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Hey hope everyone's having an awesome Sunday! :)
digital prints - right up my street at xander zhou ss14 #lcm
Arrrrgh! - Just realised what time it is… uh oh running late for @Burberry - I hope I make it to Kensington on time! #burberry #lcm
idris elba doing his thing on the decks at oliver spencer #lcm
Absolutely packed at oliver spencer #lcm
Absolutely stuffed after my meal!… lawd that was good! - got me some wray & nephew red label on ice to wash it down! MMMMmmmmm!
Started from the bottom now we're here!
Hope everyone's having a blessed sunday... (emphasis on "sun"day) #thankyoujesus
Thanking Jesus for the b.e.a.utiful weather in london today! - Yay spring is finally here!!
Anywho!! Gonna catch my train - I'm getting out of here before sh*t kicks off!
These people are nuts... crowd diving from the portrait gallery and all sorts! #thatcher #trafalgarsquare - #worldsgonemadmate
Wow! thousands of people going crazy in #trafalgar square for #thatcher's death party. Looks like the #police are gonna have a busy night!
Quiet day in central atm... this weather sucks! Rain, shine, rain, shine! - make up your damn mind #aprilshowers
My torso looks awful atm... cant wait till its all clear man, just need a good day of sunshine and I'll be back onform! PR can kiss my ass!
Yay I don't have psoriasis like @KimKardashian! - turns out its PR which lasts for 6-8wks (ouch!) Glad its not for life tho. #phew!!
Just goes to show how hard it is to get a job in todays climate! #theintern
Bitch be hogging the kitchen like nobody else in'a di yard nah eat tonight! - wtf?! Mi seh... Coom-out!! Lol. eff dat, Gonna order in!
Just saw a clip of @CandiceAI12's ai performance last night! Gurrl shut it down!!! - @MariahCarey dashing glitter all over da place too! Lol
Fingers x'ed it wont happen again.
I apologise 4 all the random retweets, faves & dm's over the past coupl'a wks - please don't report me 4 spam!... my account was hacked!
I definitely need to move back to central at somepoint this year! I cant take this rail replacement bs anymore #longting
I think its safe to say its def back to work full force today... meetings all morning now going into store till 9pm... arrrggh!
Pinch, Punch!! - its the 1st of the month! #aprilfools
"@Kat_Yon: @JoelKerroy" - hahaha lol's... loves it!! I actually cracked up laughing out loud when I saw this!! Lol x
Happy Easter Everyone!! - Sending Gods blessings & his magnificent love your way! #jesuslovesyou #thankyoujesus
Fill in the blank : I would _________ for a pair of Brian Atwoods.
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Had a very #lazysunday it is the day if rest after all - plus it's soo cold out right now, I'm tucked up in my sweats watching old movies! 😀
Plans and schemes r better than hopes and dreams u unproductive bastards!
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How many more #movies set in a "dystopian future" do we have to sit through & watch before we get it?! - #nwo #nevahold jheeez!!
Its absoultely furreeezing outside right now so glad im not doing anything tonight itd gonna be even colder #brrrrrr
New @ThreeUK flagship store opens on thurs 28th march! Who's coming to our launch?! #threeuk 423 oxford st. (Opposite @Selfridges) #nevahold
Can't believe it's legit snowing right now… wtf?! it's the end of march & its officially - well it should be officially - spring right now!!
Sorry if my acc sent u random DM's over the past coupl'a weeks - my account was continually #hacked… hopefully @twitter can sort it out?!
It looks sick!… Can't wait 2 get my hands on when its out!! “@Kat_Yon: Omg the samsung Galaxy S4 looks awesome! What do u think @JoelKerroy
22%?!!! Are you kidding me? - Mike Boutin your a genius!! #gracefarm #weedcountry
Fashion is something you buy, style cannot be bought! Just cos you rich & have expensive clothes don't mean you got style homie?!!! Lol
#HMOxfordCircus is re-launching 14 March from 1pm. Upload a picture of your best London style and you could win a £50 H&M Giftcard
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Tonnes of black ensemble's @hm, but that seems to be the all round trend come autumn/winter #hmAW13
Who knew fast fashion could be so chic and fun? @hm #hmAW13 - go gurrrrl!! @Caradelevingne :)