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Joseph Barton
Find something you would die for. Then dedicated your life to it.
Leaders don't create followers. Leaders create more leaders.
Especially in winter...
They have the toughest group with Netherlands, Czech Rep and Turkey but they could be dark horses. Nobody will fancy them at their place.
Watched Iceland beat Turkey tonight. 3-0. Incredible performance for a nation of less than 350k. Great future.
Amazing how many experts on this twitter these days. How some of you lot haven't managed to play or manage at highest level is beyond me.
England arguably could have won 4-0 tonight and the Swiss couldn't have felt aggrieved.
Clearly Rooney doesn't like playing with him and team functions better with selfless players in it. Like Welbeck/Delph/Henderson
I think Sturridge is a great individual player but until he gives more to the team collective his role should be as an impact player.
Now I'm not saying Sturridge wouldn't have finished it but he would have done at least 4000 step overs before passing like Lambert did...
Great ball Sterling. Selfless from Lambert. Finish from Welbeck.
Roy might get a decent nights kip once them knives get taken out of him tonight...
Solid TEAM performance from England tonight. Everyone played their part. Cahill, Sterling, Welbeck did great. Delph MOM after nervy start.
When did England hire beach barbie Ken figure to bring the subs on?
Brilliant Cahill...
England will be better with Shaw at LB. Walker at RB. Stones is a CB long term. Jones/Wilshere CDM
Delph done a lot better since he stopped going to ground...
As one was saying, 'One prefers Welbeck!' 😂#teamm
Deserved. Selfless team goal.
Can't miss chances like that at this level. Thats one great save and two decent opportunities spurned.
Not saying that Wilshere is having a great game. All I'm saying is thats the position he could be World Class in if given time.
Do people realise there is NO absolute truth in football?
England two great chances. Look more cohesive. Got to build on that 2nd half. Think thats Wilshere's best position. #conductor
Got to score that. Huge chance. Done all the hard work Welbeck!
DW should start. Run the legs off himself. DS off the bench when fit. Better chance of his individualism working when opp players tire.
Nailed on red here Delph. Take him off before its too late...
Prefer Welbeck to Sturridge. Although DS is a far talented individual. DW is much better team player.
Tense start by both teams. 14312 against the Swiss playing 1451. Might be worth changing Delph as all the Swiss play down his side.
Competition. There's still plenty of time to win a pair of Nike Tiempo Legend's…
Further thoughts on why English football is insane and we'll lose to Switzerland - exclusive for @EurosportCom_EN
@Joey7Barton unfortunately Joseph, far too many have been drinking at the FA trough for years to want and effect change
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Does Roy understand England is a nation that adores the gallant loser...
The irony of those people questioning my opinion based on the number of England caps I have, must be lost on them.
Until this happens. Until something radical is done. It is absolute lunacy to expect a different outcome.
The dinosaurs that control power within the FA have never got this. Will never get it. And must be removed before the patient can recover.
Its about building an environment/culture around the players (at all age groups) in which collective success can flourish.
Squeezing a spot, at this stage won't save the patient.
No point sacking Hodgson. Team England has a terminal illness coursing through its vital organs.
You either are a winner or you are not...
Terrible goal to give away. That for me was a red card...
Absolutely deserved. Germany 1 Scotland 1...
Trying to catch the hurling but might have to be Sky+... 😂
Thanks for turning out for a great cause. Honoured to share the pitch with so many legends. #MaestRio @celticfc
Scholes has his orders. You do the running, i'll do the football... #MaestRio
Ticket office opens at 10am until KO at 2pm. Pay at the gate from 1230 at the Lisbon Lions stand. £10 (adults) & £5 (kids)
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Can't wait to play at Paradise today... #HH #boyhooddreamscometrue
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