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Joseph Yusem
philadelphia 2,434 followers
Even the jockeys are taller than Bob Costas #shortdude
My abdomen is fine, it's the Flyers that are killing me
Pain is the body's way of saying there's something wrong but your still alive. #myachingballs
He just did Bullpen sucks
If Diekman blows this it might be time to put him in mouth balls#terrible
I know I'm going out on a limb here, but I am predicting the Phils aren't a playoff team #whatareach #tufftowatch
Both Michigan teams are knocked out of the tournament. I'm so happy for the underdogs. #FinalFour
UConn played great in 2nd half denying the three and controlling the boards. #FinalFour #KevinOllie #ShabazzNapier
Mich St is just too good offensively for UConn who can't deny them the ball on the wing. #threes #finalfour
I knew it! #djax gonna stay #nfceast #Redskins, but he should sign w/ #sbcontender It'll be a shit show in DC Bad for Desean's career #money
#boryan to final 4. Officiating in game was awful but coach did a great job against a great team #gooddude
76ers are up big in 1st half. This may be the end of the streak. Pistons must really suck. #Sixers
#DJax got fired Wk 15 Had 195yd TD but dogged on INT in #loss Dissed #patshurmer #tantrum pissed teammates off #blamegame #nogangsta It's BS
76ers tie futility record, plus Bucks won so only a game behind. Yay! Not. #nbalottery #farce #tanking #badteam #nopride Poor #brettbrown
Flyers can go deep into the playoffs if they stop giving up early goals. We are talking #StanleyCup So #fucknova #idontcare
Fuck UConn I hate all New England teams #chowderheads That Includes #pats #celts #sox #bruins beat both #bigfive entries #hateNYteamstoo
Down by 10, less than 2 min left #novaisfuct
Villanova doesn't have any inside presence. Hate to say this but if Napier can't come back Preppies could still win #gobigfive
Like to see Texas upset Mich St. That will screw up Obama's pool. He picks then to win it all #whatdoesheknow
Coach K needs a crying towel. #gohomeduke
Duke might be up shit's creek without a paddle. I want to see the #crybabies cry #brokenbrackets
'Nova just outworked Milwaukee I have UConn beating them Sat in my bracket. Looks like that'll be wrong. Hawks didn't step up
Another upset ND St beats OK #brokenbrackets
Milwaukee has a chance here if they can spread the floor. They all can hit 3s, That's how to beat the Preppies
My brackets are screwed early. I have NC St going deep, I think they're gonna lose here too #SaintLouis FTs #gottaearnthem
Not an ad. This is from me. Moto G is out @republicwirelss $149cell talk/text w/WI-FI web $10/mo #crazycheap Been with RW 2 years #loveit
Lovie Smith stole Josh McCown #greatcoach NFL treated him like shit last year #rooneyrule Great hire by Bucs #wheeling #dealing #lovelovie
It's snowing a little. No-one predicted this #justaflurry #ihope
Good win for the Flyers over the Rangers #muchneeded
Just had a wee hour banquet at David's Mai Lai Wah #pigout
May I say, Murph's is the only friendly bar I was at tonight #barsetlow
Just hanging out at Murph's Fishtown can be very unfriendly. Hipsters set the protocol for friendliness #notmuch
Having a great time here at Nick's
I'm tweeting like a champ now that I've upgraded my keyboard from Google to Swype Pro #googlesucks
Be a friend to yourself. If you like yourself, the chances are better that someone else will like you too.#valentine #solo
Snow is starting heavy another 4/5". I hate to say
Well I'm trying new keyboard and this sucks as well #iwantswype Don't like to pay for apps though
New phone don't like Google keyboard trying alternate.
One more overnight snow shovel at 6AM
I know Ringo's wife #barbarabach is old but she's still #smokinghot He is one lucky guy.
Any colder in my fucking house and it might start snowing. #teethchattering
I don’t care if I look like an old homeless guy, gotta stay warm #ihavehadenough
It's cold as shit. Go home Mother Nature, you’re a miserable bitch. #toocold
Such nice weather, too bad it's going back down to single digits in about 12 hours #mothernature #biteme
Denver's going to the Superbowl with that missed 2 point conversion.
NE is going to score here and go for 2. It's not over yet #onsidekick Line is 5 1/2
Wow that 54 yarder was good by 10 yards #prater #monster That 64 yard field goal he made was no fluke
Seems like all the local experts said NE and over. It's gonna take another big Brady comeback. To cover 55 1/2 #forgetit #wrongonboth
Thanks Eagles for a great season! I only wish Riley Cooper hadn't dropped that ball #chesneyhead
Let's see if this catch is good...Nope tough shit Andy. You didn't have any time outs left anyway. #gladyouregone #fatass