It's all love
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I don't want to do something but I don't want to do nothing.
I hate being ignored.
@MrsSOsbourne is absolutely stupid. Sucking J's dick when he's on the show and then constantly insulting him. Immaturity at it's best.
@MrsSOsbourne Gain some talent before talking about Justin. You don't have a leg to stand on. It's not cool to hate.
And now he wants to play Rihanna. What is this lecture. I just. What.
Erm why am I being made to listen to Tom Jones in my lecture, like what?
Frankie and Benny's make my favourite pizza of all time. I want it.
I really fancy going out to eat right now. Frankie and Benny's is calling my name.
Awkward when 3 guys are discussing all the girls in Starbucks and I'm one of them. I'm gonna walk over and be like, 'I do have ears'.
Thanks so much for the support on my new video "Say Something" I'm reading the comments now. You guys are Amazing!<3…
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