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Well,fuck everything
Scientists have created a "thinking cap" that allows you to learn faster.
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What's wrong with those people who unfollow after following you for 10 minutes !?!?!?
If you missed it, the new James Bond car, poster, and cast list are all here:
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I need to watch #Interstellar right now
I think I will be a good critic 😂
But that last quote in the movie "Let's start phase two" will let you think about what will happen next and wait for the 2nd part eagerly
Also i felt like I'm watching another "The Hunger Games" part because it's the same idea about trapping people to do experiment on them
The Maze Runner movie is literally unpredictable,while watching you will try to predict what will happen but something else will happen
Your body reacts to stress the same way it does to courage.
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Sometimes you just need to listen to Ed Sheeran
James Bond new car look futuristic and pretty awesome
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The Hangover on MBC2 after 10 minutes
According to a Swiss research study, during a full moon, you dream more.
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#TheMazeRunner is a really interesting movie and a new idea too,it's a must watch movie
They say Yoga help to reshape your brain
Concentrating on one thing during meditation actually hinders your mental abilities to process.
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Connecting between a match results and IQ is a sign that you got insane
Especially scientists are now trying to give every machine its own brain,even cars
Imagine something like Skynet can control every machines and do whatever it wants
Yeah I think Artificial Intelligence will be the reason for a powerful war between men and machines like what happened in the terminator
Scientist Steven Hawking says artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race:
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This is a statue in Berlin called "Politicians discussing Global Warming"
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Every time I open Twitter I see a tweet about someone is giving away a free iPhone 6,it's like everyone is giving away free iPhones
I think self loathing is very common now
Scientists have discovered creative people have similar brain chemistry as schizophrenics.
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But what happen when Karma turns around and bite you
The moon gets 1.5 inches farther from the Earth every year.
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You’re 1,000 times more likely to be killed by an asteroid than to win the lottery.
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Here's and advice: Do not turn off your Swag
Gangnam Style video on YouTube have reached the maximum views numbers and it made YouTube to upgrade its system
I think the average human spend half of his day in street and the other half trying to find a place to park his car
Streets here in Egypt is so crowded,it's like the whole population is out and nobody is home
Kill it before it lay eggs
Eminem came up with "Slim Shady" while sitting on the toilet.
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#AdvancedWarfare Goliath is one of my favorites scorestreaks
It's like your dream about getting into games or movies is getting real with Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift will take video gaming to the next level
A wise man power will shit you up
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