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Jordan Dunne
Awh lads. Don't try to shrink me gypsy I serious.
Gay Teen Records His 'Christian' Family's Heartbreaking and Abusive Reaction to His Coming Out
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I'm bored on my lunch so I'm currently walking down the frozen foods section of Dunnes. ....
Jonny Evans with quite possibly the worst display I've ever seen from a Manchester United player.
A lot of these young players have really hurt themselves tonight as they aren't gonna get another chance to play with the League Cup gone.
You gotta hit rock bottom before the only way is up. #mufc
Holy shit @FrankIero the album is fuckin incredible. #stomachaches
United aren't even playing and Cleverley is annoying me. #mufc #lfc #mcfc
I'm sorry Tom Cleverley I would love to see you do well but you are just awful. #mufc
Liverpool haven't got much training done today. Mario Balotelli brought his Premier League medal in so they all had a turn holding it.
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Carlton Cole, Chamakh and Downing all scored in the same game yesterday. ..
Facebook is gone so if you want me you can get me on here or what's app.
Quick Question: RT- Ángel Di María + Sami Khedira for £80m. FAV- Arturo Vidal for £50m
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Somebody snapchat the hangover away. Jordan_Dunne1
"God only knows what I'd be without you."
Ed Woodward you fucking cock sucker. #mufc
Have a snickers Dave. Ya turn into a right cunt when you're hungry.
Have ya ever followed someone on twitter and then unfollowed them after one tweet. I do it at least once a day.
Shopping is an awful cramp in the pissflaps.
Just watched the video for Weighted by @FrankIero and thecelebration. Great video. Can't wait for the album, gonna be sick.
I met my girlfriend on the net... I was never great on the trapeze. #imhereallweek
City can't fill their homeground. United in the USA.
I think I'm a few days away from a breakthrough as to what the meaning of life is.
Oh to be 15 and carefree again.
Still my favorite YouTube comment ever.
Is it possible to block that nonce Fabu D's shit videos/jokes from appearing in my timeline?
Ah here. What's Meow Chat? Don't start bleedin' annoyin me.
Ahh Green Day it's been far too long.
Guarantee if Suarez was still playing for Liverpool there'd be no talk of his suspension finishing early. People...
On my death bed, I hope to be surrounded by family, and after I say my last words, for someone to lean in and whisper, "Burn in hell"
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Abstaining pending a human rights investigation? Look at the news you fucking morons! Ireland the fence sitting fucking coward of the world.
Starting to feel like Ace Ventura in the Rhino. Never sweat so much in my life.
Wii fit? Naww bitch you fat.
Can't wait to see all the fat gooners in the pub poured into the new skin tight jersey.
My da actually just said "What the fuck is a wi-fi." Not like Paula Dunne never off the bleedin' thing.