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"It's okay to feel afraid... But don't let that stand in your way."
Nana made blueberry pie, my mom's favorite 😊 @duckquack123
#creamytexture #suggestive #nigori @poisoneyeliner
Besticle @poisoneyeliner #massholes #veggieburger #brunetterealness
"I never thought I could get over any of the guys I got over..."- me to @JillCo22
Happy birthday mom!!!!! Love with no limit!!!!!!!!!!
"Was it just as real as you expected? Does looking back give you a chill? Show me something you prefer today..."- @disclosure
@BuzzFeed made me happy cry this morning /// there aren't enough thank you's in the world <3 /// PEEP IT:
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San Francisco lovin' 💓 Julian said this was the first time he ever saw someone wearing tie-dye in real life. #tiedyeinreallife Check out her power-stance. I can dig it.
. @mdmolinari all the feels
My bad, this isn't Uber. It's a cab.
Sweating my ass off. And I think I lost the very little pigment I had in my skin.
Never before have I had it, but I think I developed motion sickness on this air conditioner-less brake-heavy uber drive through SF.
Haight- Ashbury.
You make me wanna SHOUT!!
All of the feels.
I always feel like I'm sharing a piece my soul when I introduce someone to the adult @JoJoistheway.
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#TBT #Prettyrecent #preeyebrowpiercing
"Dreams unwind, loves a state of mind."- Fleetwood Mac
"Our stories could go on for four books..."- @aofferdahl reminiscing on a former lover
Everything is better with love.
Just downloaded. Can't wait to listen. Support this Great talent : @wolfjames
"The nature of promises is that they remain immune to changing circumstances."- Francis Underwood
How to Hug a Porcupine
To feel and be felt.
#wisdomteef #ouch #swelling 😩 Thank God for my pals who are taking care of me !! You guys are the best. 💚💚
Sometimes I just don't want to brush my teeth. I'm a rebel like that.
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@KarlaEjojo: Cute @JoJoistheway ? Nahhh Sassy JoJo is better :p…”---> mwahaha
"Maybe she wasn't loved widely, but she was loved deeply."- The Fault in Our Stars
Simply the best.
#rp @diplo #painkillers #wisdomteef
My cheeks are sooooo swollen. Chipmunk chic. #wisdomteethremovalproblems
American Horror Story. Can't. Stop. Watching.
Got all of my wisdom teeth taken out this morning.
"Just because it's the middle of night... That don't mean I won't hunt you down..."- Hunter by @Pharrell
"Say you love me I'll believe it You don't even have to mean it."- @MNEK Been singing this jam all damn daaayyy
"I wrote a song about you last night. It had the strangest melody..."- @MNEK
The look of laaaahhhhve cc: @braytbowman
You know it's getting real when @BuayMeetsWorld & I start speaking @JoJoistheway lyrics to each other. #leave #getout #rightmeow
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"We Got a Love Thang"- CeCe Peniston
If you can indulge in my rantings about the lack of new music from @JoJoistheway post-liberation, we truly are a perfect @Tinder match.
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