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Joell Ortiz
rap rappers entertainment 229,404 followers
Happy Birthday to one of the DJs I used to carry crates for !! @ciphasounds enjoy my brother !! #Yaowa
Surprise yourself with how hard you work this time around. The reward will be no surprise.
Not sure what y'all wanna hear, but i know what i wanna say… Hopefully we on the same page.
@Caz_bars: @JoellOrtiz what made u start #yaowa ?” I'm not smart. I'm outta my mind. There's words running around in my head ALL DAY. Smh
@AbMS19: @JoellOrtiz deserves more followers” Nope. I'm fine with just my Yaowa Army. But thanks.
I'm reading A LOT of knowledge in my mentions. Some smart people on Twitter. Some ignorant ones as well, but what can you do...?? Smh
I just pray, record music, take care of my loved ones, and try to have as much fun as I can in my off-time.
I sincerely hope not. But I don't put anything past this sometimes very cruel world. My faith is in God, not humans.
Ok, maybe just one theory... Overpopulation solutions?!?!?!
A lot of tragedies are occurring in the Asian part of the world. Just an observation, no theories.
This is the last of it. A few more boxes and I'm officially in my new home !!!! Throwing on my #HouseSlippers tonight.
@EdwardJUK: @JoellOrtiz Then it's on the next time I'm in NY, or the next time you're in the A my friend.” Say no mo!!
If you ain't 6'6 and better, strong, and got crazy springs, I'm gonna give you problems in a 1 on 1. I PROMISE
Guess I ain't "celeb enough" for them celebrity basketball games... It's cool tho. Im a bring the cameras to the gym.
Lost my cool on the b-ball court tonight... Smh. I wish y'all could see me hoop tho. Y'all think I'm fronting... I'm NICE dawgz.
You ain't gotta like me, I love me.
Prob gonna go to the theaters anyway just as a sports fan. - Draft Day
Flicks or wait for DVD? - Draft Day
So should I go check Draft Day or nah?
I'm following you. Now what...?
Love watching about the creation and history of the universe. The narrators voices sound majestic... Lol
Everyone have a blessed Palm Sunday. It's BEAUTIFUL out !!!
@JoeBudden: Bout to go to the basketball court & act like I still got it.” How's that court working out for you? Need ya bro to pass by???