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I sat next to a congressman on a plane one time and he was pretty cool
Like one time I sat next to this weird guy who talked about how he played candy crush and went on about it for like 30 minutes
I hate airplanes cause I always sit next to the weirdest people
Sometimes I just throw all my money in the air and then dance under it
Our tv in our living room broke so now the tv that I bought is out of my room and in the living room
I ate kangaroo today
I can't really do one of those #oomf things because I hate all of my followers
My mom and Eminem are the same age... wtf?
I kinda want to get in a plane crash just to see what it would be like
When I call someone a fag or gay, usually I don't mean you like other men I just mean that you are stupid and retarded and really annoying
Only white people actually go bowling
If you have one of those phone clips that hooks your phone to your waist, I hate you
That movie was ass
I hate jellyfish!
I hate that kid maybe more than I hate anybody I have ever met
Justin Smith is annoying af
Since my grandma always wants to talk to people and stuff, I am going to make her get on omegle so she doesn't get so bored
A firework just landed on me... wtf
This is so awkward
Why does ash always have the gayest looking Pokemon
Yo it's raining so much here and I just want to run in it.
I get bored a lot
Why the hell do you want to do everything I do
All you dicks are annoying
I haven't done anything today like I feel like a fat lazy bitch
New Instagram video shit sucks. I liked vine and it was cool and shit but Instagram sucks
If the heat win I'm not watching espn for a month
I hate mike miller so much like cut your hair bitch
Forget you. I don't need you no more
Call me immature but I still love watching Cartoon Network
Yo thanks to Morganne I got to get up at 4:00
S/o to Morganne for speeding and reckless driving
Thanks to @emb2013 I didn't get to have dinner
Why you so obsessed with them? Ohohohoh
Harrison just got 94 kills on Black Ops and they didn't even count dat shit 😡
Now I have a bunch of bruises on my arms thanks to a couple of fatties
Fayetteville radio stations suck. It's all country shit.
I hate Alex Rodriguez sooo much. But I accidentally bought a poster of him for my room though.