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John Prescott
Cameron finally makes his mark as PM RT @mattspencedc: The moment David Cameron smudged his face with ink
.@NadineDorriesMP In return, can you send me cast iron proof you're a politician? I always thought this was a parody account.
Breaking....In another hammer blow for @David_Cameron, @NadineDorriesMP has just confirmed she's staying in the Tory Party
Well done, Douglas Carswell. You have done our country a service. #speaker
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Carswell 'self-indulgent' Labour supporter for calling by-election by former Labour supporter who called by-election…
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@johnprescott please could you RT my 1st blog as patron for @seedhull new website… raising eating disorder awareness ❤
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My Telegraph article on need for response to ISIS to bring together the key regional players:…
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So can someone tell me who the good guys are now?
BBC director general Tony Hall and South Yorkshire police chief David Crompton summoned before MPs on 2 September over Cliff Richard raid
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Congratulations to the excellent @D_C_Jamieson - newly elected Police & Crime Commissioner for West Midlands @UKLabour
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@johnprescott The Graduate (in severe debt after taking out loans to pay tuition fees) #LibDemMovies
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The Good, the 20 Spads and the Ugly #LibDemMovies
Clegg the movie? OK, let's have your #LibDemMovies
UN figs today confirm 2,030 Palestinians killed (86% civilians), 67 Israelis (4% civilians). So much for superior targeting of Israel arms.
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Tories increased discount for Right to Buy & 2,845 council homes were sold in 2 months. Only 675 will replace them
Burns misses touchline conversion. KR 14 - 4 Wigan. 20 minutes left to play.
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Now the first #scd contestant has been announced, will there be a late entry from @johnprescott? #Prezza4Strictly #RumbaFromTheHumber
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Of course that was back in the day when Deputy Prime Ministers where trusted to stand in for the PM ;) wheresthegovernment
For ten years I always stood in for Tony at No 10. This Government appears not to know who's in charge #wheresthegovernment
@johnprescott Hello John, would be v grateful if you could let your followers know where they can find us, Labour Friends of Palestine & ME.
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Here's some of the damage from our #hulltornado RT @paullead: Tree in house in east Hull after "mini-tornado"
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ISIS, Libya, Gaza - David Cameron is like a fish out of water when it comes to the Middle East…
RT @JamesAndrew_: Shame I can't be in Ipswich on Aug 17 seeing John Prescott play Tom Jones would be interesting! < Yes but it's not unusual
Shame I can't be in Ipswich on August 17, seeing John Prescott play Tom Jones would be interesting!
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Are you squeezing into a tiny bedsit to save on rent? There's an opportunity to talk about it on the radio - please get in touch!
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. @George_Osborne RT @hulldailymail: 'Hull MUST be part of £15b rail project': Prescott's warning over One North plan…
@MirrorFootball: GOAL Salford City! "You can't win anything with 40-year-old retirees"” < Ha!
Great that @HullCity's progressed in Europe. We'll send you postcards @ManUtd #wantanydutyfree?
@JeremyClarkson They're not speaking to each other. He films her. She views footage. He films more. They eat spinach.”< Using a Popeyephone
GET IN!!!!!!!!!!! RT @HullCity: GOAL!!! Hull City 2 (Sone Aluko) AS Trenčín 1 #UTT