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Joel McHale
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Sweet. I'll tell the dir @scottderrickson the good news RT @J_Bird83: @EricBana67 & Joel can inspect my creepy basement #DeliverUsFromEvil
For Halloween I'm going as "That Guy Who Asks Every Woman If They're Pregnant".
Everybody to Hugh's house! He's passing out dogs for Halloween! RT @RealHughJackman: Trick or Treat! #happyhalloween
We Could be Roped Up, Tied Up, Dead In a Year, so it's ok RT @BlondeWithCats_: @Jeopardy No one knew it was Community
As I've always said, there needs to be more cranial protection at weddings:…
Bless you RT @Omundson: @TheSoup "We'll, you can't piss in somebody's face and not kill 'em." is my new daily affirmation. Thx Joel
Here's how @TheSoup should have ended tonight(We ran out of time due to a hard to get reservation at Claim Jumper):
Both? RT @M2Oskie: @joelmchale @TheSoup "LIVE 7:00East10pmWest" ? Am I confused or is this a test?
We have clips from #PhilosophyBeauty & #EdgeofAlaska that will TEAR YOUR SOUL APART(it's possible). @TheSoup 7east10west E! live tonight.
There's nothing else on tv 2nite. Especially not the nail biting game 7 of The World Series. So watch the @TheSoup LIVE 7:00East10pmWest E!
Can I start a dressing room for you?
3000 states RT @daxshepard1: Me, @IMKristenBell, Joel @mradamscott get into this year's CA Superintendent race
Now that you've seen the clip-TWEET a joke back 2 me & @TheSoup & we'll use the best one on the show! LIVE Wed night!
Like a drug dealer who's new town, the 1st dose is free. See the rest on @TheSoup LIVE this Wednesday 10pmEast/7West
Email: if you'd like to join me, a green curtain, & @JasonKennedy1's lingering scent for @TheSoup LIVE-Wed. night
What do you think we did to her? RT @violincatherine: @danharmon, Joel Thx for taking care of Danielle from Liverpool
.@lewkay ladies and gentlemen.
.@Seahawks win AND they have the neatest uniforms. It's a great day to be alive!
Let's do this @Seahawks! Score more points than the other football team!!!! #SeahawksScoreMorePoints
I can't wait. I'm going trick-or-treating tonight. By myself. Probably head out around 10pm. Any costume ideas?
Here's one of the startling revelations you'll see on 2nite's encore LIVE @TheSoup FEATURING @RealTenaciousD! 10pmE!
We hope to see you again RT @ChadLindberg: Thank you for "Stalking" me Joel. Honor to be on @TheSoup… #GhostStalkers
Yes that too. Cheerio Gov'na! A'ight? RT @Amit_Mandalia: @joelmchale @TheSoup @RealTenaciousD or if you’re in the UK, tonight 10.30pm on E!
If u missed Weds @TheSoup or you're quarantined like Tori Spelling watch 2nite 10 East/7 West E! w/@RealTenaciousD!!!
I'm @IAmCattSadler RT @TheSoup: From last night's #TheSoup: Joel & @RealTenaciousD report wild rumors, E! News style.…
And now here's a teaser promoting @RealTenaciousD appearance on @TheSoup LIVE EP E!! @Coldsteelknives
And now here's a teaser promoting @RealTenaciousD appearance on @TheSoup LIVE EP HAPPening in 11 minutes!!!!! E!!
Any questions U'd like me 2ask @RealTenaciousD B4 they're LIVE on @TheSoup 2nite? Examples: "Where's my pants?", "Does this smell infected?"
The Tenacious D part is true RT @Genosworld: Tonight @TheSoup---@RealTenaciousD & cover the entire @yesofficial catalog live on air. LIVE
Cool. Thanks on the "gala" pronunciation. Now what's the difference between "gray" and "grey"?
Is gala pronounced "gala"? Or "gala"?
I hope all your made-up professional football teams that you have to manage daily on your computer won this week. #MadeUpTeamWINS
otsukare-sama deshita! RT @simonpegg: Photoset: cmgmmemo:『ワールズ・エンド』BD発売までカウントダウンをしました。 コルネットトリロジーセットもようやく日本で発売!嬉しい
Great time at @CanonUSApro#CitySenses event. Stop by Axis Pioneer Square today from 4-8. Skip work - tell your boss that Joel said it’s ok
In addition to HBO, CBS, & @YahooScreen I too will be announcing my own streaming service. It'll come after my 2nd cup of coffee tomorrow.
I'm hosting the @CanonUSApro#CitySenses event in #Seattle tonight. See my “man who forgot to remove lens cap” pics on a PIXMA PRO Printer
Hey look---it's me, @BWilliams, and apparently---The Lord.
Tonight I debut my printed photos at @CanonUSApro #CitySenses gallery. Hope you like close-ups of all the cupcakes I’ve recently eaten
On @KING5Seattle this morning to talk #Seattle inspiring me as photographer (pics of coffee, flannel, puddles, etc)@CanonUSApro#CitySenses
Congrats @ActuallyNPH on hosting those Heineken ads! Oh, and the Oscars
America---If you hate laughing then don't watch because @robcorddry is on @TheSoup Tonight LIVE 10/7pm. #LIVE #ROBCORDDRY #LIVEROBCORDDRY
Heading to #Seattle to host the @CanonUSApro #CitySenses event. I hope this camera has a “Constantly Overcast & Drizzling” setting.
Kick ass tonight @KenMarino & @caseyrosewilson! Watch them in #MarryMe please
Something I think is important or funny.
Alright @RichardAyoade, take me on your Odyssey. I don't need drugs do I?