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John Jack Allen… We made another youtube thing! It's about allergies and sunshine!… New YOUTUBE video, FUCK YOU FLAPPY BIRD - The song!
Check out our #feelathome campaign on Stand B1055 today and tomorrow @BTShowlondon at Earl's Court.
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Script writing in Costas, oh god I'm one of THEM! D:
Sitting on a train going to work, and writing a script... WHO AM I?! D:
I'm going to give away a Jirachi to someone who may not have one! Retweet and Follow and I'll pick a winner tomorrow!
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Yay for being on TV and thanks for all your questions! #AllAboardECT
Having fun answering questions for #AllAboardECT though I think we could do with some more silly ones! Keep em coming! :D
20 mins to go until we see me (for realsies this time) on the telebox doing my thing #AllAboardECT
Never thought I'd say this, but I cant wait to get back to work, sick of not being able to do anything! Damn ingrown toenail :(
We will share more information about the launch of Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter as soon as possible.
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Cant find anyone to battle on Pokemon D: guess I'll have to actually sleep tonight D: #NOOOOOOOOOO
I hate you 6am. But east coast, you're worth it.
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"@jacksfilms: Just wrote a sexy bass line that no one will hear in tomorrow's Christmas music video. Yum yum?" @OwleeMusic
It's video time! Musical Christmas cards baby!
So ive rolled my lucky dice, am wearing my lucky underpants and have prayed to the God of luck, can I please move into my new house soon? D:
#allaboardect Haha, guess I wasn't in this episode after all D: Thanks for the questions though :D #fail
Tweet your questions to Jack from #AllAboardECT during tonight's programme by using the hash tag - best question wins free travel!
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I've got your face in a sandwich bag, and it's lunchtime. #FightingTalk
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Im gonna be on TV (I think) tonight! Woop woop :D
Getting my butt handed to me by Ryan playing worms 3 D:
Does anyone recognise this little bear? Please RT to help us reunite him with his owner! :-) @laurenannbishop
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This weeks video is a day late, but also longer than usual... It's also Christmassy! Enjoy #youtube
"Don't get too up close and personal in supertraining, you'll just end up with balls in your face" -@CameraLizard
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Just found marmite cashews in asda... not sure how I feel about this... Think I'll buy them anyway haha!
Giveaway! These are all 5V Pokemon, with the right ability/nature. RT+follow to win one of your choice! 3 win.
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Wooo tidying the flat!! And im bored already...
Lets. Play. Video games!!! :D
Video editing for next week is mostly done! yay! now time to actually relax :3 *Implying I do anything BUT relax* >.< I did another video flavoured within with @OwleeMusic You should have a peek, about 2 minutes will do it!
Been on hold that long that Im not convinced anyone even works at EON :L
Gonna go home and write some stuff... inspiration GO!
#efficiency at its finest! Go whoever tried to post these! You almost succeeded :D
So... we meet again Sunday morning... I still hate you...
Just finished editing a new youtube video, should be up in an hour or two! :D
78 eggs hatched, only like a bazillion to go #pokeproblems Also, where the heck did this year go? D:
Time to do something productive with my life... Tomorrow... Maybe Saturday...
Just bumped in to Queen Michelle of the Buffet Carriage @eastcoastuk #allaboardECT