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John Cusack
actor hollywood comedy 1,398,240 followers
Conversation With James Risen: Can Journalists Protect Their National Security Sources?…
@johncusack The Strangelove effect - or how we are hoodwinked into accepting a new world war…
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The mentality of J Edgar Hoover’s FBI undergirds today’s surveillance state | Trevor Timm…
no I’m not your just not informed..why don’t you learn.RT @RollinJimmys: @johncusack you're a kook
for sure RT @heykim: Blame @micahflee? 😄 RT@johncusackk: i blame micah MT@heykimm: Was wondering where you were
they tap everyones phones RT @jimbolene:@trevortimm @micahflee How long before they are tapping your phone?
i blame micah RT @heykim: empty 3rd box empty chair -had stepped away? Was wondering where you were - #Snowden
click on the link i sent @trevortimm @micahflee ok, so how can I help other than financially?
fyi by mr S Vladimir Putin must be called to account on surveillance just like Obama | Edward Snowden via @guardian
important to remind folks its movement building on all fronts don’t have to donate to be a part of it. !u concur? @trevortimm @micahflee
my moment to be seen and i couldn't find the lense ! @trevortimm @micahflee
i was empty 3rd box empty chair -had stepped away:) RT @micahflee: board meeting w/our newest member, #Snowden
spread the word...we raise money and do lots of great stuff( see site) but awareness and engagement just as (cont)
ghost car? Car appears out of nowhere, artificial entities panic:…
Great ! Everyone’s excited about working with all at restoring and defending our rights “@GennPardo: @johncusack So how was it?”
Something's happening out there worth taking seriously. /BM: Thomas Piketty Is No. 1 on Amazon Right Now
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Yup “@micahflee: Yesterday @FreedomofPress had our first board meeting with our newest board member, Edward Snowden
hiding in plain site has always been good..RT @Sadiesniece: now you've gone and done it you made transparency cool
connected in and live & great spirits & inspiring . RT @heykim: @FreedomofPress board meeting w/ Snowden virtual?
lucky enough to be @FreedomofPress board meeting today w/new member Ed Snowden-can reveal this fact as, u know, we are a transparency org..
me likes.. was born three years later in same town RT @GennPardo: Chicago, 1963