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Johannes Lockwood
The #Data Center Era. Economies are no longer dependent on real estate instead they exist wherever data is managed.
#Innovation Excellence If You Want To Avoid Being Replaced By A Robot, Here’s What You Need To Know #future
Fact of the day: In 2050, 50 % of Africa’s population will be under 24 years old. source: Mo Ibrahim Foundation, November 2013 #Future
Why Altruism Will Be Crucial To The Rise Of A Driverless City #Future
Generation X & Y seek anonymity online. 55% of 14- to 34-year-olds would rather be anonymous than vocal online #trend
San Francisco Is the Front Line of Capitalism Reform, Begging the Question: Who Owns the City? #Future
The Future of Human-Machine Interaction: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It. #Future
IBM’s Watson Tackles The Tumor Genome, On The Way To Personalized Cancer Treatments #bigData
25 Years Later, The Verdict Is In: The World Wide Web Is A Good Thing. #Tech #Analysis
"Haute Teavertising": Tea time is rebranded from stuffy to hip for a new generation of brewers. #Trend
Alternative Indulgence: As foodie culture expands, connoisseurs opt for obscure drinkables #Trend
Relational Consumption - As fewer meals are eaten in groups, brands personify food to fill the void…
#TED Star Clay Shirky on the Fragmentation of the Social Web #trend #future
Gen Ys are looking to their grandparents’ gen for alternatives to another evening of overpriced cocktails. #Trend
Use Data to Tell the #Future: Understanding Machine Learning. #Innovation insights.
What Did We Learn in State of the #Future Report? World Future Society. The outlook for the next decade is positive
Tech Trends 2014: Deloitte’s fifth annual Technology #Trend report. #future
162 #future Jobs: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist by 2030 over 2 billion jobs will disappear. #trend
Sooner Than You Think, We Will Connect To The #Cloud Directly From Our Brains. Future nanobots in brains #evolution
YOLO Selfie FOMO Normcore Millennial vocabulary is constantly evolving taking influence from digital behaviors #trend
#BigData for #Healthcare: End of the Zombie Film Genre. No more Walking Dead or Contagion.
SETI Scientists Predict Alien Life Discovery Within 25 Years. World #Future #Society.
Tomorrow We Will Know More About the State of Our Future. World Future Society Millennium project #trend #future
Prisoners could serve 1,000 year sentence in eight hours. #Future #biotech is rapidly evolving. #ethics
Google says it can figure out when people are going to get sick. #bigData replacing old school science?