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Johannes Lockwood
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Millennials Don't Drive And They Aren't Likely To Start Anytime Soon. World changing ideas and innovation #generation
In The Near Future, Solar Will Be Spray Painted On Everything. #tech #future
Trend report: bye bye cash - The Future of Payments & Currency" #trend
#Trend - Hating hipsters make little sense. Spotting the cause instead of the effect - #gentrification, #capitalism
Where’s Google going next? It includes aerial bikeways and #internet balloons #future
'Sustainable Infancy' A desire for organic living prompts more rustic infant decor #Trend
'Mocking Affection' Panning love, consumers make fun of those that express feelings openly #Trend #Online
'Carnivore Pride' Diverging from the wave of vegetarianism calls for unabashed love of meat #Trend
Trends in TV content are varied. It’s not unusual to find ourselves looking up into space and 20 years into the past
Speed reading technologies and apps that allow users to more quickly process words on a screen are taking off. #Trend
What if we could re-engineer humans for the harsh environment of planets like Mars? #space #future
More Human Than Human. Technology is diminishing our humanity. #future #trend
Is God a Futurist? Who is God? and What is a futurist?
INTERNET OF CARING THINGS Why consumers will embrace connected objects with a mission: To actively care for them
"Celebrated Incarceration". Prison life enters marketing as demand for consumer rebellion rises. #Trend #Future
"Mainstream Gourmet". Lux cuisine is rebranded in unhealthy ways to satisfy cash-strapped foodies. #Trend
"Eco-nomical". Previously expensive eco alternatives get an affordable overhaul for the masses. #Trend
"Sophisticating Brew" As Gen Y strives to seem more sophisticated, so to does their drink of choice. #Trend
"Familial Selling" As families become more disconnected, brands respond with kin-based branding #Trend
Generation Z: Intelligence Group’s Gen Z Paints Portraits of Independent Rebel Kids with Purpose
Feminism out of #fashion? 84% of females fully support gender equality, yet only 39% consider themselves feminists.
What Gender Means To Generations Y & Z. Today’s younger generations express a preference for gender-neutral and unisex goods and experiences
Farm House 'agrihoods' are the next big community concept #trend #future
Futurists as Catalysts for Speeding Up the #Future - Interview with Sangeeth #Varghese
The #Data Center Era. Economies are no longer dependent on real estate instead they exist wherever data is managed.
#Innovation Excellence If You Want To Avoid Being Replaced By A Robot, Here’s What You Need To Know #future
Fact of the day: In 2050, 50 % of Africa’s population will be under 24 years old. source: Mo Ibrahim Foundation, November 2013 #Future
Why Altruism Will Be Crucial To The Rise Of A Driverless City #Future
Generation X & Y seek anonymity online. 55% of 14- to 34-year-olds would rather be anonymous than vocal online #trend
San Francisco Is the Front Line of Capitalism Reform, Begging the Question: Who Owns the City? #Future
The Future of Human-Machine Interaction: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It. #Future
IBM’s Watson Tackles The Tumor Genome, On The Way To Personalized Cancer Treatments #bigData
25 Years Later, The Verdict Is In: The World Wide Web Is A Good Thing. #Tech #Analysis
"Haute Teavertising": Tea time is rebranded from stuffy to hip for a new generation of brewers. #Trend
Alternative Indulgence: As foodie culture expands, connoisseurs opt for obscure drinkables #Trend
Relational Consumption - As fewer meals are eaten in groups, brands personify food to fill the void…
#TED Star Clay Shirky on the Fragmentation of the Social Web #trend #future
Gen Ys are looking to their grandparents’ gen for alternatives to another evening of overpriced cocktails. #Trend
Use Data to Tell the #Future: Understanding Machine Learning. #Innovation insights.
What Did We Learn in State of the #Future Report? World Future Society. The outlook for the next decade is positive
Tech Trends 2014: Deloitte’s fifth annual Technology #Trend report. #future
162 #future Jobs: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist by 2030 over 2 billion jobs will disappear. #trend
Sooner Than You Think, We Will Connect To The #Cloud Directly From Our Brains. Future nanobots in brains #evolution
YOLO Selfie FOMO Normcore Millennial vocabulary is constantly evolving taking influence from digital behaviors #trend
#BigData for #Healthcare: End of the Zombie Film Genre. No more Walking Dead or Contagion.
SETI Scientists Predict Alien Life Discovery Within 25 Years. World #Future #Society.
Tomorrow We Will Know More About the State of Our Future. World Future Society Millennium project #trend #future