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John Cusack
Where in Constitution Is CIA Absolved of Its Multitude of Crimes?…
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Reporter James Foley & others were waterboarded by ISIS militants, "who appeared to model the technique on the CIA’s"…
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RT @TreyRatcliff: Here at Burning Man - here's "Embrace" - what an amazing piece of art! @burningman #BurningMan
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RT @TreyRatcliff: Embrace Burns - a few hours ago the first major piece of art here burned... @burningman
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The Oldest Public Library In The English Speaking World: Chetham Library, 1653, Manchester, England RT @Lit_Books
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This Banksy piece has earned $600,000 for a cash-strapped youth club in Bristol, England.
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Why the Obama administration wants to force this journalist — @JamesRisen — into jail:…
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Going once, going twice. Jorge Soler had himself a ballgame. #Cubs
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Salome (1923) - from Oscar Wilde's play - silent with clean English intertitles
I was there ! “@robbieconal: Postering #sexdrugsrocknroll in Chicago, circa early 90's, @johncusack, Patti McGuire!
Perfect way to see it ! @LeynerMark@Inkycat: just watched War Inc. Badly dubbed into Arabic on Tunisian hotel tv! Somehow even funnier ”
Hello twittaverse happy Wednesday -
Yup! “@notjosephstalin: To Joe Strummer and @johncusack the future is unwritten.
“An economic system that only delivers for the very top is a failed economic system.” -@JosephEStiglitz
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Tony's bird one for Palestine and Israel
Soler called up, to join Cubs on Wednesday Here comes soler Sent with At Bat…
“I've lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened” - Mark Twain.
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A word is dead, when it is said Some say - I say it just begins to live That day
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He has sat on the fence so long that the iron has entered his soul. ~David Lloyd George #quote
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Stunning... Sierra Club Endorses @zephyrteachout in Primary against NYS Gov Cuomo :…
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"Our democracy is now probably better described as one dollar, one vote than one person, one vote." -@JosephEStiglitz
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I wanted this bird but tony f said it already flew .
So many different cages so little time -
It was a 2 day gig for me - ;) jyst a few scenes @PKarrick: Watching The Prince. Where is @johncusack ?”
My friend mark “@parisreview: “I’m really after keeping the reader in a heightened state of vigilance.” Mark Leyner
Boxer dog's morning ritual #good dog show
.@javy23baez extended the #Cubs’ lead with a solo blast in the seventh. Watch:
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Will do “@Kaitlin_Thomas: ”Love. Love until you hate. But learn to hate your love and then forgive your hate for loving it.“ @johncusack
Sleepy dog howls back at the alarm clock.
Teddy bear maybe :)“@13wildhare: @johncusack @briglang go ahead…poke the bear :)”
Very much - love that town “@DopeyRN: @johncusack Real question…do you enjoy filming in NOLA?”
“No set rules . here - @marky_7: why do you only reply to assholes and not decent genuine fans????”
Didn’t bait just respond to assholes at tines “@DopeyRN: @johncusack I say if you want to bait and slap, go for it…yout twitter feed”
“But they are so cute - sometimes I wanna play -@briglang: haters gonna hate. Your John Cusack, be the bigger man x 😉”
Bullshit -“@Joshjamestom: and he has been nothing short of brilliant, making changes where he can not only in policy but in communication w
You followed me- vindictive no - defensive hah - just don't like rude -@DavePowersG @marwanbishara
Who's ? who were you talking to then ? @marwanbishara:Was meant for another .. A real loser .. Not you .. Certainly not..,”
Respectfully back you don't know what your talking about when It comes to my views - @Joshjamestom