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Without internet life is so boring, its nothing, you fell like you are not alive anymore simply its fucked :p I have been through this -D
Shocking: Check out 20 Movies Nominated For Many Oscars But Did Not Win Any - #FACT @Hollywood #movies #Oscars
Just want you to know that after 7 hours I have final exam of Finance at #QAU #ThingsThatCanChangeOurMood and I am not up for it.
I am gonna pretend Shakira was still there with Waka Waka at #WorldCup2014 #OpeningCeremony #ThingsThatCanChangeOurMood #BrazilvsCroatia
#ThingsThatCanChangeOurMood A new movie with good print on kickasstorrents :p #Hollywood #movies
#IfICouldIWould go back in life,correct all my wrongs and come back.
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If you're talking behind my back, you're in a good position to kiss my ass! :P
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#ThatDayWeWillProsperAsANation Thats never gonna happen so you all stop living in fantasies.
#IDreamOfADay when #Hollywood will return back to 50's and 60's. We will surely #love that #IMissThoseDays #LieIKeepTellingMyself
#IDreamOfADay when not a single fucking person in this fucking world will use the fucking F word. too fucking tired of this.
Heartwarming 1994 Tom Hanks epic Forrest Gump is getting another run, IMAX screens on September 5th to mark its 20th anniversary #Hollywood
"The Fault in Our Stars" please not another teen love story #Hollywood #movies
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#IGoCrazyMoments When cant find my mobile while knowing that its some where on the bed but still search is useless.
#WeirdPakistaniShopNames Here I got one........ SHEIKH BAMBAR HOTEL
#AltafHussainArrested Thankyou Scotland Yard #london Stay Blessed & it's a lie that #WeLoveAltaf #IGoCrazyMoments on that Is there any left?
Who said? #WeLoveAltaf atleast i dont & any Pakistani shouldn't.
Hell yeah we passed the 1st final paper of 4th semester @RafehBodla @naeem_0719 #QAU
Thousand Sticks of a teacher does not hurt. But the silence of a friend in the Examination Hall brings Tears into eye Happy Exam Season
19% Pakistani people are of the opinion that old people are a burden on society; 77% disagree. GILANI POLL/GALLUP PAKISTAN.
Pakistan one of the least racist countries in the world: Survey… via @etribune Pakistani
#IMissThoseDays Well those good days have not come yet to miss.
Pakistani #music is the best thing I have ever known about this country.
#IfPakistanHadHollywood We would be in cinemas twice a week like Indians and its good that this is not happening....
#IfPakistanHadHollywood Definitely the names for the #movies would be very awkward
#IfPakistanHadHollywood There would not be so much bad stuff about #Pakistan in #movies
Is there a movie I think I should have won the Oscar for? Yeah. All of them Happy Birthday Morgan Freeman, Thankyou God for him #movies
Maria: When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window. Really loved "The Sound of Music" musical family classic #movies #Hollywood
Islamabad is amazing but only when it rains #islamabad
When I'll start to take my studies seriously serious. #WoDinBhiQareebHe
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Never discriminated anyone on the basis of Religion, Ethnicity etc #ThingsIHaveNeverDone
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Abusing friends on call when sitting with family.... :D #ThingsIHaveNeverDone
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Is it really today? anyway who cares? #HappyBirthdayMisbah
#WoDinBhiQareebHe when semester will be over.