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John Bishop
β€œ@kelliehololob: @JohnBishop100 #selfie #middlesbrough” sometimes show business is really hard work....πŸ˜‰
β€œ@MissG1965: @JohnBishop100 bbc4 11pm seen you playing keyboards for Quo on matchstick men please explain ...”I was young & needed the money
β€œ@Cannygang4: @JohnBishop100 absolute pleasure #ironpig #oneleggedheckler” that just about sums the gig up!! Great night thanks all πŸ˜‰
Looking forward to Middlesbrough tonight - if it is like Wolverhampton last night I will be happy! How glamorous does my life sound ...?😜
Scotland you have no idea how relieved the north of England is today - we need you to keep the balance between us and them ....😊
That's better and didn't require 80 minutes of worry followed by 14 of ecstasy/panic/relief....
As football is silly and too nerve racking I have decided to follow this message with funny pictures of dogs my wife sent me 😳
That's my finger by the biggest spider I have ever seen in my house ....!
Just to let you know my mate @therealRayQuinn has a record out tomorrow - here is the link… - see now you know πŸ˜‰
Seen some events and now watching the closing ceremony and I have to say well done to H and all involved in the Invictus Games #inspiring
β€œ@MelBish1: @philiparmstro Just a fab frock - thank you both 😘”By both I assume u mean me for paying him for itπŸ˜‰
Thank you to all who came to the last warm ups in Warrington and Stoke - really great nights with there own level of madness :-)
I have just received a message from @CheshDogsHome asking for any TA volunteers or anyone free to help load trucks etc in Grappenhall.
Great to see another weekend comedy club opening in Liverpool. @livcomedycellar is at the venue where I did my second ever gig! 😁top spot!
β€œ@neiladurrant: @JoeJoinson @JohnBishop100 Ha Ha no I was giving praise, of the highest degree.” It was much appreciated ☺️
β€œ@neiladurrant: @JohnBishop100 just watched Route Irish. Please do some more acting!” Waiting for the call πŸ˜‰
Thank you Guernsey and Jersey - two lovely gigs in two fine sports halls! Nice trip down memory lane as well 😊
β€œ@Chantillylace70: Thanks for a great evening @JohnBishop100” you two scared me!
In Guernsey outside the hamburger joint I worked in 29 (YES 29) years ago!!It's this place that made me a vegetarian😬
Just seen the trailer for the new film #OneNightInIstanbul Looks good fun. Out on 11th sept
End of a special weekend-thanks to all our family & friends who shared it with us and @Iconeventsltd for making it so
@JohnBishop100 hi john please could u give this amazing guy a RT he's running to every stadium in the PL
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#Hillsborough today: Ex South Yorkshire Police officer tells inquest his report was 'suppressed' & officers lied
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Just seen the trailer for the new film #OneNightInIstanbul Looks good fun. Out on 11th sept
So @JasonManford is a hero of mine for many reasons, but here is something great that he's written.…
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β€œ@JessieJ: Comedian of the year #GQAWARDS #JohnBishop I love him! So funny!” thanks -swore too much in speech πŸ˜™
β€œ@JaysonRigby: @jimmycarr @JohnBishop100 Sky sports deadline day - Dildo in the ear.” best move all day!
β€œ@BishTwittor: When people first meet me the first question I get is ... " is @JohnBishop100 your dad?" It would be awesome though” 😁!
@JohnBishop100 Pls RT:14 year old Alice is MISSING from London. If u RT, think of how many people will see it :)
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Exciting news! Some fantastic seats have just been released for @JohnBishop100's #Supersonic shows here in November:
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Probably not the best example for me & @JohnBishop100 to set at @Caft Fun Day, but he's had it coming for a while!
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Mario madness in our house - this is how the dog looked when I told her he was starting!
Sorry this video has been a pain to load but here is the final bit with the nominations…. It was in Edinburgh -v.cold.
@adamhillscomedy @JohnBishop100 heres the photo of Adam's trophy foot from a football match a few years ago
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Dear Scotland just to explain comments from @TheLastLeg 1. It was a joke. 2. It was a joke 3. It was a joke. I hope that clears it up πŸ˜ƒ
Angry with UEFA for not checking my tour dates before the CL draw - can't go to any LFC games so have withdrawn myself from selection 😫
Great to wake up to a rainbow - outside is obviously better than one in the bed 😜
Loved @BBCRadio2 today - great to finish work before you have breakfast - enjoy listening to the rest of the great guitar riffs today πŸŽΈπŸ˜€
#JFT96Xmas getting a mention on BBC Radio2 just now with @JohnBishop100 & @JonMorter - Straight after another Collective member...Mick Jones
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