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John Bishop
@MelBish1: Shameful @isabelmarant !!!!” only beautiful animals and ugly people wear fur. Horrible advertising !!!
@laurencecliff: @JohnBishop100 didn't realise you did modelling for @CotswoldOutdoor” Ha that is spooky.
@jamesybullen: @JohnBishop100 👍” great to meet you and your dad - you would never have scored!!!
Thank you Plymouth for the second night - just keeps getting better 😀😀👍
The wait is over... @JohnBishop100 kicked off his 40 date Supersonic tour last night! Don't miss out:
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Massive well done to Unit 17er BRODIE who bagged a job filming with @JohnBishop100 #ProudOfYou #LittleStar 🌟�
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Why I love @LFC Each of Madrid’s substituted players applauded off by the home crowd @JohnBishop100
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@bradleyhessey: @JohnBishop100 What date are you shooting your DVD this year?” No DVD this year - doing a special record next year date tbc
Thank you Plymouth - a great first night and to be honest I couldn't think of anywhere else I would like to have been tonight ...😳
Due to my tour I can't make the game but my heart is there -this is my inflatable tour bed for sleeping before shows
My Supersonic tour starts today in Plymouth.😀Liverpool play Real Madrid at home 😫😫 Why don't UEFA check my tour dates before the draw 😖😖😂😂
Is there anything worse than watching the TV and being completely happy and then the smell of a dog fart reaches you?
@Taysbucket: @JohnBishop100 I found a stand in patron for the night! Looky likey hey?! 😀” good looking man👍
They say never meet your hero's. I just did and could not be happier 😀
Another night watching someone else work 😀
Great spending a night watching someone else work. Thanks @JakeBugg-will take the table tennis challenge next time!
Finally caught up with Driver on BBCiplayer - brilliant TV well done @davemorrissey64 next time I am late you can give me a lift...
Worst customer service ever #BritishGas !!!
@kevinbridges86: @uk_harty No problem mate. Thought @JohnBishop100 had popped down to see me!” He's a good looking man ...!
I am backstage @LimeTreeTheatre in Limerick and just had my pre-gig meal! Hope it's as good as Cork last night 😊
@patrickjhurley: @JohnBishop100 Looking for tickets for your Irish tour and saw this!! You've come so far!!” 😀😀
@MelBish1: @JohnBishop100 Morning 😊😝” this is what happens now I'm touring even he knows he shouldn't be in my bed😱
On the way to Cork - nice way to go to work ....thanks to @thejasonbyrne for paying 😀
Apparently you need to use this link and go through to Factual - 7th one I think 😊 ttp://
My Australian show has been nominated for a National Television Award in Factual. If you want to vote for it go to… 👍
Morning world ! This is the face of a man who has woken up and realised his arena tour starts next week 👍 #
This is still one of our favourite photos. @JohnBishop100 smoulders on our wall. I'll be sharing other photos soon.
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Had a nice mellow evening after the @PrideOfBritain awards. Didn't really bother with a drink.
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Thanks Ipswich 😀 on the train to London but will be back in Suffolk/Norfolk soon ....😉
Nice present from waiting at my Ipswich gig ... The knitted dog not the phone👍
In hotel drinking ahead of tonight's gig in Ipswich #rockandrolllife !!
6 hour drive to Lowestoft - now I know why I have never done a gig here before ! On stage on 3 minutes 👍
@eHarmonyUK: Hey @JohnBishop100 - our survey shows people in the UK love your accent!…” luv it
Bradford I love you ... Yes I just said that!! Bradford I love you and I look forward to coming back 😎
Teacher of the year Ray Coe at the Pride Of Britain - Inspirational man - 'Captain My Captain!'
Charlie 'Miss be ready to catch me' Miss Austin 'I will be ready to catch you' that is what teaching is all about #EducationTheEastEnd
Great gig after a late start. A great audience - thank you.Sat in beautiful B&B watching Educating The East End. Teachers really are special
At last on my way to the IOM - see you around 21.15 !
It's a long story which I will explain later but people coming to the Isle Of Man gig tonight I will be starting later than planned at 21.15
@Leah_5139: @JohnBishop100 Great show tonight @ The Wyvern!!!! Lil memory of Swindon!!!! #magicroundabout” exactly!
Swindon-super gig. Well done Paul! Sorry Mr doorman I had to rush so we missed the picture! I know this means nothing if you weren't there!