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John Bishop
Mario madness in our house - this is how the dog looked when I told her he was starting!
Sorry this video has been a pain to load but here is the final bit with the nominations…. It was in Edinburgh -v.cold.
@adamhillscomedy @JohnBishop100 heres the photo of Adam's trophy foot from a football match a few years ago
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Dear Scotland just to explain comments from @TheLastLeg 1. It was a joke. 2. It was a joke 3. It was a joke. I hope that clears it up πŸ˜ƒ
Angry with UEFA for not checking my tour dates before the CL draw - can't go to any LFC games so have withdrawn myself from selection 😫
Great to wake up to a rainbow - outside is obviously better than one in the bed 😜
Loved @BBCRadio2 today - great to finish work before you have breakfast - enjoy listening to the rest of the great guitar riffs today πŸŽΈπŸ˜€
#JFT96Xmas getting a mention on BBC Radio2 just now with @JohnBishop100 & @JonMorter - Straight after another Collective member...Mick Jones
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Eating a breakfast of cake whilst presenting the breakfast show on @BBCRadio2 - yes that is my DJ shirt 😝
Here @JohnBishop100 check this out with @Carra23 n thanks for saying hello to me kid Jamie they loved the soccor camp
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A lovely day in Edinburgh.When I get out of the wind and the clouds pass it's nearly warm enough to take my hat off
β€œ@robacoll: @JohnBishop100 Really enjoyed the work in progress yesterday. Managed to get a nice pic.”no cameras ...😜
β€œ@BWaring99LFC: @JohnBishop100 saw this the other day” there is one of them in AustraliaπŸ˜‰
β€œ@ComedyUKNews: Based on his Work in Progress show, anyone with tickets to @JohnBishop100's tour is in for a treat!” Thanks
If your in Edinburgh on Wednesday night you won't find a better line up than this! Great gig and great cause…
β€œ@MelBish1: @JohnBishop100 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€” that is my place ... I have never wanted to be a dog so much 🐢
My Edinburgh run is sold out but I will be hosting a charity gig with an amazing line up - come if you can πŸ˜ƒ…M
I just purchased a woollen hat and a woollen scarf - welcome to Edinburgh in August 😬
Carpe Diem ...a lesson for us all
Very sad news about Robin Williams. RIP
Thank you for making the paperback no. 3 in the Sunday Times Bestseller list -but also love the job description! πŸƒπŸŽ¬
β€œ@vincehessey13: @JohnBishop100 John watched Route Irish it was a great film with powerful acting.” That's down to @Merseymouth !
Enjoyed chatting with @JohnBishop100 on @BBCRadio2 . If you'd like to know more about the #UnderTheAppleTree sessions follow @WBBCOfficial
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Lot of people asking what I played on @JohnBishop100 show today. Here u go. Just Brothers - Things Will Be Better
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Thank you to all the guests over the last 5 weeks and to everyone at @BBCRadio2 for letting me press the wrong buttons ! πŸ“» it's been fun 😊
Talking to @WhisperingBob about his perfect weekend - coolest man on radio - him not me 😊
Check out this pic of our Bobbie about to eat a cupcake (thanks @JohnBishop100) whilst reading the travel...
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Yes I am that bad at singing ☺️
Ha - nice surprise in my hotel room - turned tele on and saw me! The Elvis tour in BBC1 now - might watch to see what I remember 😊
I just received a package from a friend in Australia - thanks Goat it says it all πŸ˜‰
β€œ@flintoff11: Gym done ! Breakfast time” Nothing done. Breakfast time
β€œ@abc0urtney: @JohnBishop100 only on chapter 5 but I'm absolutely loving your book! 😍” thank you
@JohnBishop100 Please help Guide Dog Tess is missing #nairn #scotland 23/7 somebody must have her. Please help RT x
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It nice to be read in the sun - although I think resting in the legs just beats hanging over the speedos 😳!
Propaganda? Tragedy? Truth? When a scared child grows up it becomes and angry adult-both sides have a responsibility.
β€œ@lcairns86: Sunbathing with @JohnBishop100 today...” well all I can say the book cover looks happy