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Johnelle ✈
Want to Grow Your
Social Media, Free?
And it will make a dent
But I will touch it
*scared of touching my bank account*
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If God loves me, this paperwork will go through 🙏🏼
Vandy DJ is on point rn tho
The level of frustration I'm getting from this paperwork is making things 10x worse
All fast money no slow bucks
girl u don't even wanna know what she had to say about u the other day in confessional
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Didn't think it'd be THIS hard to get some paperwork signed
Get lit for LES statements
God, give me a hand
Today I'm playing a very important game of signature scavenger hunt
When Wing says to put on service dress and you say nah
We can't crash our helicopter!
I'm talking about my grades
It's going down, I'm yelling TIMMBEEEEEERRR
Because actually screw core classes
Where oh where is my element leader
They issued 2019 such baggy a uniforms and we all look like thugs ✊🏼
I live on charm, I'm actually not even qualified to be here
The things I'd do for a Wawa run or a late night diner meal
college makes me want to swan dive off the highest building closest to me
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I'd actually kill for Applebee's rn
Alison sent me a bottle of sand and I wanna throw it all over my bed and roll around in it
It's 2015 and republicans want to shut down the government... over planned parenthood... this is where we are
If they shut down the government, do I not get paid
I actually hate bed time these days
this is the blackest advertisement I seen in a minute I love it 😭…0
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Aka every night here
I think one of the worst feelings in the world is having a busy day, and then turning absolutely sad when you get a genuine moment to think
I was never a really religious person but sometimes all u gotta do is put your trust & faith in the Lord bc he'll never lead u the wrong way
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Shoutout to club dresses in the winter for teaching me to tolerate cold legs
Well there goes the morale of the freshmen class
I really wish I didn't stop way back when
Piano playing will never not be attractive
The one goal that's been consistent is the goal to make respectable millions
Gonna be in Forbes one day
I'm gonna retire a colonel, open a vineyard, then walk in and take over a company
That's really empowering tbh

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