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Jon Vanhala
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Are you an artist or entrepreneur with a music tech startup? Join GA and @MusicBizAssoc for Music Startup Academy:
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Bradley Rothenberg's 3D Printed Textiles
Rt @BoatyardUSA: Delivering happiness at the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show. @boatshowupdates #FLIBS2014
See what was going on just outside the four corners of your favorite album covers… by @JoeBerkowitz
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West Point. Army v Air Force game
My niece Elizabeth, husband Todd, and neph Tanner. Army Air Force Game at West Point
Brother Mike, Tanner Thompson, and sis in law Babe @mikebabevanhala
Pregame warmup Army Air Force game
Help wanted: Seeking a better quant baseline for the multi dimensional notion of quality.
"You're a non-believer, why waste time on kabuki?"
@hunterwalk stunning that we the people enable that behavior
the 14-country Index of Ignorance: "Way to Go, Americans: We’re Almost as Ignorant as Italians " Bloomberg…
not naive but truly getting super bored and disgusted w/media and politicians talking about politics & inside baseball over policy.
Twitter mgmt: "we just announced one of the boldest mobile Dev platforms of recent years" wall st: "why were favs down q-o-q" #LongTWTR
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Long time comin: Carmakers prepare to shift to hydrogen fuel cells
Rethinking the Placebo Effect: How Our Minds Actually Affect Our Bodies
The German-based street art duo: Zebrating
Here's how to experience the best of fall foliage around the world:
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Women tell an average of 11 significant lies a week. Men tell 58.
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Framed some art using @levleframes a new service by @jhubball that makes it easy to frame without high costs & hassle
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"Miles Beyond the Biopic: Don Cheadle Riffs on a Jazz Legend" by @Variety… #MilesAhead
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awesome but @michaeljoel @EW what ever happened to Don Cheadle playing Miles Davis?
The most important music thing you'll read all year. // "BBC Music John Peel Lecture - Iggy Pop's Keynote Speech"…
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If you weren't able to attend yesterday you should checkout this album and see it from the attendees perspective:…
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Skyroof taxis are cool even in the rain