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John Cusack
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I don’t want to give it the satisfaction…See? “@tessus: curious. why don’t u turn it off? it’s the first thing I do for apps, phones,
Spell check tries to sabotage my meaning -
Would be a good name for a cover band - “@ServeReturn: what do you make of this Rick Perry situation?”
What I like about him -he won’t be bullied into shutting up -@mariesimoncom: Mr. Brand spoke his true mind, let him be……”
Sounds familiar .“@BoingBoing: Nostalgia formixtapes &how it embodies "emotional design."…
mr b has guts.. could be titled “why i oppose beating my wife..” u can oppose a gov&support its people yes u can…
An old woman who fled the warzone with her cow, sits on a bench in Amiens, France, March 28, 1918.
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As Dylan said he who ain't busy being born is busy dying - @Heather_Horton: Like a fine wine?:)”
We don't grow older, we grow riper. - Pablo Picasso
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We join @pressfreedom in condemning the murder of James Foley, a US journalist who was abducted in Syria in 2012.…
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“Sometimes you need to rember the best stories - rember the best of people -@annealmirall: Holy cats. I must watch this.”
Great story ! great Americans horratio alger Originals “@annealmirall: Holy cats. I must watch this.”
“They rock ! @gnocchi4u: @johncusack was so informative ! Never knew that about Kurt Russell and his father.”
Re watching this doc - which I loved-…
Oh we will .. RT “@yesmccan: KEEP IT SURREAL”