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Joel McHale
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Cool. Thanks on the "gala" pronunciation. Now what's the difference between "gray" and "grey"?
Is gala pronounced "gala"? Or "gala"?
I hope all your made-up professional football teams that you have to manage daily on your computer won this week. #MadeUpTeamWINS
otsukare-sama deshita! RT @simonpegg: Photoset: cmgmmemo:『ワールズ・エンド』BD発売までカウントダウンをしました。 コルネットトリロジーセットもようやく日本で発売!嬉しい
Great time at @CanonUSApro#CitySenses event. Stop by Axis Pioneer Square today from 4-8. Skip work - tell your boss that Joel said it’s ok
In addition to HBO, CBS, & @YahooScreen I too will be announcing my own streaming service. It'll come after my 2nd cup of coffee tomorrow.
I'm hosting the @CanonUSApro#CitySenses event in #Seattle tonight. See my “man who forgot to remove lens cap” pics on a PIXMA PRO Printer
Hey look---it's me, @BWilliams, and apparently---The Lord.
Tonight I debut my printed photos at @CanonUSApro #CitySenses gallery. Hope you like close-ups of all the cupcakes I’ve recently eaten
On @KING5Seattle this morning to talk #Seattle inspiring me as photographer (pics of coffee, flannel, puddles, etc)@CanonUSApro#CitySenses
Congrats @ActuallyNPH on hosting those Heineken ads! Oh, and the Oscars
America---If you hate laughing then don't watch because @robcorddry is on @TheSoup Tonight LIVE 10/7pm. #LIVE #ROBCORDDRY #LIVEROBCORDDRY
Heading to #Seattle to host the @CanonUSApro #CitySenses event. I hope this camera has a “Constantly Overcast & Drizzling” setting.
Kick ass tonight @KenMarino & @caseyrosewilson! Watch them in #MarryMe please
Something I think is important or funny.
Alright @RichardAyoade, take me on your Odyssey. I don't need drugs do I?
Want to see @TheSoup LIVE this Wed. with the nougat filled @robcorddry? Email here: (there will be human sacrifice)
Dear local TV news, I saw an early "Black Friday" report this morning--keep this up & there'll be no end to the lengths I'll go to stop you
Close. @kenjeong will have to stretch out before. RT @Disastromatic: Chang Mode
.@Seahawks! 2nd half! If only there's was some sort of "mode" I could reference that would trigger a kind of scary monster. Any ideas?
There's no sides on a ball but nice win! RT @UW_Football: Huskies Click On All Sides Of The Ball In Win @UWAthletics
Thx for last night U of Delaware! See you tonight U of Maryland @SEE_UMD. Lets see who's louder. Get 4tix #SEEhcs2014
Hey local radio stations. If you put an "R" in front of "October" & add a "k", you get "Rocktober". Never been done. Feel free to use that.
RT @kevin_nealon: My girlfriend in the 80’s & friend forever. God, were you talented. Too soon & too sad #JanHooks
We're setting up the pyrotechnics now RT @UMDHomecoming: Buy tix for #SEEhcs2014 feat Joel! @SEE_UMD #UMDHomecoming
I've already lost my patience for the number of times I've heard or seen the words "pumpkin-spice".
Here's a promo for tonight's LIVE @TheSoup w/@MartinStarr @gracehelbig and knives @Coldsteelknives. E! 10pm eastern
.@gracehelbig AND @MartinStarr LIVE @TheSoup tonight 10pmE! eastern. It's more exciting than SPORTS! IT'S LIVE #CAPITALIZATIONMEANSYELLING
Last night one of the cooler things in my life happened. I made tribute/roasted---legendary #RobertDeNiro @friarsclub
"ICYMI". No I didn't. And your tone always seems passive aggressive.
Do u like @gracehelbig & @MartinStarr? Good. Come see them on @TheSoup LIVE broadcast tomorrow night. Audience tix:
.@Seahawks, I have an extra thigh-pad if anybody needs one tonight. It smells like old cereal but it'll do the job. #MNF #SeahawksWillWin
I'm at an outdoor wedding in Palm Springs. Would you give this letter to my mother in case...just in case
.@kingsthings, you're on your phone more than a 14yr old girl. Be courtesy--look down in your lap & text. #Dodgers
Let it build. Don't be tempted to skip to the end.…
You were the @ClaytonKersh22 of comedy tonight. Thank you RT @wendimclendonco: Had a great time tonight on @TheSoup! "Come on, Pharrell!"
Here's @wendimclendonco & I discussing E! on-air talent right before @TheSoup LIVE 10 eastern 7 pacific.
One of the better people on the planet-- @wendimclendonco will join us for our LIVE @TheSoup tonight. She's as funny as funny gets. 10/7E!
Breaking news: @RobRiggle's head has exploded. #RoyalsWin #RoyalsWin
There will be tears in my Yardmarg at Skeepers tonight.---, Love, Tinkle-Town. RT @YNB: Thanks for the years of laughs & love.
Ya-huh! RT @mradamscott: Want to see Joel look like a dummy in front of @MarshallTuck @daxshepard1 @IMKristenBell ?
CA schools rank 45th-better than 2955 other states right? @IMKristenBell @daxshepard1 @mradamscott Vote @MarshallTuck
Who coming!? Who's bringing the cheesesteak?! Local IPA?! RT @HeliumComedy: ADDED! @joelmchale Oct. 9th
Want to attend @TheSoup LIVE broadcast this Wed AND see a pic of my dog? Great. Email4tix:
Why not pass the time w/this?--Here's a joke I told at a corporate gig last week. The joke stars dreamy @arnettwill