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Jordan Jayro
@paddypower It's not mine, so I won't call it my entry ... but this chap sure beats it. #PPCrazyGolf
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Just driving through Hollywood 🎶cheek to cheek 🎶
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A big-hair-before-bed selfie. Goot nahhhhhhtt! #selfie #hair #newyork
Sewing/cutting for my life! Getting ready for the #ARTRAVE on Monday. 💁💁💁
No #VMA nominations for Lady Gaga this year, and honestly, I'm feeling a bit personally attacked by @MTV right now because of that.
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Fondsworth is back! And he's reading the lyrics to Rude by MAGIC!
I don't even care if it was just a smiley. IT MATTERS!
"@OITNBpost: When you realize that officer Bennett and poussey are together in real life 😭�" WHAT!?!?!?
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I haven't shaved in like a year. I'll get on that sometime this year. #weedwacker #chainsaw
But FIRST!!! … Watch my new video.…
Somebody bring me some hummus.
Sippin that tea huntyyyyy. #tea
Fuck you, strep throat. I'm singing anyway.
Does anyone know what exactly dim sum is???
Watch my new YouTube Video! This week I'm sharing my top dating tips with all of you. YOU'RE WELCOME.…
What a classy and elegant way to leave the stage, only Lady Gaga!
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Booooooo. Being sick sucks donkey chode. I hate it! Wahhhhh! #bitch
when in doubt just put a green light infront of you and just go. words of inspiration from @jordanjayro
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WHY AM I NOT AT #Vidcon2014 ?! I literally live 15 minutes from there. #vidcon
Everyone go watch my new video for this week!! And SUBSCRIBE to my channel, pweeez!…
What is this nonsense about PARTYNAUSEOUS getting released tonight? @ladygaga I don't believe any of it. 💁
@jordanjayro was watching last monday radio artpop Today.And i saw u and i was like 'oww this one handsome man plus smart to'imma follow :)
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@jordanjayro just subscribed and followed you! Exited to start watching your vids and it was fun seeing you on radio artpop :)
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I had a blast on @RadioARTPOP. Thank you guys so much for having me! ::HUG::
One of my more glamorous moments. #video #starbucks #glamour #elegance #grace #poise
I love Gaga so much, but I was not feeling that fro. -_-
I forgot about this selfie I took the other day. I'm just so busy being flawless sometimes. #selfie #flawless
Anorexia is really just aggressive portion control.
Retweet this for your chance to win a signed photocopy of my buttcheeks! :D
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There's nothing more tragic than being a gay man with car troubles. #INEEDAMAN #INeedAnswers #gayboyproblems
People always say they want you to be real. And the minute you are, they say you're a bitch. #sorrynotsorry
If you can neatly fold a fitted bed sheet, then you shouldn't have to go to college. #MustRead #truth #awesome
iPad mirror selfies are iconic. #maybe #idk #selfie #realness
I'm making cookies in a convection oven. #revolutionary #groundbreaking #cookies
"You don't go Jessica Simpson when you've got Rihanna." - #OrangeIsTheNewBlack @netflix
Just went to the beach -each. #selfie #beach #summer
Why isn't there an option that says "Because I look fat."?
I have more respect for someone who can own what they believe and not "apologize" just to make other people happy.
Why do celebrities think they can be assholes then issue an "apology" right after and make everything okay.?
How you doooehh?!?! 😩💁 #selfie #tattoo
Teeff almost straight! #teeth #selfie #braces