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Jonn Blue
Beyoncé did 17 music videos and a world tour while breastfeeding Blue and serfborting Jay. So stop saying you don't have time.
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It's always a Lana Del Rey kind of night
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Old Mind, Old Soul, Young Heart - That's Why My Life Has Been Fuckin' Hard.
Trust No One - The motto I've always kept next to my heart.
"People liking what I’m doing on stage is a big ‘fuck you’ to whoever doubted me in the first place" - Lana Del Rey
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I Love My Family... Till The End. XO
And who the fuck do you think you are?
Darkest Soul.
You're the Heaven I've Dreamt Of.
Dope & Diamonds... That's All I Want Now.
You know you've pissed off a gay when he replies to your text with "Lana Del K"
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i actually had a terrible day lol
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Lana is god and always will be
RIP Amy Winehouse... Can't believe it's already been this long. 3 fucking years. 😭
My phone could be blowing up w|texts but if the person I want to talk to not hitting me up then my phone still dry.💀
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