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Joey Picano
Throw back thursday! Band days!! Miss it tons
My baby #roadhog #lighting #flyingpig
Puerto Rico here I come!
Country concerts with these awesome people
Twitter Twitter twitter
Reunited with these mofos
Goodbye texas you are a shit place
I miss her so much everyday
Lighting bands is fun
Way Better then pushing props around
Texas here I come, on to the next adventure
Freedom family miss you guys! @rukstaa @ksmecko @lisa_nakajima @oscarpe979 @erik_esoteric
You don't get much time with them but, you'll never forget them. @lisa_nakajima @ksmecko @erik_esoteric
Im going to Wisconsin :)
Younge and dundas station
Trip booked! Beyond excited!
Ive been having the time of my life with this girl #canada @ksmecko
In 4 days, I get to see my gorgeous girlfriend <3 :)!
on my 31st week, 1 more week come Sunday! hyped on comming home!
My kids are not going to believe the stories I have about my 20's, and I'm only 21
Woah I forgot about twitter
Life is a trip maaaan
hey twitter whats up
Aligator hunting in Murrrica
fellow Canadian icee skater
21st birthday +lastnight in Canada for 7 months!
home for the next 7 months
today my Mother went into labor with me..... my birthdays on Friday hahaha
okay, So I leave next Saturday
Are the most dangerous creatures the ones that use doors or the ones that don't?
the greatest trick the Devil pulled was convincing the world there was only one of him.
7 months working in Caribbean!! I leave on the 24th lets make plans
first sign.... the downward sprial has begun
I shook hands and kissed death today. non metaphoric Halloween this year.
so... the radiation has now hit the North American west coast...