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Jordan Dunne
I used to go to school with a Nigerian lad named Ebola. He was sound enough.
BT sports coverage is poison. Scholes and Owen are fuckin terrible.
Third different name this week...
There's an elderly man on the bus beside me who reeks of baby powder and it's making me uneasy because I can't...
Climate change, war, terrorists, banking crisis, murder, robbery, death, bombs, threats and hatred. Repeat after me.
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I have honestly learnt more from QI than I ever did from school. @stephenfry
Well... aren't ally friends a dull shower of bastards.
Did you know that by law of averages every time you're on packed public transport 3 of those people will die in...
I'd love to be good at golf and then I think "fuck golf".
What is the point of them bus timer things. 12 minutes I was looking at 4 minutes on the fuckin thing.
Creepy Neil. @neildavidjames @alanadderley @adayinthelife19
Advice urgently sought. Put hand cream on my face without reading label. If I put face cream on my hands will it compensate, or am I doomed?
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Not happy with Mata being on the bench. Van Persie should've been the man to make way. Hasn't bothered his bollocks the first three games.
Good birthday present this. Silence on Merseyside.
There is a grown ass man, no younger than 40, instagramming a picture of his food beside me. Might lob a chip at...
Saying no to independence...baffling that it would even be a question let alone one you say no to.
Martin Curley thanks for the nomination. This is gonna be harder than the ice Bucket haha. Top 15 movies. 1....
Conan O'Brien has been stealing a living the last 20 years. I've tweeted funnier things with my phone in my pocket.
Sam Cooke. Greatest voice in all music history. #samcooke #music #legend #genius
Me when I kicked the press with no shoes on this morning.
This is the same club who demand worldwide respect for Hillsborough. Utterly disgusting banner on show at Anfield.
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Pardon my language but some geebag has just kicked my feet out of her way on the Luas then looked at me like I...
1st sneeze: Bless you. 2nd sneeze: Bless you... 3rd sneeze: Please get out of my life until you are finished with whatever this is.
all i have to say is fuck the world
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All for the man that matters. Always thinking of ya Lar Dunne.
Punk rock and I think Rebecca had a stroke...
Punk rock and Rebecca had a stroke...
If you buy an i Phone 6 you are a serious dinkleberry. Everything about it is getting cheaper except the price.
Watching the Arsenal and City game with my dad and Bacary Sagna comes on screen, He says to me "when did Hector Gates sign for city?"
In all seriousness though I fuckin hate dance, trance, techno and especially house.
Why is it that every 14 year old young fella in Dublin is dressed like the fresh prince of bel air?
Anyone selling a bike?
Absolutely blasting @MCRofficial on the Luas into work. #imnotokay
Salted spats. ..@alanadderley @neildavidjames @adayinthelife19
I just earned the 'Newbie' badge on @untappd!
I shit you not. There is a group of magpies taking turns playing fuzball out my back garden.
Bite my lip and close my eyes. Take me away to paradise. #longview
Serious question. I just ate three nutri grain bars. Am I gonna shit myself?
Empty Luas and some fuckin' dinkleberry sits on my lap.
They used to call me the swag master.
@Jordan_Dunne alive and well Mr.Dunne, keeping busy with shoots/edits. U still melting chocolate with your smooth vocals?
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Remember to keep the sabbath sassy. #ratchetjesus
I remember a time when I enjoyed watching football.
So apparently Ed Woodward is now some sort of transfer supremo?