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Jordan Dunne
Bet ya this Messi fella will be one of those players who scores a great goal at the world cup and ya never hear of him again.
I'm gonna say it and I don't care who knows it. I fuckin' love that song Wiggle.
Watching the England game and listening to rebel songs at the same time just to balance it out.
Diego Costa in this team looks like a steaming hot plate of pie and mash going down the conveyor belt at a branch of Yo Sushi!
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I'm all for people who don't normally watch football enjoying the world cup but for the love of lucifer please...
Happy fathers day to Mustafa he's a top bloke and sells great halal meats.
Anyone going to see Michael McIntyre!!?? If so delete me as a friend...
Facebook asking me when I had my first kiss. Mind yo damn business.
Phone has full on shit itself so if anyone is looking for me facebook me.
Gonna go speed loaf a foreigner in the chipper. BRB.
Facebook - "Do you know Yunkyong Bang?" Probably not to be honest. ..
On a lighter note, I'm having a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. #fucksociety
This one is even better. "Fuck society." Hilariously ironic given that Marilyn Monroe is the original women...
Call a fat girl gross and the world would fucking implode. Call a skinny girl gross and it's all good. God I...
Benjamin Button on film 4 tonight. Great film, never gets old...
My god that Waterford Whispers page is hilarious.
How do ya like them apples! Boom!
Nothing to get you in the mood for summer like the Beach Boys.
Remember the really vulgar emotions on MSN. Hahaha.
Nothing worst than seeing an unintentionally cringe post. Makes my skin crawl.
Anyone any idea what to do with an injured pigeon? Don't wanna just let the horrible fucker die.
As much as I resent her going to the fight tonight. Hope my big sister has a great birthday. I'll hold the fort down. Love you xx xx
Pretty sure Alan Carr is in the workman's.
To the scumbag who hit me on the bike this morning and proceeded to drive off I hope you contract HIV I really do.