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Joey Picano
Whats up dude cheers man!
Getting Lighting designer gigs , was a wicked show #nofilter #ivcf
Im quite transparent
The Bears Den at the #modclub wicked times
Sum up the last 5 years of you life in a thousand words or less #tbt miss the band days with @stefaanpalmer miss the skateboarding days and kind of miss the #shiplife
Daily work photos #cbc #film #television #lighting
So I just ate kangaroo #wverst
Smile, you are all beautiful
Woooo freedom reunion @lisa_nakajima ship buddies!
Making friends with randoms in Northyork hahahah
So this happened lastnight Dave Mac! #freedomoftheseas ship buddies. Land debochary @erikasarah_
Shipmates will get this one. Can't escape it even on land #PRG #kronos
Andrew and justin are my favorite
We'll friends, I made it.
Well that wasn't a good idea
Back at CBC feels like home #tv #lighting
This one time in Mexico,
Full #grandMa2 my god its beautiful, learning this guy
Guest who the new host of hockey night in canada is
More new toys came in today #lighting #jands #vista
Throw back thursday! Band days!! Miss it tons
My baby #roadhog #lighting #flyingpig
Puerto Rico here I come!
Country concerts with these awesome people
Twitter Twitter twitter
Reunited with these mofos
Goodbye texas you are a shit place
I miss her so much everyday
Lighting bands is fun
Way Better then pushing props around
Texas here I come, on to the next adventure
Freedom family miss you guys! @rukstaa @ksmecko @lisa_nakajima @oscarpe979 @erik_esoteric
You don't get much time with them but, you'll never forget them. @lisa_nakajima @ksmecko @erik_esoteric
Im going to Wisconsin :)
Younge and dundas station
Trip booked! Beyond excited!
Ive been having the time of my life with this girl #canada @ksmecko
In 4 days, I get to see my gorgeous girlfriend <3 :)!