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John Rich
RT @ryankentm: digging the groove on "Brand New Buzz". @johnrich sings the shit out of it too. Excited to hear this new album//THX!
You want it? Then REGISTER to possibly WIN!! @johnrich will personally deliver it!
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The news is maddening.
You don't follow me to hear my opinions. But .., #isis ?? Are we in agreement?
@johnrich @bigandrich One of your best so far! Love it, can't wait to hear the rest #Gravity
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Want a brand new song?? Pre-order #GRAVITY on @iTunesMusic and get #BrandNewBuzz to download instantly!!
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Check it out! @FallonTonight picked our song #kickmyass for his new @iHeartRadio station, Jimmy’s Truck Playlist.…
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Vote for #GRAVITY for @thebootdotcom's Most Anticipated Album of the Month! You can vote once an hour - GO!!
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@johnrich just preordered earlier today. Love Brand New Buzz! Big time hit song!
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This is where ya get it! -> @bigandrich Look at You - Single - Love to hear your comments :)
Awesome time last night meeting @johnrich and listening to him play in his own house! #epic
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@johnrich rocks his house and the crowd at Music City for Marsha. Thank you, John!
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How many people do you know that have a stage & tables on one whole floor in the middle of their house? @johnrich
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Some I've seen do the #IceBucketChallenge don't donate $, and that's the whole point here. Just dumping ice on your head means nothing.
Hey @NikkiSixx BRO!! @bigandrich we had a great time recording "Same Ol Situation" for the tribute record! Hope to see you fellas soon!
RT @jameslewis1128: @Midday180 PK just cued the phones for @johnrich//Now what? Sheesh.
RT @DaveRamsey: Resting heArt rate at 54 beats per min! Blood pressure 107/58. Let's RAWK!!//Yea, but since when do YOU rest?//Goood point!
Resting heArt rate at 54 beats per min! Blood pressure 107/58. Let's RAWK!!
@995thewolf: At least your doctors office doesn't have wheels like mine does. #vandoc #affordable #nodegreesonthewalls //Country Dr!
@GitRDoneLarry: Hope it ain't a rubber glove physical! hahah:/Of course!! Kinda like gettin a record deal...
Hello Drs office. Physical. Yuck. Gotta do it.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the @bigandrich shows in Delaware and VA have been let go. Sorry to the fans who were comin. #disappointed
RT @cowboytroy: Thankful for @johnrich and @BigKennyTV who went to bat for me & helped me get to where I am today//You invented hickhop!
Here's me and a very Here's me and a young @taylorswift13 in Vegas at the #ACM awards! #throwbackthursday @treepaine
RT @MattFarrisCNTRY: Crazy to know @johnrich is a writer on my album truly an honor to cut one of your songs ...
I'm going to PERSONALLY deliver this to the winner->… 950cc/89HP/$17k Polaris #redneckriviera ATV! @RedneckRiviera
Yes, it's from the guitar pick. @bigandrich play VERY aggressive shows! I'll take a blister if it means everybody is jumping up and down!
This is what happens when you play 9 shows in 8 days kids...Country Muzik ain't a hobby!
@johnrich John, your vocals on Brand New Buzz are captivating, as always. Love IT! I forsee bombshell success 4 GRAVITY!
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RT @timhattrick: #Comin2YourCity @johnrich in Kampala, Uganda - Africa!! I'm worldwide! Hahaa!
@johnrich 2day! PRE-ORDER our new album #GRAVITY here-> You'll get "Look At You"&"Brand New Buzz"// DO IT! I DID!
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RT @meganhopkins_ I'll RT just for you Mr Rich! And I'll buy it if you come back to Australia ;)probably buy it anyway haha//DEAL!
2day! PRE-ORDER our new album #GRAVITY here-> You'll get "Look At You"&"Brand New Buzz" IMMEDIATELY! RT PLS? THX!