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John Rich
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RT @GitRDoneLarry: @johnrich lookin' good!//Yeah buddy! Americas finest right tharrr!!
Met this Marine yesterday. Thank you for your service son. #marines
This is what's flyin in MY front yard cuzins!! @RedneckRiviera
Doing it like only @johnrich and #RedneckRiveria can do: Redneck Riviera Takeover of CMA Fest
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Excited for our album release in NYC on Sept 23rd for #GRAVITY It's gonna be one helluva party! #lookatyou Pre-sale coming soon! #itunes
Hey @Theresa_Vail we're fans of yours! You've got guts and you're a true patriot! Thanks for serving our country in the National Guard!
So @johnrich from Big and Rich just tweeted at Ted Nugent and myself...I'm rendered speechless. For once.
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@dolphsaint the artist you wanted, @bigandrich, is playing in a few mins on K92.3! Listen @
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Not sure there's enough left of this pig to eat, but I'm tryin! #eatwhatyoukill @Theresa_Vail @TedNugent
Really proud to have @CountryOutfittr carrying @redneckrivera products! Check em out here:… @bwill1130 @LilBitSouth
Cell phones of my military friends are ringing and they're telling their families they're about to leave. @seanhannity @DanaPerino #redalert
We're doing state specific @RedneckRiviera caps!! I'm wearing a TX one... You dig?
That was fun! Signing off now, friends...gotta get to work! Follow @rendeckriviera if you get a chance :) Later!
RT @tampapj: @johnrich @StJude I am a huge giver to at Jude.Is trump nice when the cameras are off or he is the same way//He cusses more :)
RT @DaveBradford4: @johnrich @bigandrich are we going to have a good night tonight in Davie//Hell yes!
@johnrich Thanks for the call-in to the Window World meeting. You're a good man and we're all working towards a great cause. #stjudes.
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RT @MickRowe: I figure @johnrich will hit me up when he wants a HUGE single again! :)//Bring it!
RT @tampapj: @johnrich how was it being on the apprentice?//Challenging. It was hard but worth it. @StJude
RT @FTWTX1: @johnrich what is your favorite Steve Wariner song?//The Weekend
RT @Newsette42: @johnrich Will you ever come play here in New York City?//Yes!! Brooklyn Bowl 9/23 for our album release!!