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Joe Easton
Never following a 1 direction fan ever again
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About to go on stage with @Pendulum for the first time in....uh.....4 years
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Shit, my phone screen is in like a million pieces! 😁😩
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Fuck this essay, I'm going for a drink or 10... @Skepta @JmeBBK
If you haven't already, add me on snapchat! JoeEaston121
The guy next to me we supposed to change trains an hour ago and I don't have the heart to tell him...
Hold tight all that thought Flava D was a Flava Dave.
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Zlatan once volleyed a horse in the chin. It's descendants are known today as giraffes. #ZlatanFacts
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Ah I'm sick of essays now, can't wait till they're both done!
Finally get a night out tonight! It's been way too long! #Aberystwyth
Yeh you can't be 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 or 17 RT @fun2much990: @JmeBBK is there an age limit to get into the Hippodrome.
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Choose someone and make their life heaven. It feels good trust me.
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100 words written in about 5 hours, that's procrastination at it's finest!
Nothing beats listening to your old sets to see how much you've improved!
Might just go on a mad one with acapella's next week. Just make a shit load of mashups/bootlegs!
I like this 😎 @JoeEaston___: My new sounds: KDA & Shadow Child vs Sam Smith - Rumble…X on#SoundCloudd”
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What is difference between Manchester United and an albatross? Albatross has two decent wings. Welcome Pedro.
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Is it just me, or is my twitter account slowly spiralling into a complete shitfuck?
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My new sounds: KDA & Shadow Child vs Sam Smith - Rumble Latch… on #SoundCloud
Thanks guys (and girls), it means a lot!
UNREAL!! Skepta - Shutdown London via @YouTube
Fuck, @DILLONFRANCIS is killing it on '@diplo & Friends' right now on @BBCR1
Check out our facebook page for a lot of our new features on the show!
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My new sounds: Live At Funk'd 14 - 08 - 15… on #SoundCloud
People go on holiday to places where you gotta have an injection before you go there. Forget it then. That's a warning.
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If you don't know about stuff you don't worry about it. So, I'm happy.
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McDonald's at this time is just like an episode of Jeremy Kyle!
Shit, I'm going to be at the station with Millwall...
Can't you tell I've got news for you? The sun is shining and so are you! 🎶#AxwellIngrossoo
God I'm going to hell!... @BouncySean
Mine and @JoeEaston__ football puns would make most people cry. #PetrCechTheScore
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Absolutely smashed It tonight at @RoyalPier! Possibly one of the best nights of my life and I'm totally sober! Same again next Saturday!
When DJ's snapchat about going to do sets in Ibiza, Miami, Vegas, etc, it's pretty cool. I can hardly do that going to Aber! #DJProblems
Why am I eating Christmas pudding now? 😂
I disliked Aoki as it was before this set... But to completely ruin Wonderwall... Nah mate... #Tomorrowland
As much as I dislike Avicii, WOW! #Tomorrowland
When Aguero's 1 on 1 but Mertesacker's still on the halfway line
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My new sounds: Joe Easton - Mini Mix 21/07/15… on #SoundCloud

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