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Joel McHale
comediancomedy 3,488,415 followers
There will be tears in my Yardmarg at Skeepers tonight.---, Love, Tinkle-Town. RT @YNB: Thanks for the years of laughs & love.
Ya-huh! RT @mradamscott: Want to see Joel look like a dummy in front of @MarshallTuck @daxshepard1 @IMKristenBell ?
CA schools rank 45th-better than 2955 other states right? @IMKristenBell @daxshepard1 @mradamscott Vote @MarshallTuck
Who coming!? Who's bringing the cheesesteak?! Local IPA?! RT @HeliumComedy: ADDED! @joelmchale Oct. 9th
Want to attend @TheSoup LIVE broadcast this Wed AND see a pic of my dog? Great. Email4tix:
Why not pass the time w/this?--Here's a joke I told at a corporate gig last week. The joke stars dreamy @arnettwill
What about all the Slayers he killed on Krull?! RT @BuzzFeed: Everyone Liam Neeson ever killed
.@Seahawks, Congrats on winning your bye week! Incredible! @DangeRussWilson @RSherman_25 #GoSeahawks #ByeWeekWin !!!
I visualize old men all the time RT @scottderrickson: Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.-prophet Joel not Joel
Whoever used the urinal before me was either very nervous or blindfolded or nervous & blindfolded. #IndiscriminateSpray
(menacing)We shall meet again! RT @UW_Football: The #Huskies come up just short to the Cardinal. 20-13. #UWGameday
Come to think of it, I've never used the word "stoked" except in reference to fire-tending. #important
It was a pleasure to stand in front of the green abyss with you. You killed it. RT @Lil_Henstridge: @TheSoup
.@AgentsofSHIELD's @Lil_Henstridge & I made a promo. We hope it gets you to watch tonight's LIVE @TheSoup10pmEast E!
The easy-on-the-eyes @Lil_Henstridge from @AgentsofSHIELD will make funny time on @TheSoup tonight LIVE. 10pmEastern E!. LIVE I say.
Who'd like to join us for @TheSoup LIVE BROADCAST tonight in LA!? There will be chairs! Arrive 6:15 Email: #Chairs
My friends Matt Olsen & @ben_weber made a series. It's 18 one minutes eps called "I F'ED UP ROYAL @IFUR_Carl Watch!
"Sucktastic" or "Craptastic"? (I'm helping a friend with her PhD defense)
You were right @jimmykimmel. I might move to Phoenix just to be closer to @PizzeriaBianco. The best #LobsterMushrooms
Time to put the Washington/Colorado legal water-bongs down & play some football. @Seahawks beat the Broncos!!! @rainnwilson @garretdillahunt
Sorry. @randyjackson8 & @conniebritton wouldn't let me. RT @missmayim: Joel, please don't leave me out of future tweets, man. i'm here for u
#WarrenLives RT @sutterink: Had fun on @TheSoup dishing out "spoilers" w/@KateySagal a few years ago. Thx Joel. #TBT…
Both @perlmutations & I think @kingsthings is juicing. @TheSoup LIVE tonight. 10/9E! LIVE
My @BALLY_SWISS & Buck Rogers collaboration boots arrived. "To Infinity & Beyond!"(correct reference) @AdamMcCollum
Watch as I journey to Toronto, shoot some @PurityVodka, and drink a bulletproof suit. Yep, that sounds about right.
Also on tonight's @TheSoup---The unstoppable @kingsthings will join. We're going to bronze his suspenders---LIVE. Tonight 10/9pmE!
The legendary @perlmutations Ron Perlman will grace the converted-lobby/soundstage 4 tomorrow's LIVE @TheSoup 10pmE!
Me too please. I get worried when they drink. RT @AndrewGenser: Cool. Keep me in the loop. #MissAmerica
I 27,476,452nd this. @Seahawks RT @jennihogan: It's game day!!!!!!!!! #GoHawks
For a moment I thought I had misspelled "condiment" in my tweet & braced for the correction S-storm. RT @kenjeong: @BorgataAC #condimentswag
Thanks for the shows & condiments RT @BorgataAC: Joel, getting his thoughts together b4 he hits #TheMusicBox stage.
See you tomorrow at the @BorgataAC. If you're coming would one of you please bring me a cheesesteak? Tix here!
Here's me & @ADAMDEVINE pretending. It's a video promo for tonight's LIVE @TheSoup 10/9pmE! #MarriedtoJonas
Tonite's LIVE @TheSoup, @ADAMDEVINE reprises his role as @ADAMDEVINE. It's like Harrison Ford returning to Star Wars or Regarding Henry 10pm
Watch Steven Soderbergh(@Bitchuation)'s produced Amazon pilot #RedOaks. For it to become a series they need you:
Trying out the Replicator on the new iPhone 6. I had to say "Tea, Earl Grey, hot" twice before it worked. User error most likely. #AppleLive
Gern geschehen RT @sutterink: @adamlevine @ashleytisdale Joel @edsheeran Plz remind yer 4 billion followers #SOAFX premiers tom 10pm. Danka
It's a talkie! Go see it! RT @nicklenko: Q&A w/cast of Adult Beginners #TIFF premiere! @nickkroll @bobbycannavale
I flew to Canada, enjoyed some @PurityVodka & shot a bulletproof suit. & I JUST realized why they revoked my passport
This combo is like chicken & waffles RT @PurityVodka: I discover bulletproof suits, & vodka. #AStatementofTaste
Who's coming to the @BorgataAC this Saturday? I'll bring a half-rack. Tix here!