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Looks Like Someones Been Getting In My Halloween Candy!
Whoever left this pumpkin pie in my Mailbox Thanks!!!!!!!
Texting Fun Ebook Fun Texts Reply w/ #AmazonCart for a free sample… via @amazon
Just saw the news! Now im trying to get the Tv out the Window but im on the 1st Floor!
Does Your #Cat Have it Made? Paperback .. Reply w/ #AmazonWishList to add this… via @amazon
My Iphone Says Im Near Halloween Candy!
Im not eating all the Halloween Candy! Im just testing it for the Kids!
My Smart phone says im near chicken wings !
Getting my Game Day Food out and the dog has his game day food out! #gameday
Whoever sent me the Message In a Bottle Thanks For Not Draining The Wine Out of it 1st!
50 Signs Your On The #Phone way Too Much!... Reply w/ #AmazonWishList to add this… via @amazon
My iphone says im near Pizza!
Doggie Dare Ya! Play Doggie dares Mobile App Free: via @YouTube
My sisters still playing Flappy Bird
Hunting For pumpkins and watching the squirrel tear up my fall display
it seems the #dog may have hid my Halloween Candy
thinking a donut vending machine is the way to go at the office
Gummi Bear Skeleton Candle by Skeleton Candles via @kickstarter
Recycle Crafting by Chris via @kickstarter
Building a Candy Corn Statue over here
Trying to find my Halloween Stuff behind my Christmas Stuff in the attic
whoever left #halloween candy on my Desk Thanks!
my ebola breaking news feed just went dead
Reading tmz and eating gummy bears
Trying to Drink Mountain dew in a Martini Glass
Surfing for halloween junk on Craigslist
last time i let an 9 yr old guard my Halloween Candy
Cute Elegant Pet Beds by Rebecca Nelson via @kickstarter
whoever slid a pizza under my door at 3am Thanks!
to be hip i need to surf pinterest while im in line at Chipotle
That Kickstarter Bike Lite could really make the Gallery Hop Fun!
Monkey Light Pro - Bicycle Wheel Display System by MonkeyLectric via @kickstarter
Love That Haven Lock Idea For A secure House So Cool and Creative
HAVEN: The Stronger Smarter Home Lock by Haven Smart Lock via @kickstarter
My phone says im near Bacon ranch dressing
playing Doggie Dares Android App and the Cat Got Me again lol
my #phone says hotties nearby
last time i buy a halloween pumpkin online without a picture
Hunting for that Missing airplane with my #GPS And a Soda
wanting some mcdonalds hash browns today
My phone says im near a beer truck
the way this Ohio state Games Going i better get my uber driver ready
Gotta get my Game day Items for Ohio State Game
Look whats right around the Corner
my cellphone says im near bacon!
im already in line for the iphone 7