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Joseph Barton
These are the times that try men's souls. Thomas Paine
Funny how the very people who come here to try and offend me and make me react, end up going away 100's of times more angry than they came.
My timeline is inundated with moronic comments from imbeciles today. Its a relatively simple concept you don't like someone, click unfollow.
Now thats crystal clear. We can all move forward and live peacefully. Have a glorious day my subjects.
When I want your feedback/input I will ask for it. If I am making a statement or observation, just accept it.
Now thats settled. Realise that this is a dictatorship and not a democracy. What I say here is the law. Its not to be questioned, ever!
Some performance from @anthonyfjoshua Can't see anyone who can stop him. Love to see him and @DavidPrice_1 #throwingbombs 👊👊👊
Looking forward to the boxing tonight. Mighty fine beards on show from @DavidPrice_1 and Glenn McCory... 👊
All those saying I'm defending him are as usual, completely and utterly wrong. They have taken something I said and twisted my words.
Its taken away from what is a great achievement by @StHelensRLFC and ruined what would have been an epic matchup.
The second is totally and utterly out of order. Can't hit someone out cold. His only defence can be he never knew he was out cold.
I'm not defending Ben Flower at all. Just saying he did cop a beauty of an elbow right in the mush just before he threw the 1st dig.
Sending off made all the difference. Monumental effort from Wigan in circumstances. Well done to Saints. #Champions #SuperLeague
I'm not sure why they didn't just sort it over a gingerbread latte and a philosophy discussion like I would have advocated... #SuperLeague
He's killed his team here though. Wigan up against it for 2nd half now. Should have sorted it in changing room afterwards.
In my eyes if you go round throwing digs and you get put a sleep, you get minimal sympathy. Its not draughts after all. #SuperLeague
Actually feel a bit sorry for Ben Flower. Lance started it with his elbow. Superb 1st dig from Flower. 2nd when he's KO'd is out of order.
Madness from Flower. Imagine that happened in football... #SuperLeagueGrandFinal
Super League Grand Final. Saints v Wigan. #comeonsaints
@Joey7Barton As a footballer, if you listen & share one thing today, let it be my dad's story #JeffAstle #football
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Hillsborough Inquest has heard Insp Sykes of South Yorkshire police accept that stories police told for 'The Sun' "The Truth" were false.
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With the release of all these autobiographies, I can't help but think of Thomas Paine. 'Character is much easier kept than recovered.'
Listening to @mrdanwalker on @bbc5live drug laws need reviewing. 'War on drugs' clearly not working. Regulation and control needed.
Football is comparatively in the dark ages. The spike in performance would be incredible if even a fraction of their thinking was applied.
Just spent the last 45 minutes listening to @matthewsyed @Ajaz and Sir Dave Brailsford discussing elite performance. Fascinating.
Off to #Leaders14 at Stamford Bridge today. Open mind. Open ears. Should be a lot to pick up. Some great speakers this year.
These England cricketers have really begun to draw knives on each other. Wonder who'll win? 💰👀
A society grows great when old men plant trees they will never see...
Great finish from Yaya Toure. How good has David Silva been tonight? #exceptional
Now whether thats tactics, mental strength, discipline, I'm not sure. All I do know is results say their coming up short. @BBCSport
The current side are a very good side but their record against other top clubs in league games recently is very poor.
What I said about Arsenal taken out of context. I believe the current side lack spine and character when compared to the Invincibles team.
Thoroughly enjoyed my 2hrs with @markchapman @AndyDunn_SM and Dean Saunders on @bbc5live this evening. Thanks for having me and tuning in.
Wengar has never won a league match against Jose Mourinho. Do you agree that Jose has him 'on toast' mentally? #bbc5live
Any questions? Join us on @bbc5live
On @bbc5live tonight from 7-9PM talking all things football with @markchapman
Received a kind literary gift in the post this morning. Merci @mrdanwalker #thronkersaurus
Looking to recruit full time academy physiotherapist if interested please contact @ASFCyouth Please RT@Joey7Barton 👍
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Finally watched @TheNotoriousMMA fight with @DustinPoirier Talks the talk. Walks the walk. #champinwaiting @ufc #boxoffice
Great response to #rainbowlaces this year. A few thoughts and some Stonewall stats here
Incidentally he's the keeper I scored a corner against in the Europa League a couple of years ago. FYI
Marc-Andre ter Stegen looked a little suspect in goal for Barca. Surprised they signed him TBH.
David Luiz rebuilds some of the credibility he lost during the World Cup tonight. Pastore also looks to have turned a corner. #PSGBarca
70% of fans have heard anti-gay abuse at matches. Time to kick out the bigots? #rainbowlaces