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Joe Easton
@JoeEaston__ i look forward to some magical musical majesty!
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FACT: Arsenal have now had 901 injuries since 2002. Ridiculous!
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After a few too many weeks absence, my weekly house mix will be continuing from this week!
UEFA has thrown the book at Serbia and Albania. The Serbs have thrown back a fridge, some nuns, 17 tanks and a bag of wolves.
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In 5 years, the UK will be a wasteland where shrieking, irradiated cannibals enter karaoke competitions to compete for the right to die.
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Just played 45 minutes. This FIFA 15 shit is hard work!
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Preordered Football Manager 2015, another year of procrastination sorted! #FM2015
Finally pre-ordered #AbandonShip by @knifepartyinc. Can't wait now!
Time to start uni again!
Stick a fork in us, we’re done. What a Freshers' week!
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Months of preparation for these next 2 weeks, time to fucking smash it! Buzzing! #Freshers
Diego Costa earning me 28 points in my fantasy football. What a legend! #FantasyPremierLeague
My new sounds: Animals (Joe Easton Bootleg)… on #SoundCloud
Been seeing this cuban chick I call her Guantanamo bae
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Both Aberystwyth and Shrewsbury are getting 4G this year! Finally!
When you See girls with too much makeup on and you think, HA! At least I spent more time in bed while you covered up your face! #makeuptip
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Why do I get so bothered over shit? It's your loss at the end of the day, I'll remain happy throughout anything!
Let today forever be known as Transfer Dildo Day. #transferdildoday
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Transfer deadline day has peaked. Shut it down lads, it's not getting any better:
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Can't beat a bit of Jason Bent to top off deadline day! #SkyDeadlineDay
#SkyDeadlineDay The Simpsons started in '89, not '79, get your facts right!
Just got stopped in the street by a guy who likes my SHM top, then he tries to 'introduce Jesus into my life' #WhyAlwaysMe
Fuck, it's coming my way next... #IceBucketChallenge
Angel Di Maria going from playing with Bale, Ronaldo & Champions League. To Cleverley, Young & the Capital One Cup.
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arrived in Helsinki, And our baggage is shipped to London. Thanks @Finnair, big fuckin help that was. Will you be performing for me tonight?
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Nobody beats me when it comes down to renting the worst jet..😂
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I think the Sergio Aguero goal against QPR has to be the greatest goal in the history in the Premier League! #MOTD50
#MOTD50 with a perfect tribute to the Hillsborough tragedy. #JFT96 #YNWA
There's a woman on this train that thinks Bulgaria is close to Norway, good job I'm getting off soon! #fail
Can't beat a bit of The Smiths on a friday!
It's been 20 days since my last set, having withdrawal symptoms! Luckily I've only gotta wait till tomorrow, then another on Sunday!
I've got some absolute classics lined up for freshers! Just under a month, gonna be fucking insane!
.@ParisHilton @Amnesia_Ibiza whatever, just clean up your stupid fuckin mess before I get there next week.
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BRILLIANT: A Blackpool fan with his new personalised shirt for the season.
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If you haven't heard it, here's my mashup of Vikings - @botnek & @3LAU with 'Where's Your Head At?'… #soundcloud