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I wonder how long it will be before #Mattel own #Hendo - #hoverboard
Can't wait to get my hands on the #ALEXANDERWANGxHM collection!!
Not liking all these delays on the train right now… only God knows what time I'm getting home tonight! 😩
Gone Girl has 2 be 1 of the most intense movies I've seen in a while - got me running background checks on bitches! Lol #TheseHoesAintLoyal
U know what they say tho ey'- "it ain't work if it's easy"
So much stress @ wrk 2day - now I have the worst headache ever!! Seriously Can't wait to get home & crash!! Knackered is an understatement!!
What they need to do is raise the wage packets to match that statistic - otherwise, us regular folk will continue becoming poorer & poorer!!
Just read an article about how #london is NOW the most expensive city to live in?!… errr, I thought it was always the most #expensive!!
Looks like #LV wants a share of #Chanel's #quilted bags market next season. Amazing show from #Ghesquiere at #FondationLouisVuitton #PFW
Now I've seen the new Apple Watch, The Moto 360 looks like a cheap toy with limited functionality!… Plus I wouldn't need to buy a new phone!
Saw the preview & can't decide on which pieces so… Looks like I'll be getting the entire @AlexanderWangNY x @hm collection for my birthday!
Another pair of suede desert boots thoroughly destroyed. Thanks a lot london weather!!
We will never become who we need to be by remaining who we are - change is uncomfortable, but growth is inevitable…
Metamorphosis is an important factor of life!
Yuuuummmmm!! - pancakes are not just for pancake day! 😜
Great game @Arsenal - 1st day of the season and it the only ones to win on home turf! #arsenal
Seeing everyone receiving they're #alevelresults today makes me feel so damn old! 😩
Whaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!! - Amazeballs & cray are officially words now?! - c'mon… this s*** is getting out of hand, or should I say cray!
Back at home and got a tonne of laundry to get thru!… 😩 - 👕👖
Omg it's crazy how swollen my fingers & toes are right now!… got me looking like a friggin #Picasso - #sausagefingers #iddybiddysausagetoes
Another jam packed day in #Paris 🇫🇷, who says u need sleep when Ur having fun ey'?! - But, we're all human & we all need our rest soo… 😴💤
Was expecting thunder storms in paris today but got another day of beaming sunshine… actually feeling a bit comme-si comme-sa about it tbh
day over - we did soo much, I actually managed to survive the intense heat on 1hr sleep… bout to crash! - 2moro we go inn again! #paris
Wow it was hot today, Took in a full day of #paris now I'm Completely toasted!… gonna chill for a bit then go for din-dins!
moi et mon bestie @Kat_Yon suis arrivé à Paris en aucun sommeil, mais qui a besoin de sommeil quand le temps est si beau aujourd'hui!
bonjour paris, c'est gentil que nous connaissons encore. ✈️…
Loving the summer sun 🔆
Why does @openingceremony always have to have a #sale when I'm broke?!…
I shouldn't have to avoid park lunches, but I think I mite seeing as 30mins in the park equates to a few hrs of suffering! #hayfeverproblems
Nasty people need to learn some manners!
Ewwwww!!… So many Germs', so little personal space!! & I'm running low on sanitiser! #keepyourgermsoyourselfpeople!
Ugh!… Packing is sooo stressful! ✈️
Brain needs to switch off & get some sleep!… I seriously hope my cleaner doesn't wake me up with the vacuum 2moro cos I WILL go off on her!!
#Jesus is the #Way, the #Truth & the #Life - The end is nigh, so I advise u all to open ur heart & #lethimin!… heavens much nicer than hell!
Wow! just spotted a bunch of blatant devil worshipers, It's crazy how they're So in your face with it!… #deep! - don't be duped people! #sos
#hautecouture weeks turned fashion on its head… minimalism seems to be a common thread this season & #pretaporter is becoming more opulent?
Don't cha just love it when U've just bought a salad & then walk pass a gourmet hot dog stall! #damn #cravings #starvingmarvin #smellssogood
DYK these huge corporations dictate what content goes viral!… these filtration channels are only there to get people talking! #retweet #fave
Delays, Delays & more Delays!… oh, & it's raining too - So all in all, days going great! Lol's. #london #rain #tfl #delayed
Just saw an article about Christopher Baileys salary & this just reinforces how much I want to design for @Burberry one day!
5-0… wow!! This game is too funny! #BRAvsGER #BRA #GER #WorldCup
Hope everyone's enjoying the Sunday #sunshine in #london! - my arms are absolutely aching after an intense workout! #ouch
"When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no!" #nowplaying
Time & time again! - scumbags mistreat u… turn around & laugh in ur face! Is this all that life has to offer? u live & learn ey' #needabreak
Q. Are we getting our just dues?… we gotta stop letting people use us as stepping stones 2 build empires & then exclude us from the rewards!
Only a few things have struck my attention so far… what do u think of the #Milan shows compared to the #London shows? - #fashion #menswear
Following the #Milan shows online… sorry Milan but you don't have nothin' on London! #justsaying