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John Prescott
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Are you squeezing into a tiny bedsit to save on rent? There's an opportunity to talk about it on the radio - please get in touch!
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. @George_Osborne RT @hulldailymail: 'Hull MUST be part of £15b rail project': Prescott's warning over One North plan…
@MirrorFootball: GOAL Salford City! "You can't win anything with 40-year-old retirees"” < Ha!
Great that @HullCity's progressed in Europe. We'll send you postcards @ManUtd #wantanydutyfree?
@JeremyClarkson They're not speaking to each other. He films her. She views footage. He films more. They eat spinach.”< Using a Popeyephone
GET IN!!!!!!!!!!! RT @HullCity: GOAL!!! Hull City 2 (Sone Aluko) AS Trenčín 1 #UTT
I'm doing @mattforde's Labour Conference Political Party at #Lab14 on Thurs Sept 23 Any ideas for a hashtag?
More proof of #GBBO hysteria: Mary Berry's even made it on to Newsnight
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@AlexSwindin: @johnprescott @mattforde I'd rather put my cock in a blender :)” < Please. Don't let me stop you
@johnprescott @mattforde I miss Matt Forde and his dietary tips on the radio. Since he went AWOL I lost 3 stone.
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So I'm coming back to wind up conference again at #Lab14! Join me at the best party in town with @mattforde
Breaking.... Boris Johnson's 2015 campaign slogan will be 'Yes We Can....Have A Fourth Job'
So Boris Johnson wants to be an MP to go along with his part-time jobs of Telegraph columnist, author & @MayorofLondon. Remarkable
So Old Etonian Douglas Murray went on to defend Cameron & rubbish Warsi on #newsnight. That worked well then
From the paper that brought you 'Downing St Catwalk.'
Victory for Darling according to Guardian/ICM poll - 56pc to 44pc #ScotDecides (Getty)
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@Justin007JC: @johnprescott Really? Are we watching the ssame thing? Perhaps I'm watching it sober....?” < I've not just typed 'ssame'
Wow! Darling is DESTROYING Salmond in this debate. #ScotDecides #IndyRef
To watch #ScotDecides on Sky press Services, go to Add Channels, tune 10906, V 22.0 & 5/6. Find channel, save STV & watch on Other Channels
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I had my own entrance music for meetings during the last election. Guess what it was? #ScotDecides #TeamDarling
@Sparkle__Monkey: @johnprescott Which music would you choose?” < Let's Stick Together. Or Eye of the Tiger #TeamDarling #ScotDecides
In #ScotDecides I am #TeamDarling! I hope they have entrance music #indyref
Really venomous @SayeedaWarsi sniping. Such unsubtle anonymous trashing counterproductive in any circs, partic with Gaza background.
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