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Shoulda been my 1 year anniversary with him on the 9th. Instead I'll just be crying alone.
Thinking of changing the name of this account
I pray every night for the same thing. Still hasn't happened.
I miss him. I can't even talk to him. I wish he'd write or email me.
Like. Seriously. How immature can you get.
So my ex boyfriends mum went on his account and Unfriended me. Wow. And I know for sure it's her because he's away with no internet.
All my ex boyfriend does is ask if I'm dating someone. Like, why do you care? Your the one who broke my heart not the other way around.
My niece accidentally saw a message about me being suicidal. Hopefully she thinks nothing of it. It was kinda cryptic. 😏
@JJansenWorld thanks💕 but I don't think anyone can help me through this 😭
Funny how I went from meeting with missionaries and reading the gospel to just being a complete mess and wanting to die 💁🏻
I just don't wanna live any more.I haven't since I was like 7.Then last year I had hope.I was happy.But guess what? It ended. It always does
Some people say scars are beautiful, but are they still beautiful if you made them?
It's funny how bleeding feels so good when your empty inside
I just wanna die
And this is my hell on earth
If past life's exist I must have murdered someone or something
I have a broken heart. My family hate me. My mum thinks my emotions are amusing. Or easy to overcome. It's eye roll worthy apparently
And yeah I'm gonna tweet about it. Who the f cares
Oh so suicidal today
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Lost the love of my life. I don't care what anyone says, when you meet the one, you can't move on.
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Do you think people tell you they don't love you anymore to push you away? Because they don't think the real reason would work?
How do you win them back? 😭💔
I wish I knew how to get him back
He'll always be the person I love. I 100% know that. He's the one. There is no one else. There never will be.
I don't want to give up on us. I pray about it and I feel like I shouldn't give up.
If in the end, you pushed him away with words you didn't mean (not against him or anything) do you try to get him back? I love him.
I want him back 😔
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I sleep due to exhaustion from crying. I eat so my mum doesn't cart me off to a hospital. I barely drink. I'll never be okay.
Just shoot me. I would happily die.
I'm never gonna move on. People tell me I will, but I won't. I know my heart. It's not possible.
Music was once everything too me. Now? Any song I hear makes me think of him.
He's broke my heart. Yet he's still perfect too me.
I wonder if you can actually run out of tears
My heart feels completely broken. Like literally. I feel like I've got a bullet wound in my heart. I feel like it's been ripped out.
Don't fall in love. Don't let anyone promise you anything. It's all fake.
Woke up crying
Having your heart broken is the worst feeling in the entire universe. I want to die.
Minions - Blind Bag Surprise Opening!…
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LEGO The SIMPSONS Minifigures SERIES 2!…
LEGO The SIMPSONS Minifigures SERIES 2!…
Blind Bag Mix Surprise Opening: Disney Wikkeez & Despicable Me Minion Surprise…
Blind Bag Mix Surprise Opening: Disney Wikkeez & Despicable Me Minion Surprise…
Blind Bag Mix Surprise Opening: Disney Wikkeez & Despicable Me Minion Surprise…
@JordanJansen I love this picture 💕

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