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☯ peasant ☯

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Look it's a fact everyone who has an Emo phase either becomes Hipster Indie or Hardcore hxc kid
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can I just see Of Mice & Men live already
I've got a coke with my name on it cause I'm that awesome ✌
I never have anything to tweet about anymore ugh
Nobody freak out! I just want to touch the butt.
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logged onto Facebook, saw this and logged back out
he's so attractive I don't even care
Someone come cuddle. Ill make you food
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can it just be the summer holidays already
still into you // paramore
The worst thing is seeing someone you cared about doing better without you.
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i am so jealous of girls who can look fine without make-up on considering i don't even look ok with make-up on
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forever wishing I could see Of Mice & Men live
this is what you get when you fuck with a classic roundabout
i wish i could just delete people
Never Shout Never, what happened to you?
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Use "#TheSimsLB" hashtag & Follow us for a chance to receive a signed concept art of #TheSims4 character! 20 Simmers will be chosen! Pls RT.
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we will never sleep cause sleep is for the weak
somebody take me to disney land pls
i'm so excited to see paramore this september omFG
it's the weekend I'm happy👍
So fucking excited we just won best video for king for a day at the kerrang awards!!! #KerrangAwards2013
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WE JUST WON BEST INTERNATIONAL NEWCOMER!!!!!!! Holding the K award in my hand right now!!! I'll post a photo later!
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The @KerrangMagazine awards are today! We are up for a few nominations! Press, red carpet, then the award show! Busy day! Wish me luck! :)
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fangirling because Of Mice & Men are in the UK😱💕
i'm not gonna say what's on my mind i'M NOT GONNA SAY IT
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I have a science exam today and I'm going to fail great
i've actually been ridiculously happy recently like it's so great aw
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but what if I can't forget you