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Jordan Dunne
The amount if time a day I resist the urge to comment "nobody cares, shut the fuck up."
I posted a new photo to Facebook
No weapons No threat to police No charges No indictment No justice 6 children #ICantBreathe #EricGarner
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"In the struggle for justice I is willing to lay down me life just like Martin Luther...Vandross did."
How can a justice system fail someone so much. Murdered by a police officer and no action taken. #RIPEricGarner
I feel like I age 10 years every time I have to listen to Michael Owen commentate...
I love that song Merry Christmas Everyone by Shake 'n' Vac.
Bitches well and truly tripping.
I had forgotten what it felt like to wake up on a Monday not hungover...
Hard to believe this pleb is 14 today. Proud of the beautiful young lady you're growing up to be. Love ya to the...
Weekend. Woo. Wait. No. Im in work. Fuck you Obama.
When someone asks to get past you at the last stop. Ye go ahead I'm going back the other way. NUNCHUK TO THE TEMPLE.
Anyone looking for me can get me on this as some absolute rasher neck fanny nicked my phone out of my locker in...
Fine set of bumpers on her your Francis.
How's your Francis? I heard she got one of them gastric bands to get the weight down...
Some aul lad just sneezed on the luas and nearly put the fuckin' thing into reverse.
Bitches be giving off dem do me vibes.
Don't fall into the trap of believing that Sinn Fein are looking out for you they're merely capitalising on a...
To shave or not to shave. That is the question.
Here's one for ya's. Bare in mind I'm not a morning person when reading this story. Got off the Luas on the way...
So apparently Harry Styles is gay so Kaitlin is mourning her loss.
Not having a dig but honest question for Liverpool fans. Waiting to get back into this competition for 5 years...
Well love hearts have changed. This was followed by "fuck you" and "reevaluate your life decisions".
Beth is definitely not a strong enough character for her own episode. #dissappointed #thewalkingdead
I wipe my own ass
Jose Mourinho realises Chelsea fans are shit. In other news sky is blue, grass is green and Pope shits in woods.
"It was a game that we had almost had full control off," says Rodgers, as he clutches at more straws than a masturbating scarecrow.
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Hahaha fox news blocked me for commenting on a post about Islam.
I might go out as a slutty nurse or a slutty bottle of soy sauce. The slutty choices are endless.
Awh lads what I wouldn't give to be about 12 out collecting wood and getting bet across the head with a lump of...
Phil Jones is injured and in other news the pope shits in the woods.
Never trust a man in a turtle neck.
Snapchat me pictures of your couch pillows and drawings of dragons . Jordan_Dunne1
I have no idea who this is....
Got into a nigerian taxi last night on Harcourt Street and I said "Cork Street please." He says to me "too close, get out." Wanker.
Hello I'm every pub musician in Dublin and here's Galway Girl followed by Mumford and sons.
Complete lack of knowledge, class and respect on Twitter from @WBAFCofficial on Fellaini!! #united #karma #keepbelieving
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Acting the maggot. #opticalillusion
Very suspicious goalkeeping in that Southampton Sunderland game yesterday.
This is how I chat up girls and it's generally how they react...
Two fresh prints. #theclash #thebeatles #johnlennon #paulmccartney #joestrummer
I used to go to school with a Nigerian lad named Ebola. He was sound enough.