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John Shawn Romant
Can Graphene Oxide Filters Unlock Our Most Abundant Water Source? | Singularity Hub…
Illustris Simulation: Most detailed simulation of our Universe: via @YouTube
In Dry Year, California Looks to Cloud Seeding… via @QUESTScience
We need #drought solutions. What's the cost of a cloud seeding program? #raindance
Japan to test ‘magnetic net’ to clean up space debris from Earth’s orbit…
I'm coming out of r&d land to regroup for a day. It's hard to stop when you're on a roll but my body say's otherwise. Sorry body; love ya!
Photography organisations rally against Instagram's terms of use…
NREL Uses Corning's Flexible Willow Glass to Develop Cheap Efficient Solar Shingles…
The Earliest Known Use of Flaked Stone Tools by Hominids&… via @
NASA to Get $100 Million for Asteroid-Capture Mission, Senator Says… via @SPACEdotcom
30 day trip to Mars? Scientists develop fusion rocket technology in lab – and aim for Mars - Cosmic Log… via @NBCNews
Imagine a world where drones fly the skies -- but the drones aren't for warfare.……
White House: Thumbs down on Death Star, thumbs up on space - Cosmic Log… via @NBCNews
Obama names 23 scientists and innovators as medal winners - Cosmic Log… via @NBCNews
It's been a while since I've been on twitter. I wish I could tweet what I've been working on but I can't yet.
Virus that struck Mideast energy firms was worst cyberattack yet, Panetta says - Americas - World -… via @Independent
'Melt in the body' electronics developed by American lab
Update: Google exec in Brazil is detained by police after company fails to heed order to take down YouTube video - @AP
Aung San Suu Kyi: "Despite its imperfections, democracy remains a beacon of hope for all of us." via @BreakingNews
NASA Enthusiasts Counting Down To Endeavour’s Sacramento Flyover
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Live video: NASA's Endeavour starts heading into retirement aboard 747 jet - @NBCNews