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Cockroaches can make group decisions.
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All I was thinking about today since I woke up is getting back to sleep
Equivalent to a modern day Genghis Khan
It's like being the vampire of the timeline,you only can tweet at night but if you did at day you will get burn
I'm a late night Social media user
I think he is creating an imaginary crush to protect himself
My follower numbers is more like a Countdown
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#??????_???? Student be like "Halfway cross the city with the backpack"
#????_????_??_????? Sleeping,i'm waiting for winter just to sleep better
ماده الرياضه ساعات احس انها سهلة و ساعات مابتبقاش عايزة تتحل اصلا
i procrastinate so much i’ll probably put off death and never die
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A day about to end and another about to begin
The Ancient Egyptians enjoyed playing board games.
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Meditation can change the brain's structure in just 8 weeks. It also increases grey matter in parts of the brain associated with learning.
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Me: grandma come over Grandma: i cant im too old Me: my parents left me alone at the house with no food Grandma:
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I knew it's useful #prt
People who walk fast tend to live longer than the average speed walkers.
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8FACT STORE Thanksgiving Sale, for you, for all fans! Check out at:
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After the last #Twitter app update on iOS whenever I press on a photo it doesn't show the tweet below it
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The best times to drink coffee are 9:30-11:30AM and 1:30-5:00PM.
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I must be allergic to failure Cuz every time I get close to it I sneeze then achieve
I have an intuitive feeling that things will get better one day
That feel when you yawn inside your mouth then you feel like having a balloon inside your mouth
You will never understand math,I think it's made to not be understood,you gotta admit that things in this world must stay unknown
Math equations is made be the devil himself
A wise man power will shut you up
That's explain everything #prt
Your nose gets warmer when you lie.
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و انا بذاكر بخطط plans كتيرة فشخ و اول ما اخلص بيجيلي oblivion
Do i really belong to this game,I pondered
Smile at the A-holes who hate you
"Perhaps my lies are start getting deeper"
The more homework students receive, the higher their risk of depression.
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A woman once called 911 because McDonald's ran out of McNuggets.
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Refuelling motorised roller skates, Connecticut, 1961
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Never be afraid to start over, It's a new chance to rebuild what you want.
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Finally #WhatsApp is updated
Don't indulge anyone
I'm so ready for #??????_???? end