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Joell Ortiz
rap rappers entertainment 229,079 followers
Everyone have a blessed Palm Sunday. It's BEAUTIFUL out !!!
@JoeBudden: Bout to go to the basketball court & act like I still got it.” How's that court working out for you? Need ya bro to pass by???
Please don't confuse me with them. I'm not them. I'm me. #Yaowa
This is a "try to beat everyone to the Carwash" kinda Saturday morning.
I'm bout to have my slippers on they desk like what up.... #HouseSlippers
Nicest day of the year so far. My opinion
Sup Twitter, how y'all feeling today???
#Throbackslang has been fun y'all!!! Headed to the studio... This may turn into a skit on my new album, #HouseSlippers !!! Aight, 1" Lmao
@I_AM_SO_ILL: @JoellOrtiz got another one for ya. You saw how money grip grilled him?!!!” I used "money grip" when I was "HEATED"!!! Lol
How much of this #Throbackslang do y'all still use?!?!?! I can't "STUNT", I use "MAD" of this!!!
@I_AM_SO_ILL: “@JoellOrtiz: “or floatin'” Whoaaaaa!!! Yo, he "floated" on him is CLASSIC!!! Lol
@SupaSwan: @JoellOrtiz #Throwbackslang" he was BOOKIN cuz HOMEBOY pulled a JAMMY out on him” Uh huh!!!
@BROMAR_93: @JoellOrtiz yo son he'll bust a "cap" on you” Yes man!!! A "cap" was dangerous in my projects!! Lol
@DarronAllDay: I ain't even gonna "wet" that son. RT @JoellOrtiz: #Throbackslang it's cool, don't even "sweat" that !!!” The abbreviation!
@MrMadness: @JoellOrtiz When cats used to be like: "Yo shorty had the ONLY ass!" #throwbackslang” WORD!!! "Only" had a runnnnn
@GreenDevinchi: when niggss be hooping..yo i CLAPPED on son" I JUST clapped on Sunday!!!! Lol
#Throwbackslang You can stay, I'm "ghost" lmaoooo
@NOWONOSOUS: @JoellOrtiz I AIN'T GOT NO DUCKETTS !!” I'm leaving lmaoooo DUCKETS?!?! <--- This.
@Trevthorne: @JoellOrtiz @LebronJamesBond #"he was BOOKIN!" #throwbackslang” BOOKIN is classic too!!!!
#Throwbackslang Damn man, I want those, but I ain't got no "cheese" on me.
@Ama__Pee: Damn I still say this I need to give myself a Gil RT @JoellOrtiz: #Throwbackslang You saw that race? He "jetted" on him !!” GILS
@LebronJamesBond: Also "skated" RT @JoellOrtiz: #Throwbackslang You saw that race? He "jetted" on him !!” Def said SKATED. Lol
@GreenDevinchi: Its BRICK outside..RT @JoellOrtiz: #Throbackslang it's cool, don't even "sweat" that !!!” Still say this too smh!!
@nate0612: @JoellOrtiz It's not "squig", it's swig” hahaha. I always said squig lmaoooo