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John Sykes
50 Things Barack Obama Has Done Wrong!
Feminists Get Obama to Sue PA Over State Police Fitness Test > Do they care this may kill some of us?
Krauthammer: Obama Airstrikes ‘Not Going To Make Any Difference’ Without Weapons To Kurds
I sincerely believe that banking establishments are...
Bill Buckley and Saul Alinsky walk into a bar ...
John Bolton Slams Obama’s ‘Ideological Blinders’ On Worldwide Growth Of Terrorism
The Brainwashing Continues! NY Common Core Test Quizzes Kids On Global Warming
This chart represents the teaching experience of...
No more defeatism, Christians!
The Obama administration is the most paranoid, controlling and impenetrable in history! PERIOD!
For the wealthy and powerful, Washington is...
One talent fatalist! Must Read - Especially if you are a Christian!
Obama-Labeled JV Team Is Behaving Extraordinarily Irresponsibly In Iraq!
Hilarious Sign: What Does Barack Obama Call Illegal Aliens?
YES! Small Is Beautiful, And Popular: A New Political Paradigm For The GOP If They're Smart Enough!
If one rejects laissez faire on account of...
It was depressing to watch Obama fawn over a collection of fellow African thugs, dictators & thieves!
Do You Want Your Kids Fed This Garbage? Proposed AP History Curriculum Portrays Colonists as "Bigots"
Obama, Bill Clinton Push Ex-Im Reauthorization > Crony political contributions sure help pandering!
RR: The best view of big government is...
Is Obama even familiar with his own national security policy? Nah!
Lower Benefits, Higher Jobs PERIOD!