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John Prescott
Plenty of time left to Vote Labour in Ollerton - polls are open till 10pm
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Really great piece by @McFallJF on why he thinks the best future for Scotland remains within the UK… #indyref
Major problems on #EastCoast line. Signalling problems at #Peterborough mean no trains to London. May last until 2pm. Use other routes!
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LOL! RT @SadFaceOtter: Look at Alastair Darling trying to impress the Scots with his tiny John Prescott
.@Griffiths1961 @WikiGuido Well spotted! It's Robert Hamilton Wetherspoons in Airdrie. Great food & staff. Features on tonight's Newsnight
@WikiGuido @johnprescott That's a #Wetherspoons. Plate and condiment holder give it away.Nothing wrong with 'spoons, tho' more chips pls.
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@andrewrawnsley: @paulwaugh Prezza never picks up the Mail? He flogged his memoirs to them.” < That's a lie. Check your facts. For once
Just so yes voters know, I want change for the whole of Britain, not just for Scotland. Lets beat the tories together, as @johnprescott said
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Hahahaha RT @DavidHornbyUK: Spot the difference - 1st and 2nd editions of #dailymail story on literacy standards
Edinburgh. You are looking lovely tonight!
.@JimMcLeanDUFC @paulhutcheon @UK_Together It was a joke Jim! Banter with the crowd. In football, we're #betterNOTtogether
Hey @jimwaterson. You should have stayed for something to eat. Scottish fish and English chips! #BatterTogether
Thanks to the ladies in Breadwinners in Rutherglen for the coffee! #indyrefexpress #indyref
John Prescott hits out at The Conservatives for "ripping our family apart" during #IndyRef campaigning
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The risks of separation are real and it's a huge risk to Scotland's economy, businesses and jobs. #indyref
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So this is the current state of the poll on my article on #indyref
Lord Prescott asks #indyref voters to stay in the UK and "help kick the Tories in the ballots"…
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East Coast just made £200m for us taxpayers. So why are we getting rid of it?
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Stay with us in the fight, Scotland. And let's kick Cameron in the ballots together #indyref
Will the bigger iPhone 6 Plus screen make @LouiseMensch's tweets 38% duller? #AppleLive #iphone6questions
You know I love a good battle bus! Looking forward to joining #LabourNo's #indyexpress in Scotland tomorrow #indyref
Brilliant referendum broadcast going out tonight. Shows what Labour delivered in Scotland and the UK… #indyref
@johnprescott hi could you please wish hayley good luck for her hen night & wedding next month please shes a big fan thanks :)
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My statement on the death of Jim Dobbin Read:
This morning I’m off to do the Great North Run (slowly). I’m running for @Shelter, because having a home matters…
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Put #RentToBuy in the manifesto, @EmmaReynoldsMP & @Ed_Miliband. Homes with no mortgage or deposit #generationrent
.@Gaffology @UKLabour @UK_Together I can assure I don't work with @CPC_HQ (The Canadian Conservative Party) But you get an A for Gaffe-ology
So @UKLabour along with their cohorts @CPC_HQ are sending in big bad John @johnprescott To punch the @UK_Together over the line. #AyeRight
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.@johnprescott says Hull should win the Europe Prize in 2017 for its cultural achievements:… @coe
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Unlike @RobertJenrick, if I was Newark's MP I'd have voted with Labour against the bedroom tax - If I'm MP after May I'll vote to abolish it
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@johnprescott @becalmfollowon would recommend the wee place called los cardos on leith walk, its very tasty, sure we can fatten you up
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@teddie14: @johnprescott @tam_hardie Blankety Blank! ha! x” < Except with independence you won't get a blank chequebook and pen #indyref
@becalmfollowon: @johnprescott have you lost weight?” < Yes but I'm sure I'll find it again
@tam_hardie: @johnprescott you've still got it big man! #comrades” < Matching tie and shirt #hipster
@raceyemu: @johnprescott played by Jack Black in the movie of your life?” < Loosey goosey!
And here I am in my first referendum campaign back in 1975! #indyref
Really looking forward to coming up to Scotland next week to talk and listen to people about #indyref
As I predicted in my @TheSundayMirror column, Cameron's playing follow the leader with Obama - a man with no strategy…
In the 70's the Tories used to offer lifts to the polling station. My mum always had a giggle coz she voted for you. @johnprescott
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People are referred to #foodbanks for a variety of reasons but the most frequent cause last year was benefit delays.
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Westminster Village People #LibDemDisco