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JonJon Hayden
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Am I the only one who thought AJ Lee looked like Harely Quinn from the Batman series last Friday? #raw #SmackDown
Woohoo slimmin down everyday lost 3lbs in 4 days
I feel so lost so separated from this world like I'm not even living anymore. I need someone to help me and fast.
What's this moving in my chest? My heart? it lives again!
Can't wait to hit the weights again tomorrow
Now I'm watching pitch perfect
Just watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time!
How does it feel to have the tables turned on you? Now you'll feel the pain I've felt for years but at least I'm kindhearted enough to help
As the world gets colder I get stronger. When problems arise ill take the challenge. If someone is in need I will never turn my back on them
The past couple times that I've been at my cousins house I've learned how to tolerate One Direction be open minded and are as close as sibs
Even in the deepest darkness there is a light. In the dark pit I'm in now I know I will find my light soon or at least I hope so
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Finally got a good nights rest! WOOHOO! #fully energized
Space Bound by Eminem is my whole life song
"You were that Foundation Never gonna be another one no I followed so taken So conditioned I could never let go"- Lost In The Echo LP
Listening to linkin parky fav band.