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School nurses be like "Come back if it's still hurting at lunch"
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اني اسمع اغاني في الباص ده بيكرهني في ام الاغاني بس اصلي ببقي فاضي
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Well,Gonna Save what I'm Gonna need Tomorrow
Amr Waked is Shooting a Movie with Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman,Lucky You
I'm the bad guy who make fun of people who die
Everybody listen...I'm gonna do a backflip 1..2..3 oh Crap my Back
11:00PM: We are going to stay up till 4:00 AM 11:05......Zzzzzzz
I can't leave this place,this place have too many memories RAAAAT Lets leave this Fucking Place
-If you have ironman suit for one day,what would you do with it? -Sell it,just sell it
Gonna miss How I Met Your Mother
The Finale was great,Gonna miss it — watching How I Met Your Mother
Kids this was how "How I Met Your Mother" ended
#AprilFool I'm Gonna take Studying Seriously
You can't handle my Bro
"I'm inspired" “@spodermenpls: rt if ur inspired
هاهاهاها، واحد يكتب Tweet و واحد تاني يتريق عليه
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Great Movie — watching The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
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Goodbye bros,see ya tomorrow
So let us imagine that one day you will be driving a flying car and going to another planet is as easy as travelling to another country