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Jongky Santosa
Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier.. ~ Thomas S Monson
Understanding is deeper than knowing. I mean, there are many who know you, but there are very few who understand you..
Kadang, kesalahan seringkali membimbing kita menuju pembelajaran, pembelajaran untuk menuju kebenaran.. #LifeLesson
Positive minds, positive vibes, positive life :) #BePositive
Expensive make-ups, sexy dresses, they won't make you shine. For no beauty shines brighter than the one that comes from a good heart.. #IMHO
Good morning God's children, have a great Saturday, and may you all have a nice weekend :)
When we forgive, we learn. And when we let go, we grow.. #Life
Kadang, Tuhan membiarkan kita jatuh kebawah, karena Ia tahu, ada sesuatu yg berharga untuk kita pungut di sana.. #LifeLesson
Bukan egois, tapi kadang, kita perlu belajar utk berhenti menyeberangi lautan demi orang lain, yg bahkan tak mau lompati selokan demi kita..
God will never leave you empty. If He asks you to put something down, it’s because He wants you to pick up something greater.. #Faith
It's ok to be a little weird, as long as you're being your self. Be weird, be free, be yourself. Some birds just aren't meant to be caged..
We were given this life, because we 're strong enough to live it.. #Faith #PositiveThought
Ketika kita selalu mencari yang sempurna, acap kali kita akan kehilangan yang terbaik.. #LifeLesson
When we talk to boss, we get the feeling that they are important. When we talk to leader, we get the feeling that we are important..
You know what a true victory is? It's not beating someone strong, it's being able to protect something important to you.. #LifeLesson
Dumb people stressed, weak people revenge, smart people ignore, strong people forgive. Be smart, be strong, and have a good morning..
Most of the time, everything we've ever wanted is just on the other side of fear..
Friends, Love is really not about money, trust me. Find a heart that loves you at your worst, and arms that will hold you at your weakest..
More of You God, and let it be less of me..
Ego says: "Once everything falls into place, i will find peace." Spirit says: "Find peace and everything will fall into place."
Waktu memang tak akan membuat kita selamanya lupa, tapi setidaknya, waktu akan membuat kita belajar bijaksana..
Happiness is an inside job, don't assign anyone else that much power over your life..
Don't be a complicated person with a simple mind, be a simple person with complicated mind! #ParentsWords
My strength is made perfect in weakness.. ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9
I am not what happened to me, for i am what God has planned me to be, and i am what i struggle to be.. #Faith #PositiveThought
Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.. ~ Pablo Picasso
The axe forgets; the tree remembers.. ~ African Proverb
When i need to make a hard decision, sometimes i flip a coin. Because when that coin is in the air i suddenly know what i'm hoping for..
God created us with will and the ability to move. If you don't like where you are, move! You're not a tree..
Good morning great people, world changers, God's children :) First day in new December, have a nice days ahead friends..
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its live believing that it is stupid ~ Einstein
Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life.. #ThinkPositive
Kata mereka, perlu hati yg keras utk hadapi dunia yg keras. Kataku, hati yg lembut lebih diperlukan utk mengimbangi dunia yg keras.. #IMHO
Betul, ikuti hatimu, tapi selalu bawa juga otakmu. Be kind, but be smart. Baik hati itu harus, tapi jangan sampai dimanfaatkan.. #LifeLesson
Jika kita mau belajar dari pengalaman, sebenarnya membuat kesalahan itu jauh lebih baik daripada memalsukan kebenaran.. #IMHO
Work for a cause, not for applause.. #MomsWords
Crayon patah pun masih dapat mewarnai gambar. Jangan patah semangat, kuatkan iman, sertakan Tuhan dalam kehidupan, warnai kembali harimu..
Some say, heroes are made by the power they graced with. I say, heroes are made by the path they choose by heart..
Some say, surround yourself with those who have wealth as much as yours. I say, surround yourself with those on the same mission with you..
The greatness of a man isn't in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity & ability to affect those around him positively #OldQuote
Be patient, don't pick a fight. But if you find yourself in one, you better make sure you face it bravely.. #GentlemensGuide
Selamat hari Guru untuk semua pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa, para pendidik generasi bangsa. Dan jasamu, akan abadi sebagai fondasi bangsa ini..
Kadang kita berhasil, kadang kita belajar.. #DontGiveUp
Yang asli, selalu lebih nyata daripada yang palsu. Jadilah sang suara, bukan para gema..
We can't change how people treat us or what they say about us. But we can change how we react to it.. #BePositive
SWAG is for boys.. CLASS is for men.. #JustSaying
Have a great Sunday, remember to kneel down and pray, so that God'll shape us as His clay, and may we have our nice day :)
Always compliment her on a date, she spent a lot of time looking good for you.. #GentlemensGuide
Good morning world changers, have a nice Saturday, and may you have a nice weekend :)
Bahkan ketika tak ada orang yang percaya, kebenaran, selamanya akan tetap menjadi kebenaran.. #JadiBenarBukanTenar