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Jo Elvin
@jo_elvin Please can you help by donating and retweeting to help me a secnd hand disabled scooter please thanks
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Two showers later, still sweating chlorine. #holidayproblems
Got to say, so impressed with @MartinhalResort. So beautifully done, well organised, great food, every age catered for. #happyhalfterm
My daughter's just run into one of her teachers on our holiday. 😂
I can't even be bothered to spell holiday properly. #holdypobems
It is proving so hard to get out of bed this morning to be in time for my massage. #holdypobems
Just landed in Portugal. Statues just outside the airport. And it's 28 degrees!
No but they’ll hand you a towel if you ask them nicely
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No, you literally CAN make this stuff up. In fact you have to.
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It won't happen again. #marriage
Daughter so traumatised by catching me and her dad kissing, says if it happens again she'll call the police.
Ok, football question... Why does the manger get all the blame for the players not winning? #dontshootme
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And the screaming hissy-fitters are of both sexes, for the avoidance of doubt. #TheAppentice
Daughter watching The Apprentice on catch-up, I feel compelled to reassure her that most offices are not full of screaming hissy-fitters.
So I just accidentally swallowed a load of sinex. I don't recommend that. Not one little bit.
Yesterday I have the pleasure of meeting you and today this arrives @MarianKeyes Just in time for my holiday! X
Excited about the Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell Gogglebox special? You will be once you see this picture:
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The Vintage Lanvin dress of my dreams from @hotpatooties. Extra snogs for you next time I see you. 😍
After this morning's enquiries and research my Facebook page is now smothered in sinus rinse ads. I'm part of a sexy demographic now.
Meatballs. Because they really do help a bad mood.
Thanks, Twitter friends, I am off to buy every sinus drug in London. Loads I haven't tried! x
I went to the most fun lunch of the year yesterday for @salihughes and couldn't drink any of my share of wine. I am living a nightmare!
Fellow sinus pain sufferers in hell - what works for you? I'm steaming, salining, clean living, behaving. It's not working.
Will donate to unicef at @Jemima_Khan but no one should suffer my morning face @tim_weeks ! X
The likeness is uncanny. Well, the holding the glass bit.
Kanye West as he enters the Mortal Kombat tournament.
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Mum wants to hear & ruin your Christmas plans… "Mother keen to find out, so she can overrule it" via @thedailymash
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Never had a dress named after me before. Is this what it feels like when sexy boys write you a song @hotpatooties…
Check my mate's gorgeous new clothing line and website! #bitproud
Travel trouble for the third day this week. Thanks for the complete lack of info at Herne Hill again @Se_Railway. Thank god for Twitter.
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A little idea @Se_Railway - tell people before they're on the train that it's not going where they thought it would. #cheers
You may well have seen this, but what if you haven't? I'm just not prepared to take that chance.…
I'm slightly on delay but Steven needs his own show. #TheApprentice
It must be rare that furious running actually solves many business problems? #TheApprentice
There is no one at Glamour to discuss last night's Walking Dead with. I might have to work somewhere else, seriously.
Glamour readers: Who reads horoscopes? Genuinely interested.
Love that my company gives me a flu shot every year. Yes, yes, capitalist conspiracy to keep me working blah blah. Works for me.
'Our friends used to come round. But they're dead now.' #TheKitchen
I am glad she's having a nice day off but I also miss having @Lindsayfrankel in the office. #needyeditor
I need to work out how to be best friends with Taylor Swift ❤️❤️
Need confirmation that @Lindsayfrankel is still alive? She threatened to die running the half marathon today. That would be annoying.
Um "Amy_Abrahams: @jo_elvin Thank you! @Lindsayfrankel has jelly babies, so hopefully we shall make it through OK!” #royalparkshalf
@jo_elvin WOW I am NORMAL....Is the reaction we are hearing.… - Please share & like on the Huff site
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