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Joseph Yusem
#Steelers are Stealers got a very good player from #Eagles for a 5th round pick Thanks #BrandonBoykin Good luck in Pittsburgh
FNA pres and numerous residents from the Mission are #sexoffenders among others in #Fishtown Very disturbing 19125
DeAndre Jordan just renegged on his deal with Dallas
#76ers hafta pay #Pelicans $3M for not disclosing Jrue's injury? No proof that they knew. So do the Lakers owe Philly for the Bynum trade?
Charlie and Rino had to both step down because they couldn't win with them team that #roobtheboob left em #fireamaro #Phillies
Cauley-Stein with 6th? He's nowhere near as good as Nerlens Noel who went 6th 2013. Don't like the pick, but we'll see #NBADraft
Look at these asshole Knicks fans bitching at Porzingis. This is a good pick for them.
Sam Hinkie is feverishly dealing right now #76ers
Rudeness is a substitute for strength used by the mentally weak. Don't be that person #urbetterthanthat
I can't believe #NBAFinals going to OT 1st 2 games #firsttimeever
Did they assess situation before arriving? #McKinney #gunghocops Sometimes you have to wait it out. Wouldn't go down like this with #PPD
#Warriors need to get #AndreIguodala back on LeBron Green getting used
#Mosgov is killing it, backdoor cuts a la #Sibonis David Blatt bring Russia to the USA
Humans haven't finished evolving, I try but we're not there yet. Hope we make it B4 #endoftimes #doomsday I'm dumb
Was out all day, not so drunk, going to the P&P
No good deed goes unpunished #itsthetruth
What is this world coming to? #shitshow
I've come to a conclusion that #millennials are most unfriendly.
Rudeness is a substitute for strength used by the mentally weak. Don't be that person You're #betterthanthat
Every good friend was once a stranger, don't let that happen again.
Hateful things said to you are about the person who says them. #ignoreignorance
Ryan Howard has gone 0-4 all Ks 26 times an MLB record for futility #disgraceful #sixsux
#Phillies should sign every guy NYY cut. #baseballhack Players #NYYankees sign are good. Phils #notsomuch
I get annoyed often, if I acted upon it I'd be in prison.Try not to act on impulse. #getagrip #thefouragreements It not always about you.
#Nova is doomed if they don't turn it around @RightNow
I like Villanova to go #ncaafinals this year. Can they beat Kentucky? UK is great but can be beat, so yes Nova is good enough. #GoWildCats
#SMU looking to choke on this one and then they fix the game #UCLA has someone on their side
Facebook appears to be down. No-one can bitch about the snow #WhatSnowstorm
Pretty dirty hit by #ClayMatthews on Russell Wilson #justsaying
Am I missing something? Why wouldn't Green Bay go for 2. What do they lose if they don't get it?
During our darkest moments we begin to see the light.
We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves better it's not any easier to be miserable #onelife
Adversity in #2014 gives you experience. Joy in #2014 lets you relive #moments. May you have joy and learn from mistakes #HappNewYeary2015
Those who have lost loved ones, or had financial woes in 2014, never abandon hope #NewYears2015 can bring better things to come #loveyouall
Thug in Queen's Village who Clocked pregnant woman in eye for her purse and groceries, there's a special place in hell for you #pieceofshit
Use some common sense tonight. If ur drinking, even if ur not leave the car at home. #HappyNewYear! Start 2015 safely
Just reread 4 Agreements, this time I get it #losethedrama Don't worry if others can't #justbenice Try to be a happy righteous person
Love it, I wanted the field goal, but Dallas doesn't get the shut out with interference call #ihatedallas
What a game! Now Let's Go Eagles!
Had #Nova dead and buried but they're too good. We're in OT now. Gotta pull for the #Preppies now, they are earning this one.
I do my #Xmas shopping #liquorstore If you don't drink, you're prolly not friends with me
Chris Christie is an Cowboy fan. I hate him now #fatbastard I'll never vote for him. Ever!
Bills can only loss this one if they bring in Joe Pisarcik to QB. #Packers #choke
Think GB shouldn't went on 4th down we'll see maybe they were afraid they'd lose by a field goal.
Johnny Manziel looks like a 3rd string QB Matt Barkley is that bad, maybe worse.
#NerlensNoel is so athletic but so awkward
#76ers have been in a position to win a lot of games, tonight included. Not enough experience to close it 4th quarter.
#AndyReid signed Vick #dogkiller to Birds Maybe fat guy signs Ray Rice #wifebeater to #KCChiefs

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