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trying to get Eggnog out of a vending machine !
my Turkey App seems jammed!
last time I use my #iPhone as an ice scraper !
Trying to get Eggnog Lipstick at the Mall...........
Trying to get my Halloween candy away from my Dog
still eating Halloween candy at work
Texting Fun #Ebook on Amazon Reply w/ #AmazonCart for a free sample… via @amazon
Trying to get my soda into a martini glass
Surfing Ebay for a used snowman and an ice maker
Stop And Smell the Flowers!
My #GPS says im near Pumpkin Pie!
Trying to get a stuffed animal out of a vending machine at this hour
Mousr: The robotic mouse that plays with your cat by Petronics via @kickstarter
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Getting my #Election Nite Popcorn Popper Out!
Whoever left the halloween music on outside all night Thanks alot!!!!
Im eating Halloween candy for lunch and Dinner Today!
Doggie Dares Mobile App For #Halloween Today!
Well Looks Like #thanksgiving is right around the corner! I love Pie In my Mail!
Well Halloween is almost Here and i still need a costume ! Halloween#
Hunt treasure Tonight with your Mobile Phone!
Cellphone Funnies! Are You hooked on your Phone?
Thinking its been a long week and its only #monday lol
buying a used pumpkin on craigslist ..............
babysitting a 6yr old with an Ipad............
Looks Like Someones Been Getting In My Halloween Candy!
Whoever left this pumpkin pie in my Mailbox Thanks!!!!!!!
Texting Fun Ebook Fun Texts Reply w/ #AmazonCart for a free sample… via @amazon
Just saw the news! Now im trying to get the Tv out the Window but im on the 1st Floor!
Does Your #Cat Have it Made? Paperback .. Reply w/ #AmazonWishList to add this… via @amazon
My Iphone Says Im Near Halloween Candy!
Im not eating all the Halloween Candy! Im just testing it for the Kids!
My Smart phone says im near chicken wings !
Getting my Game Day Food out and the dog has his game day food out! #gameday
Whoever sent me the Message In a Bottle Thanks For Not Draining The Wine Out of it 1st!
50 Signs Your On The #Phone way Too Much!... Reply w/ #AmazonWishList to add this… via @amazon
My iphone says im near Pizza!
Doggie Dare Ya! Play Doggie dares Mobile App Free: via @YouTube
My sisters still playing Flappy Bird
Hunting For pumpkins and watching the squirrel tear up my fall display
it seems the #dog may have hid my Halloween Candy
thinking a donut vending machine is the way to go at the office