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Learn to let it go. That is the key to happiness
Angelina Jolie receives an honor from the Queen of England, and more photos of the day:
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Tonight we are young,so let's set the world on fire make it brighter than the sun
I think we are just being over
الناس اللي بتكتب ديسكربشن لصورة علي الانستجرام ...... حضرتك بتجيب الكلام دا منين ؟
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Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis in "Are You Here" movie......Gonna be hilarious
Henry Behrens, the smallest man in the world, dancing with his cat, 1956
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Yeah I do it a lot #prt
88% of people say they use their cellphones simply to avoid others walking by them.
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In trying to get everything under control
You can drink a drink, but you can't food a food. #8crap
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That's science bitches
A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate after you're done with your meal.
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I can feel the heat rising,everything is on fire
Life is yours live it as you want
Don't pretend to be smart and you're just dump
Tweeting happily
It's coming close
And I do know why
I'm just happy right now
يارب انا مش طالب غير الستر و الصحه و 4 مليون جنيه
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Korean and Russian scientists are planning to clone a wooly mammoth.
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Pluto is back bitches
انا مش متفائل
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Stress actually makes you fat.
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You can estimate the temperature outside in degrees fahrenheit by counting the number of cricket chirps in 15 seconds and adding 37.
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I think too much then I put myself in a bad mood
So now what !!
Jokur: wut dai iz it Batmon: itz october 3rd Jokur: i see wut u did thare Batmon: ha wuz it funni Jokur: no ur parintz r ded RT if u cryd
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I feel like I've nothing to do,I'm totally free....except that I've too many things to do but I'm convincing myself that I'm free
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Trying to stay awake in class,there's no such a thing you can't stay awake in class
Nickelodeon once aired a movie named "Cry Baby Lane" - It was considered so scary, that it wasn't aired on TV again for 11 years.
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4G is supposed to be here in Egypt since the last year but as usual we are always late with the technology
نفسي اعرف هل هاستخدم ال4G في مصر قبل ما اموت ولا لا ؟
Until now Lord Of The Rings soundtrack is one of my favorite
و اتزحلق بعد كده في قشرة موزة وقع علي رقبته اتكسرت مات.
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In early drafts of "Back to the Future," the time machine was built out of an old refrigerator.
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Life-size T-rex sculpture in paris by Philippe Pasqua
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The gorilla's scientific name is "gorilla gorilla gorilla."
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