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John Prescott
The Sun uses respected soldiers charity @HelpforHeroes to pursue a vendetta against @Ed_Miliband #stayclassy
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Initial @Survation on @Ed_Miliband speech shows huge support for #nhs proposals.
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Last reminder I'm doing a free comedy gig tonight at Manchester Comedy Store with @mattforde TOGETHER! ;) #Lab14
@ThatTimWalker Now you understand the devastation I felt when you blocked me. @johnprescott
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I'm interviewing @johnprescott tonight at The Comedy Store Manchester at 10pm. What should I ask him? #askJohn
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A dispiriting morning: I see I've been unfollowed by @johnprescott.
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Quick! RT @nathanrae: I am going to see @mattforde & @johnprescott at the highlight of #Lab14! Only 25 seats left.
So I'm doing a free comedy gig with @mattforde at Manchester Comedy Store tonight at 10. Tickets at #Lab14 #TwoGags
@johnprescott @BBCNewsnight @mattforde I did stand up once. People told me to sit down...
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So @BBCNewsnight want me to do stand-up at the end of tonight's show to promote my gig with @mattforde #TwoJokes
My @TheSundayMirror piece on why we need to give power to the people in the regions too #lab14
@daily_politics @johnprescott The best Sunday Politics 4 a long time,John Prescott was brill
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We need a Devolution Revolution not a constitutional fix. My @TheSundayMirror column #Lab14 #tomorrowspaperstoday
Cameron said he wanted to listen to the "voices of England" on devolution. And here they are
.@JoshStephens92 Yes. You can read all about it in my @TheSundayMirror column this weekend #devorevolution #plug
Quite like @johnprescott's 'Devolution Revolution' suggestion in the wake of #indyref NO result! Can we hear more?
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Not scientific but my Twitter poll found 81% want powers devolved to elected regional assemblies… #devorevolution
My HDM column on the Scottish referendum and the legacy of the @johnprescott devolution model…
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RT @mwarne @johnprescott No-one wants elected regional assemblies < Says the man who lives in London. Which has one
And yes I DID just RT @johnprescott - I'd want PROPER regional assemblies though, not the weedy ones he offered last time
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Question. RT if you want powers over health, investment & transport devolved to elected regional assemblies. Favourite if no #GreatBritain
We need a Devolution Revolution. Not a constitutional quick fix to keep Cameron in Downing Street #indyref
How fitting that the Union is saved in Gordon Brown's home of Fife. Here's your headline @rupertmurdoch #indyref
Is @David_Cameron also going to congratulate Gordon Brown? Because without him the PM would be staring at victory for Yes
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@David_Cameron: I've spoken to Alistair Darling - and congratulated him on an well-fought campaign. #indyref” < Now ring Gordon
The Journal responds to #indyref: Now what is your vow to the North?
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Well done to everyone of the #LabourNo team today. You've done us all proud. My shout. What you having? #indyref
.@johnprescott so how do we get that level of passion and commitment at ground roots back into UK wide politics?
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.@s_noway The sad day for Labour was when the SNP voted with Thatcher to bring down Labour Government. Led to 18 years of Tories & Poll Tax
To Scots, this is what politics is all about. Your chance to decide the direction of your country. Enjoy making that decision #indyref
Good luck to No and Yes campaigners today. Irrespective of which side you're on, you've all worked damn hard for your campaigns #indyref
So does Barack's tweet backing a 'United' UK make him Nobama? #indyref…
Accusations of shouting and bullying by Yes campaigners being neatly illustrated live on #c4news now
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Please help support Vote Naw - Protect the Union, add a #Twibbon now!
@Independent: Is David Cameron about to become the worst PM in the history of Britain? < What do you mean 'about?'