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Jon Foreman
Sometimes you have to get up early for it #whenwecomealive
It's a journey #whenwecomealive
Gonna pick a few more winners for the #whenwecomealive contest this week Still time to post your pics! Thanks for joining in
We light the sky when we collide #whenwecomealive
We are fire #whenwecomealive
#whenwecomealive where the ocean meets the sky
#WhenWeComeAlive making it look easy, when it ain't! Nice shot, Jonah
Last night my lil' bro, @timforeman sang his own tune for the first time ever. He killed it! love you broseph! #whatitcosts
#whenwecomealive with wide eyed innocence ... Unless we become like little children, we will never enter into the kingdom of the heavens.
#WhenWeComeAlive phenomenal shot!
Aftershow in a few minutes out back by the bus and truck!
"The sun goes down like a photograph I try to stop time in the aftermath". #WhenWeComeAlive
Just off the skype call with the happy couple in this shot- she said yes! Congrats to @taygleason & @jasondeutsch ! The #whenwecomealive is still running, just post your photos with #whenwecomealive and we'll be picking more winners- good luck
#whenwecomealive The ocean has to be one of the best places to kiss the day goodbye. The sky, the water, and the faces of the friends around you begin to turn to gold - and you become a part of the painting.
#WhenWeComeAlive - music makes me come alive. Thanks Virginia!
#WhenWeComeAlive - this shot is nuts. How much do you trust your hands? We're having way too much fun with this ... So we decided to keep the contest rolling- We're picking 9 more photos this week! Gonna skype the first 9 winners tomorrow...
This was waiting for us after the show last night- what an amazing way to start a tour... #whenwecomealive indeed! Shot by @drewshirley
#FadingWestFallTour night one- check! Aftershow in 5 minutes out by the bus? Yes!
Another insane #whenwecomealive shot... #FadingWest fall tour night #1 was sooo enjoyable. Thanks for everything Syracuse! Virginia, you're next...
So many more amazing #whenwecomealive shots today! First day of #FadingWest fall tour starts today- who's coming?!
#whenwecomealive morning!
Congrats to the first 9 winners of the #whenwecomealive contest! 9 more winners will be announced next week so keep posting your amazing shots- #winwecomealive
#whenwecomealive yes! So many incredible moments frozen in time, captured by all y'all! We're gonna pick 9 winners and then keep this thing going- and pick 9 more next week.
#whenwecomealive I wrote about life giving moments. Our band made a song and a video about it. Check it:…
#whenwecomealive - Here's a shot o' my best friends and I at the edge of the earth (taken by none other than @chrisburkard ) I wrote a thang about what makes me come to life. We shot a video for the song as well, (that includes @jpmcghee in it!) Check out the link to the song and the words in my bi
#whenwecomealive Watch our new music video and read Jon's thoughts about life here:… Pass it on...
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#whenwecomealive we come alive when we're together.
Here's my #whenwecomealive moment... I come alive when I make music with my friends. We just released a new EP, "the edge of the earth" We love these tunes and want you to hear em. Let me know what you think!
#whenwecomealive reaching higher
Another incredible #whenwecomealive moment. G'night
These #whenwecomealive photos are amazing, you guys! So many talented photographers! stay tuned, we'll be sending out some Skype calls this week...
What a night, Orlando! Glad I got to experience this #whenwecomealive moment with you. An amazing evening, indeed
Another incredible #whenwecomealive shot! It's been amazing to see your photos coming in from around the world. We're gonna be picking our winners and skype calling em this week. Go here to see more:
#whenwecomealive - g'night y'all
NEWS: Switchfoot announce ‘The Edge Of The Earth: Unreleased Songs From The Film ‘Fading West’’ EP
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'morning! #whenwecomealive another great shot- (this one is from my hometown, and I'm pretty sure I know those kids!)
Wow! Northern lights out... #whenwecomealive - love this shot. we were born to find beauty and truth, to find worth and be amazed. WonderFull=wonderful ThanksGiving=thanksgiving WorthShip=Worship
Another stellar #whenwecomealive photo. So many talented folks! Check out more here:
If Hawaiian shore-pound doesn't make you feel alive, nothing will! Here's another great #whenwecomealive shot - go here to see more: winner gets a skype call and such...
Here's another amazing #whenwecomealive shot- kids know how to live in the moment better than any of the rest of us.
One of my best friends just put out a new tune! Check it out if you're into that whole music thing: @john__cooper
Such a fun weekend of music! Shout out to @chadbutler , hitting things, (and occasionally breaking 'em) for a living. If you can't break it you shouldn't own it. #whenwecomealive #nothingdriveslikearental
Another amazing shot for the #whenwecomealive contest. It's got a lot to do with seizing the moment.
Another incredible #whenwecomealive photo. Life is indeed a gift, Wow. Go here to see more
Another #WhenWeComeAlive contest entry- certainly it has something to do with risk...
Living well certainly has a lot to do with perspective... Another great shot for the #whenwecomealive contest.
Our family on the road is the bearded best! Ryan, Ike, Rod, Tank, and these two bearded beauties. You guys work so hard day in and day out to bring these songs to life every night. I appreciate who you are and what you do. Much love to team B!
Amazing #whenwecomealive photo. They're still pouring in- go here to see em: Winners (let's face it - we can't just pick one winner, so let's say winners) get a skype call.
Happy end of the week, y'all! Here's another #whenwecomealive photo contest entry to inspire your weekend...