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Jon Vanhala
Ya gotta have sumthin: #NowPlaying Nothing From Nothing by Billy Preston on #Spotify…
@TopgolfUSA wish you guys were in NYC
Everybody loves music. That massive wind of consumer engagement leads to massive data + intel > insights to unlock new value. Fun times
@kevcizzle sweet. Let's do ocn and then a day there
musicians call studio sessions with an orchestra now a "reunion" not a session
@mralexwhite it's a scramble. As many as they can afford and are aware of. Let's talk
Shame but true: 4 Reasons Why Music Careers Are Getting Trounced By Tech…
baskets of emerging talent in passion point verticals, data signals to help spot them, humans to curate the last yard
i see more brands using the power of data to diffuse the risk of the big celeb one offs and going hard at spotting trends + ROI #logic
@tatiana saw that in page six! Hang?
imagine flying a drone into same: Dense Inner-Cities Give Self-Driving Cars a Reality Checkworthy share:
Audi’s Super-Sedan Is as Fast as a Ferrari 458—At Half the Price -
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A view of freedom out the back window of a cab
Check out these vintage photos of New York City's 1970s punk playground
Why our brains love the ocean: Science explains what draws humans to the sea
Innovators change the lens through which we see the world...Don’t Sell a Product, Sell a Whole New Way of Thinking
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@kevcizzle @PGATOUR so cool that he keeps doing that.
Rory is on fire. looks so focused and in control. #TheOpen @kevcizzle
to me, more than anatomical, the new @Airbnb logo invokes the continuous loop i'm stuck in when I need to call @TWC for internet outages
playing a 'not to lose" strategy is an illusion and is actually far riskier than going for it. negative targets rarely succeed.
stack up the big inspirational target. the big vision. the higher calling. the reason to exist. build your roadmap for that. its how you win
@julesf "whats an nda? is that like a fax machine or a cd?" was my actual response
@jtgriffith theirs. It's an old running gag btw.
It's wild and awesome how incredible improv & creativity is typically birthed on top of a smart basis of framework and structure
And I'm talking about you
Also about founders
I believe the Creator has the power of choice, and I ain't talking about religion. I'm talking about coders, musicians, artists, writers etc
I was just asked to sign an NDA to discuss an idea @julesf how would I respond to that? (First time in a long time)
Electric blues wizard Johnny Winter died in a Zurich hotel room on Wednesday at the age of 70
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game on: NASA scientists say they're closer than ever to finding life beyond Earth
THANK YOU -> 500 Startups’ newly released fundraising documents will keep you from ‘getting screwed’… via @VentureBeat
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When the inventor of the USB stick dies they'll gently lower the coffin, then pull it back up, turn it the other way, then lower it again.
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take a peek at, the live music store and also peek at for homeshow bookings
is live music online a bug lamp or a real opportunity? > Yahoo Seeks to Bring the Concert to Your Couch
Uber, Lyft, and why the economics of how people get around is on the verge of big changes
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