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Jon Vanhala
Top 15 Coolest Things About a Bandon Dunes Golf Trip | Bleacher Report @kevcizzle @michaelcassidy…
I would love to see some scientific research on vocalist's intonation and why humans used to care and no longer do #HurtsMyEars
"commit and PROCEED" Kanye West in a mtg in 2010
I wonder what our govt is doing right now (drones) that will be disturbing (drones) when we find out about it (drones) in 10 yrs? #torture
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so much commentary. So little critical and nuanced thought baked into it.
There are many paths to a successful outcome, yet you must first commit to one to get started. adjust along the way
10 Ways That Myths re: our Brain Are Harming Us. Get it right people!…
New York City, Madison Avenue and 36th Street, ca., 1885.
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Rebranding Cannabis: More Soccer Mom And Less Weed & Bob Marley
@Ellusionist perfect for the firestarter in all of us to keep on hand for slow moving meetings & thinkers back at corporate HQ.
exciting times as we prepare to truly actualize big data with big insights and even more contextual, addressable action
Bob Stuart & Meridian Launch Master Quality Authenticated Music File Initiative - from CE Pro… via @ce Pro
"Your quest is over. The power of fire in the palm of your hand"…
Here’s what’s really scary about China overtaking America as the world’s biggest economy - Quartz -
Meridian’s MQA promises studio-quality music in streamable file sizes | Stuff… via @StuffTV
Kudos to our friends @MarineConnectio for being named one of the top 20 dealers in the country...again! #bestdealer…
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The HEAT Group Teams Up With New Parking App, ParkJockey | Miami Heat @ParkJockey…
Lil Wayne isn't the only rapper who had beef with their label. Here's 23 others:
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“Nothing is so aggravating as calmness.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
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The truth is our dollars is one of the few things we control. And where we spend them is more powerful than any hashtag.
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Imagination and Reality Flow in Opposite Directions in the Brain
Researchers Identify Brain Regions That Encode Words, Grammar and Story
Harlem is all helicopters and sirens.
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@NATELY instigated emigration
Here's a photo of protesters at the West Side Highway:
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I can only report what I see and hear, you may hear outrage and anti-police sentiment but little aggression toward cops #EricGarner
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HBO Picks Up Mick Jagger & Martin Scorsese's 1970s Music Industry Drama
check it: A Gift Guide From The Team At Everyday Carry via @TechCrunch
Comet Landing Boosts Aerosmith Listening @eliotvb @evolverfm
Introducing: Labs – your playground for NBS experiments. #data
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creators have the power of choice: Eagles Sue Concert Footage Archivist Over Bootleg Performances… via @RollingStone
"A poet can do much more for this country than the proprietor of a ... factory.” - Teddy Roosevelt
@clericalerror @HBODocs no doubt + it was how many bandleaders and coaches and business leaders ran teams and relationships then
"speak softly and carry a big stick" is actually a west african saying that teddy R liked and gained attribution for