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John Mayer
I hope one day to become a master of marital arts.
Diuretics: the drink that drinks you.
Was nominated for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge by a great musician named Jason Becker. Jason also nominated Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth, and I wholeheartedly support that nomination myself. Check my youtube page for the full video.
Get me some ice and a bucket….
Do. There is no ‘do not’ or ‘try.’
Some people like cinnamon flavored gum.
#tbt, 2012, somewhere in the sea of the unknown, without a voice (or a haircut.) Don't want to live through it again, but it helped me appreciate having it all back. I mean, how's a kid to know when to stop asking for more until he gets cut off?
I gotta tell you, when someone refers to something as “Machiavellian,” I just agree with them and remind myself to look up what that means.
Nothing on Earth like making music. Is Earth capitalized? Summer isn’t. Well it is there because it started a sentence. Anyway music.
Cool to be on the cover of The New Order magazine this month... Highly esoteric #visvim talk but if that's your thing, you're gonna be psyched.
Tip, NYC tourism board, this site is available! Gonna get snatched up quick now that I've posted it.
Back to the blues
I’m not that tired, I’m just in need of an eyes transplant.
Don’t know how to tell you this, but when you’re on the 14th floor it’s really the 13th. Ghosts aren’t dumb you’re haunted
The Dead were more than a band. They were a musical think tank. An investigation and an endeavor, a work study in American music.
The Dead wasn’t a band, they were the raw material that you make bands out of.
The Dead…5/19/77, Scarlet Begonias. It’s a 12 minute answer to the question “what was so special about The Grateful Dead?”
Alright that’s too heady. It’s a song about looking for a high that doesn’t have a comedown. But still. Aren’t we all.
If you take out the love quotient in the song, it’s actually a deep commentary on one’s search for relief from the self.