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Joel McHale
comediancomedy 3,471,493 followers
My skateboarding lesson from @tonyhawk is not going well.
Thank you @reddit. Whether this is real or not it made my day.
Dirty tweet on its way. Prepare your eye sanitizer.
.@scottderrickson & I are looking at your manual now. RT @yost: Joel, now you just need some demons to kill.
This hurts way more than it looks RT @Coldsteelknives: Had a blast w/Joel @TheSoup last night, he knows his swords!
.@SethGreen's Ray Liotta/Henry Hill impression is impeccable RT @Genosworld: Least Credible Eye Witness Ever @TheSoup
I feel like @MileyCyrus @wizkhalifa & @KellyOsbourne are all being pretty critical of my photo hand..including myself
Tonight's LIVE @TheSoup 10pmE! we have the INCREDIBLE @paddywarbucks & AMAZING @SethGreen! @daxshepard1 will not be appearing.
It was on honor to get my ass kicked by Bail Organa. RT @sutterink: I’d call it even, I don’t think Nero will, though
Like me, you'll always have your doctorate in neuroscience to fall back on RT @missmayim: @billyeichner-best part--next to my loss of course
I one millionth this RT @ActuallyNPH: Congrats to @sethmeyers for his quintessential hostability Emmy Awards. Classy, hilarious. Well done
1st hope fulfilled RT @jonahray: Attempt at a retort in hopes to get a retweet but in the end is a horrible tag to your original observation
I retweeted a non celebrity in hopes it makes me look relatable & gains me followers RT @JoshIsNotAmused: Look at my retweet of a celebrity
Kick ass tonight @sethmeyers...literally. I dare you to take a swing at @jessetyler on stage. #Emmys2014 @TelevisionAcad
Humorous observation.
So true & yet my ankles yearn 2bFree RT @rickygervais: Joel as witness, I'd like to point out that it was @arnettwill who was sockless not I
This is part of the mixed media portion of the @arnettwill art exposition in Williamsburg. RT @rickygervais:
JL speaks perfectly 4 me RT @jlmassimino: @TitusNation wrong word. U do look like you've seen 'more stuff.' Joel's brother w/the motorcycle
.@edgarwright @simonpegg @nickjfrost I'm enjoying our weekend drive very much. Maybe some lunch...SWAN!! #HotFuzzSWAN
Hey PA/NJ/NY & other abbreviations - I'm returning to @BorgataAC Atlantic City Sat 9/13 --2 shows! Get Tix here!:
Watch for @KariByron,@ToryBelleci's #MythBusters Easter egg on tonight's @TheSoup LIVE & by writing this it makes it no longer an Easter egg
We also have the comedy stylings of @MatthewLillard & @brettgelman on LIVE @TheSoup +800k worth of pyro-technics.
I'm using Hermione Granger's Time-Turner 2nite as I'll be hosting @TheSoup LIVE & appearing on @chelseahandler's @chelsealately 10&11pmE!
A dream come true to meet @Bourdain. He's telling me his secret recipe for cream of mushroom chicken casserole.
Seattle! If you want to see @brooksmcbeth(tape his tv special) & me on stage---it's this Thursday at The Triple Door!
Only two of us melted. RT @TelevisionAcad: Nominees, The team from @TheSoup, on the #EmmysArts red carpet!
Thanks @Zegna for the tuxedo I'm wearing at the #CeativeArtsEmmys. Do you guys make a black tie bib? I hear we're having ribs after the show
And I shot a 98 at Chambers Bay in Tacoma! RT @Mariners: Seattle! Since Wed: @Seahawks win 41-14, @SoundersFC win 6-0, #Mariners win 2x(9-2)
Here's the photo we showed at the end of @TheSoup last night for our tribute to @robinwilliams. We miss you Robin.
Tonight @TheSoup is LIVE! w/@katemicucci @rikilindhome & @richeisen. That's right, it's the trio that is @garfunkeloates! #LIVESOUP 10/9pmE!
& it's air conditioned! RT @brooksmcbeth: a few tickets left to see myself & Joel--Triple Door, Seattle, Aug. 21st!!
Tim! Please join us! Bring a baby grand piano if you can RT @timminchin: Joel @katemicucci @rikilindhome Give each other hugs from me
Want to @TheSoup LIVE TOMORROW w/@richeisen of ball-sports & @katemicucci & @rikilindhome of @garfunkeloates? Email
RIP @robinwilliams You were one of the very best that ever was. You were one of my heroes. #RobinWilliams
The film will "Do Harm" to sagging box office in the near future RT @drkellyparsons: DOING HARM film rights optioned!
It's going to be a good night(if I can find some taps). Thx @GeorgetownBeer ! #MannysPaleAle #LucilleIPA #Seattle
"Not to beat a dead horse...", "In a perfect world...", "All things being equal...", and any variation of the word "honest" @birbigs
For me, it's when people say, "I'm just saying..." RT @birbigs: I stop listening when people say "I'd like to think..."