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Jordan Jayro
Me waiting for this weeks video to render.
Sometimes I eat my face mask because it looks like guacamole.
I finally got my roots did. πŸ’ #selfie #hair #ratchet #classyashell
Did I ever mention how fucking amazing @katyperry was last night??? #PrismaticWorldTour
It's kinda nice to be at a concert and not daily vlog the whole thing. #PrismaticWorldTour #KatyPerry @katyperry
It's hot as hell in California. Watch me discuss this issue:…
You're not truly alone until you have no best friends on Snapchat.
I just got butt ass naked in my bathroom for at least a minute and realized that the window was open and my neighbors could see me.
I'm sorry, but she had to go. #killthebitch #spider #video
Hey hey you you, I could be your girlfriend... Hey hey you you, I really regret tweeting this
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@jordanjayro binge watching your videos im laughing so hard omg. DAY. MADE.
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I had the best time on @RadioARTPOP tonight!! 😘😘😘😘
Things are gonna get a little messy this Wednesday with @briiiiiittss and a face mask. #collab #youtube #video #girlfriendtag
That moment when your friend makes you end a phone conversation using your YouTube outro. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Yassssss!! I am so excited to be on @RadioARTPOP for the second time this Monday!! You better tune in, gurl. It's gonna slayyy.
Filming tomorrow. Things are gonna get a little sloppy. 😏 #youtube
If you haven't seen me talk dirty to Siri yet, click here:…
The way she moves, the way she walks... I touch myself can't get enough.
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This week's video is gonna be crazyyyy! Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. Link is in my bio. πŸ˜‹ #youtube #video #youtuber #siri
Gurl, do I have something on my face? #selfie #lush #mask
I'm living for my new hair. #selfie #hair #blonde #yas
@jordanjayro I looooooove your blonde hair, it reminds me of a 80's popstar look :-)
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Help!! Am I okay?!?!?! I need one of you to respond right meow! #earthquake
Who is this trash box with Katy Perry?? #VMA2014
Why does this bitch have his back to the camera?? #VMAs2014
Who the hell is Sam Smith? I've never heard of her. #VMAs2014
Ariana has three nominations. Her high pony has seven. #VMAs2014
Jason Derulo needs to go away.
Omg that video of Iggy Azalea falling off stage is all over my Tumblr dash. AND I AM HERE FOR IT.
i can't decide if i'm hungry or just bored... and yes, i know this is the most generic, relatable tweet evER DON'T HAVE TO REMIND MEASDFGHJK
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can i nominate u for the boiling water challenge
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It's all about the ambiance. πŸ’πŸ’
It's time to floss and take my ass to bed! Goodt nahhhhttt!
Seriously. Fuck the Teen Choice Awards. Eat my asssss.
My little sister is in the next room watching the Teen Choice Awards, and all I hear her say is "YASS!", "SLAY!", and "QUEEN!".
@jordanjayro draw my life, 7second challenge, fondsworth Townsend reading gaga lyrics, driving with Jordan
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This is my third consecutive day off. Cabin fever is starting to set in. Maybe I'll shoot a video today. Any ideas?!?!? Tweet them to me!
'This pizza is very crunchy' I said to myself before I realised one of my teeth had broken.
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