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John Cusack
“Any form of art is a form of power; it has impact, it can affect change - it can not only move us, it makes us move.” ~ Ossie Davis
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Daniel Ellsberg calls for whistleblowers in Obama's new war against ISIS to save "a war's worth of lives"…
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Nah “@rebecca_volk: Pretty sure @johncusack just replies to everything with "yah."”
“Part .. Yah @RUsayingMEOW: @johncusack @BrettDAnthony92 so you're Irish then?”
I welcome their hate “@readdreamwrite: . You've just made so many grammar police tweeps on here so unhappy, Shocko.”
Also Irish and Irish - with a touch of Irish @BrettDAnthony92: @johncusack What else is in ur ancestry besides Irish-American?”
Yah “@to_au: @johncusack don't you mean "'s luvly"?”
Yah “@EricLAA: @johncusack that's just rong”
I spell wrong on purpose all the time -it's lovely
Now now - "Celebrity " -a step down from famous and a backhanded little box @TheBlazeHotList . And it follows celebrity tweets like John's.
All the best peeps don't recognize said fucking box :) “@jason_howerton: you don't belong in a box, anyhow.”
Humans are more then one thing with prescribed areas where they be allowed to realm - @TheBlazeHotList @t34pic @lrc328
Hmm.. try to ignore pundits' politics as we both wear makeup & tell stories but not interested in putting peeps in a box @TheBlazeHotList
.@NaomiAKlein on the @Peoples_Climate March & Global Grassroots Movement Fighting Fossil Fuels
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Henry Kissinger is a liar and a criminal, part infinity:…
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It official there are now two Chers - thanks !@thewritercher: Grosse Pointe Blank checks off my "awesome movie" box
Clean Energy Is a 100 Percent American Success Story via @HuffPostGreen
Only if they aren't morons.. “@BillMoyersHQ: Shouldn’t the public know which pro-war talking--@lhfang
Shouldn’t the public know which pro-war talking heads are linked to Pentagon contractors? by @lhfang
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Loved this fun ‘Maps to the Stars’ Press Conference with David Cronenberg @johncusack & @_juliannemoore… #MTTS
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"President Obama's War on Whistleblowers" @DanielEllsberg at news conference @PressClubDC on Thurs:…
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Laura Poitras to premiere her Edward Snowden film @citizenfour at the New York Film Festival on October 10th…
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My friend Naomi Klein new epic on revolutionary power ( possibilities) of climate change:
Catchy title ..@Sadiesniece: War Is GREAT For Business: a War Inc. moment brought to you by @cenkuygur
Read her book -might better be destined as saving the billionaire one world at a time
Get a feeling corporate philanthropy /branded green movement changing world one billionaire at a time is a hustle?
Lots of info on her new book book here
Naomi as fierce & fine & rigorous a thinker writing today #thischangeseverything @NaomiAKlein /
Few people write must-read new books #thischangeseverything @NaomiAKlein / revolutionary power of climate change
That was kind of my thinking too ...“@heykim: @johncusack not a DARNED thing when it comes to a legend like @BrianWilsonLive 😊”
What's wrong with a little shameless self promotion I ask you ?@heykim @BrianWilsonLive
ℒℴѵℯ & Mercy-Paul Dano & @johncusack play @BrianWilsonLive at different ages in Bill Pohlad's biopic…) #LoveandMercy
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i rec this song be played on loudspeakers across our great nation 3 times a year-not sure why yet via @YouTube
A Toast for Men Yun-Ch’ing by Tu Fu : The Poetry Foundation…
Had one of those days yesterday. Feed Fight the trolls “@NaomiAKlein: Broke my "no fighting on Twitter" rule. Tomorrow's a new day.”
I would like one of these devices @History_Pics: Piano for the bedridden, United Kingdom, 1935.
Mrs banks a gem “@neselthia: @ElizabethBanks & @johncusack at Toronto International Film Festival #loveandmercy
Did soneone mention French films…
Me neither - but then I already have. @whiteeagle44 @Sadiesniece