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Lets Talk Movies
If your religion has killed or maimed children in the name of your god, it's time to quit your religion. #PakistanSchoolAttack
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What really suck when you wait whole week to sit on the balcony & have all the sun to yourself and all you get big white clouds. #islamabad
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Being a #film critic is such a blessing, you get to watch movies before anyone else in the world wish I was one #hollywood #movies
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99725 votes have been declared unrecognizable by NADRA in NA-125 & that's one constituency I wonder where we are going with this BS society
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Answer by @IamMJI to Where is "School of Rock" set?
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At a single place I have to listen to Azan for countless times between 2 to 3 hours for one single prayer Come On muslims what got into you?
Best film about the relationship, love, cancer and probably dying. Funny and Sad at the same time. #hollywood #movie
A dog is always a dog, but we're always changing. "Ian McKellen" #Humans #dogs
Am I the only not happy person about #StarWars franchise getting on track again? Episode VII - The #ForceAwakens trailer sucks. #Hollywood
Thats why I don't like #Cricket ever saw any body getting hurt in #Tennis #PhilHughes
Answer by @IamMJI to What are the attributes of Breaking Bad that make it attract such a broad audience of viewers?
#IWantALifeInWhich I am making films, a lot of them and very good :p #Hollywood #movies #films #dream
#TahirulQadri: I am coming to your hometown tomorrow Me: No, you are not welcome here :p #ThingsNoOneSays
#hollywood #films #Ilovefilms The Greatest Show on Earth, 1952, Best Picture #Oscar. find out more about the film.…
Hey People check out my new blog and find out more about movies you have loved over the years...
Just Majestic for "Dial M for Murder" by Alfred Hitchcock, no other words can describe it, Undoubtedly one of the best Thriller ever.
There are first 30 minutes and then there are last 90 minutes to film & both are breathtaking in their own ways. "The Reader" #KateWinslet
Pornhub receives over 44 million visitors a day we are doing possibly worst to our #economy having not this #industry #Pakistan #Islamabad