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Joseph Barton
@Joey7Barton Thank you today。 I display it carefully if I return to Japan! I support you all the time!
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Watching West Ham v Liverpool with the little one. She's enjoying it... 😎
Delighted for Niko today. Great free-kick. Deserved point. Gutted to pick up an injury but hopefully its not too bad. Onwards and upwards
It was for Scottish people to make their choice. Unless you where Scottish with a vote, it was none of your beeswax...
When I found out it was a 'No' vote, I felt exactly the same as if it had been a 'Yes' vote. Couldn't give a monkeys TBH...
When I went to bed last night I thought Scotland would vote 'Yes'. Very surprised.
Europa League or Super League?
Follow me over on #Spotify This is my 'Motivation' playlist for this weekends match. Any tracks I should add on?…
Extra special mention for the shoes... #sizeof'em
Austin's gear today... 🙈🙈🙈
Best of luck to all the Jocks voting today... #FREEDOM
Just watched Pistorius: The Truth on BBC3. Makes a mockery of South Africa's justice system. How he got away with murder still baffles...
My pick for Champions League stars in the making: Coutinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain & Rakitic. Read my thoughts here:
Champions League's kicked off then. I fancy Coutinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Rakitic to light it up this year:
Heard the terrible news about @elgalgojonas Wish him a speedy recovery. Great guy with a great family. My thoughts are with them all x
We lost a great man and friend a year ago today. Gone but never forgotten. RIP
Know my name, know I mean it It’s not as bad as it seems And we try in our own way to get better Even if we’re alone...
Goshen'97 and Sterling particular favourites... #strandofoaks
On the way to Manchester listening to Strand of Oaks... #awesomeband
Spent a couple of hours with @henrywinter this week. We discussed numerous topics albeit very briefly. Enjoy.…
If ever a teams spirit and culture was epitomised it was that last 9 mins by the All Blacks. #awesome
Good contest this. All Blacks vs Springboks. McCaw #legend
England success the other night was all about the team ethic. Read my thoughts on the game :
St Helens so unlucky tonight. Valiant effort with 12 men for most of the game. James Roby inspirational. #superleague
Never been so happy to be proven wrong. A few thoughts on the Switzerland game:…
Pistorius got bail? I slapped up a couple of lippy teenagers and got 10 days on remand! He smoked his GF with a shotgun? Gets Bail?? #mental
Posh boy just tasted Tabasco for the 1st time. Polished his omelette and not shut up about it since...
Train playing Drops of Jupiter acoustic on @achrisevans wireless show this morro... #decent 👍
Some game this. Wigan v Warrington #superleague
Its her family I feel for. Had their daughter taken from them by an imbecile.
Again anybody who believes his crock of utter shite is a grade A moron. #Pistorius
Who has ever gotten up for a slash in middle of the night, and not only locked the door but taken their phone with them?
You only lock the door if there is a crazed, gun wielding, jealous, irrational, egotistical angry lunatic on the other side.
I mean who locks the toilet door when they go for a piss in the middle of the night in their own house?
Anybody who buys his version of events is simply a moron.
A jury in this country would have convicted OP of murder, without a shadow of doubt. He knew she was behind that door. No danger.
Literally got away with murder there... #Pistorius
Pistorius cannot get off with this. He definitely intended to kill her.
Find something you would die for. Then dedicated your life to it.
Leaders don't create followers. Leaders create more leaders.
Especially in winter...
They have the toughest group with Netherlands, Czech Rep and Turkey but they could be dark horses. Nobody will fancy them at their place.
Watched Iceland beat Turkey tonight. 3-0. Incredible performance for a nation of less than 350k. Great future.
Amazing how many experts on this twitter these days. How some of you lot haven't managed to play or manage at highest level is beyond me.