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Much needed motivation; focus, focus, focus.
Good Morning!! 😱😍 It's official πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ @ Lexus of Clear
Guess who's here?! 😱 πŸš—πŸ’¨ #LEXUS#RC3#F #F-SPORT fresh of the truck, black on red
Nice to have people who strongly believe in you πŸ‘
😞 won't get to drive the RC-F tomorrow
What is a twitter...
You get what you give though
Well that's ironic...
Damn it feels great outside!
I'll take10 consecutive days off from school and work please...
One sheep, two sheep...
These mosquitoes are from Chicago Bruh.
To be better than most you must be extraordinary, you know, "the weirdo", simply because "most people" will always be the "ordinary".
Take pride in how far you've come and have faith in how far you'll go. Where there's a will there's a way πŸ‘Œ
"@UberFacts: Today is International Kiss and Make Up Day!" @yelittzaaa 😘
Big headache πŸ˜–
From Mercedes-Benz and Lexus to Hyundai and Honda, if you're looking to buy or lease a any type of…
Been drooling over this car ever since I started at Lexus, I want it so bad 😒
Second time a cop points his speed gun at me on the way to work.... While I was speeding πŸ˜–πŸ˜¬
No days off 😬
Timing isn't everything but everything takes timing
Waking up to a headache is the worst
Errbody claim they started from the bottom
Soooo, how's Twitter like without me? Same? Ok bye...
"@Find_Valdo: β€œ@SirYahirJesus: RT if you want @JonnnyGutierrez to shutπŸ‘ theπŸ‘ fckπŸ‘ upπŸ‘β€ shut the fuck up jonny" k bye, Ihy.
RT if you want @JonnnyGutierrez to shutπŸ‘ theπŸ‘ fckπŸ‘ upπŸ‘
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If there's a will there's a way.
my dog looks like a walking turd
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can we hurry this up...
bruhhh, too lazy to run.
Happy Birthday Beautiful @yelittzaaa 
ain't bout what you walk away from its bout what you walk away with.
I can't fuck with yall
β€œ@SleepIsForRich: When bae been ghost all day then finally hits you up” @iTouchedCB 😹😹
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Damn Odie woke me up today
"@Find_Valdo: Last night was unexpected..." did you wake up with glitter on your face?