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John Cusack
Arundhati Roy: How Corporate Power Converted Wealth Into Philanthropy for Social Control | Alternet…
Capitalism: A Ghost Story - An Evening with Arundhati Roy YouTube…
The power is always in the paradox if "starts now "for individuals = good readdreamwrite: . That's a very contrarian sentiment :)”
Of course it doesn't :) yet it does “@StinaLeicht: : History starts now
Great response from economist Peter Victor to one of the more dishonest smears of my book.
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Ya ! “@haymella: @johncusack an eye of an eye..”
That my selfie “@Heather_Horton: @johncusack a fabulous eclipse of the eye. Kubrick would approve..:)”
“Yup @rustbeltrants: @johncusack Does that mean happy hour starts now, too?”
Ahhhh I see this press release explains the last one
thought you guys would like to see me latest article for the
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History didn't start on 911 - this is getting lost in the nsa full spectrum dominance spying "debate " Me thinks…
From Pol Pot to ISIS: “Anything that flies on everything that moves”…
Why open access? Because academic research should be free, available, and open for everyone’s benefit:
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I have always found that angels have the vanity to speak of themselves as the only wise. ~William Blake #quote
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"Auteurs" slum in corporate America to:) “@mindtraps: 6 TV ads by A-list directors: From Wes Anderson to Lynch
A real quandary ! “@karen_mccoy: @AliAbunimah @MaxBlumenthal The trouble is that once you see it, you can't unsee it.~Arundhati Roy”
Ha! “@ClarenceSpeaks: @johncusack A judgmental map of Chicago north.
Chelsea Manning is pursuing appeals to reduce her sentence and could use (and deserves) support…
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The NY Times Book Review won't review Goliath, so we did this today:
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@AliAbunimah @johncusack @MaxBlumenthal War Inc. again, I wish that movie was just fantasy and not the horrible reality it is.
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The dirty little secret that many major foundations and NGOs are just different arms of the same octopus @AliAbunimah @MaxBlumenthal
Must-read article by @MaxBlumenthal on the vultures gathering around Gaza under the guise of rebuilding and aid.…
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Thanks sir - “@AArtVark: @AussieAstronaut Max was a brilliant film.”
That's the reason Id always do it - “@AussieAstronaut: @johncusack I'll also go back in time and warn you to never make Max.”
NYT reviews Hacker Wars, opening this week: excellent film by @vivienweisman on hactivism and the attacks on dissent…
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“Good my frend!! @chazzpalminteri: @johncusack thanks for the follow john. How are you?”
...was cause I wrote it @SoniaKrasteva: Bad boys :) Great movie ! I You were incredible and that part seemed to be written for you.”
I like the guy there who pretends he's bored “@Sadiesniece: Baby Bubbles -little break frm all seriousness of late
“Ya! @mdviolinist: @johncusack~ are you talking about Arundhati Roy? :)”
I thought so too till I read book “@vinaypsc: Gandhi spent life for uplifting harijans(untouchables) Let's not take it away from him”
A hint - never been to India “@FUckFaceLeslie: You're on, Cusack. . ;) I'm going to spend all night trying to figure this out.”
You have to guess - if you do I'll send you the book !!“@FUckFaceLeslie: @johncusack You better keep us updated what the part is. :)”
So I read “@sitamsini1: B. R Ambedkar was responsible for the abolition of untouchability in India. The saint, "Gandhi" did NOT help.”
Proof - but what part will I recognize ?must read tonight or try to get india on the phone !
Someone just told me I got acknowleged in back of roys Doctor &the saint must investigate - be good street cred
Nice pull!! “@mccrabb_will: THE CLASH frontman JOE STRUMMER, circa 1996 during production of GROSSE POINTE BLANK.