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Dєяєк Joniak
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Chicago now has a zero emissions chauffeur fleet, featuring ModelS. These pics via @emotionchi
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EDM protip: if youre going to make a group / trio act... dont fire the guy who actually does shit. #themoaryouknow
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Let's call the second generation Xbox, "Xbox One". Then let's call the next operating system after Windows 8, "Windows 10".
Will an infant subjected to only auto-tuned voices develop an auto-tuned accent?
What happened to your soundcloud @sanholobeats ? Telling me that user cannot be found.
We know it will bend, but will it blend?…
For two years I ate nothing but raw milk and oats. I literally quadrupled in size. I then started growing teeth so I could eat solid foods.
Left my window cracked open a bit to let the hot air out, and came back to an angry wasp who got in, but couldn't get out.
Smaller Venues or Large Festivals? #AskKNK
I think @Alesso needs to make his @Snapchat more like @DILLONFRANCIS and not 35+ videos comprising a music video I can find on @YouTube
After Scotland votes no to independence.
The fact that I have to enter a CAPTCHA to setup a @Windows Tablet, is probably one of the reasons no one uses a Windows Tablet.
beaups and I are doing a (small?) AMAA on /r/htcone, lets talk about HTC and Android Security…
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If you're no longer covered by your parent's health insurance, your manufacturer's warranty is over.
Every time you have McDonalds as a kid, it's a victory. Every time you have McDonalds as an adult, it's a defeat.
I would take a slightly thicker iPhone with massive battery over a protruding camera any day of the week.
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At :09 seconds "We can spend Bitcoin with a tap" Does this mean #Bitcoin integration with @PayPal in the future? #BTC
These guys are like two peas in a pod.
Why does this dollar store have a pharmacy.....
Corvette event in Kentucky. Almost 10,000 Corvettes down here the highway is packed with them.
If your food looks bad in an advertisement, I can't imagine what it actually looks like. #NoThanks
This is the only way to eat @Doritos #Dinamita chips. No red fingers, or stains on my clothing.
So you do 33 in a 45 until I go to pass you, then speed up to 52. Forcing me to break in order to merge. Okay lady. Okay.
I wish I could be glamoured to forget that finale. #TrueBlood #truebloodfinale
The whole episode is about a wedding. I expected nothing and I'm still let down. #TrueBlood #truebloodfinale
My HTC One (M7) is for sale on Swappa (price negotiable):…
Driving to work my right contact got really dry. I didn't have contact solution so I started crying in my car to lubricate my eye. #NoShame
Heard the phrase "no diggity" for the first time in conversation in a long time. Immediately began singing this beat.
How have I gone 63 miles through northern Illinois without seeing a McDonald's.....
She sleeps like this every night between my legs.
Auto correct made me say things I didn't Nintendo
"Sir, we are mining too many useless ores" *Hitler rubs chin* So mine less [Grammar Nazi busts in] "MINE FEWER" [Hitler looks up] Yes?
I know a guy who builds boats in his attic, sails are through the roof.
Woo! @barracuda goodies in the mail. Appreciate it guys.
When your roommate takes a shit for so long you don't realize he's home...
The problem with having a car is that I can go to McDonald's whenever I want. So I went to McDonald's at 11pm to get a chicken sandwich
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So Terminator Genesis is actually spelled Terminator Genisys. Chryst on a byke.
When you order a blue portapotty for your party......
.@hopsin taking crowd surfing to the next level. Standing straight up for the people. #funkvolume #hiphopheads
Redirect it to @googlecalendar people check their calendars more than they change the time on their computer #suggestion #foodforthought
Clicking on the date and time on #ChromeOS should bring you to the calendar not the settings page. @googledevs @google @ChromiumDev
That fart was so pungent it had time to get a quote from Progressive.
So I've had a pretty productive day. Looking 4 software at one location I managed to find something else. #Itproblems
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I think more people would donate blood if #RedCross didn't call you multiple times a week. I already #giveblood as frequent as possible.
A company with nearly $60 billion in revenue implemented an entirely new payment system and has it up and running in 14 days. #Bitcoin #Dell
.@Dell is now the world's largest ecommerce business to accept #Bitcoin! H/T: @MichaelDell
When my computer says I don't have admin privileges....