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Joe Hill
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We are well on our way to @scalzi having his own cable channel:…
The news of us teaming up with The Stuff of Legend? So awesome, and, the coolness keeps coming. There's also this:
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Show 9/29 @ The Bowery Electric... RT? Come out!!? Runaway Dorothy, Walter Salas-Humara w/ The Silos, & Matthew Ryan
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Er, strangely, I got really good grades in math until sophomore year. Then I collected C-'s and those were out of pity.
I was horrible at sports. A slow, awkward runner. Never learned to catch. Never learned to dribble, except from the corner of my mouth.
French, I was borderline, C/Ds. I got a D in wood shop. I was a C student in all my science courses.
Grades? Er, I was a C student until 5th grade. After that, I swung As in English and History, but continued to muddle badly elsewhere.
I actually find both German and Spanish words easier to enunciate, although I am unable to roll my Rs (or whistle).
I had a speech delay as a kid, and then was a bit of a mush-mouth for years. It killed my French pronunciation. Still have trouble.
WOW! Universal Reuniting Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass For Another Jason Bourne Film… via @Deadline
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I got a D in French.
Also, I know, it's actually spelled Magriette. Margrete. Majorette. Ahfuckit.
Right, I think I'll start with the first Magriet, and then skip through the series, hitting the best.
Yo, where to start with Georges Simenon? Any opinions?
Sorry I'm missing @scalzi in Brookline.
Publishing is one of those industries, like movies, that a lot of outsiders think they understand, but they really, really don't.
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A colleague I respect told me "there is too much discourse" but truth is, we just can't get enough. Especially when art is about real life.
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I differ with @KellyAyotte on many things politically, but she's attentive to her constituents & right on net neutrality. Such things count.
The folks at Subterranean Press are down to the last few of the signed limited edition of Unlocked. Hurry!… @subpress
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Photo: Who is the man? David Mitchell is the man. I’ll be in conversation with him this Thursday at First...
I'm going to be talking with @david_mitchell at the 1st Parish Church in Cambridge this Thursday, at 6:30. Be there.…
HEY NEW HAMPSHIRE: I will be in Concord, at Gibson's TOMORROW at 7. You can all fit into the store! Probably!…
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I just entered to win the @joe_hill prize pack by claiming my FREE ebook of Heart-Shaped Box! Thanks @BitLitMedia!…
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If I could download books straight to my brain... I wouldn't. The sustained act of reading is more important than just gobbling information.
I'm a big fan of bundling in theory, but the merit of the notion has to be established with publishers to take off.
Even if you don't need the HEART-SHAPED BOX eBook, this is a way to support the idea that print books should come with the eBook free.
Plus you can enter to win 3 signed hardcovers.
If you have a print copy of HEART-SHAPED BOX, you can use the @BitLitMedia software to get a free copy of the eBook. It's fun & easy.
I believe today is the last day of the bundling experiment we're running with @BitLitMedia. Hope you'll take advantage. (1/2)
FREE, SIGNED, DOODLED. Three @joe_hill books are up for grabs in our Horror Prize Pack #giveaway!
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I am, however, confident that if the president had tailored his first term to satisfy Mr Moore, there would've been no second term.
I'm not sure Michael Moore has an especially realistic sense for the limits of presidential power or the realities of political stalemate.
I hope when I'm 83 I think, "Boy, I'd really like to get back to playing the piano," and hire someone to give me lessons.
I hope I never get completely over the self-improvement bug. If you've given up trying to learn new things or be better, what's the point?
I was asked, so: HORNS is rated R for every reason you can possibly rate a movie R.
BOSTON/BROOKLINE: I will be among you tomorrow at 7pm at Brookline Booksmith:… Come! Bring everyone you've ever met!
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@joe_hill give us insight into where we are and where we're going.
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@joe_hill it's a funny old time we live in. Lot of people feeling lost. Familiarity is comforting, but we need new stories/new heroes...
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(Of course everyone is right: DAREDEVIL, AGENT CARTER, & AGENTS OF SHIELD will provide tasty meals between the occasional cinematic feast.)
.@davidgolbitz No. But they could make 4 great ones, 4 good ones, 2 bad ones, 1 incoherent hateful mess, and 1 classic.
I suspect it could. The movies are the monthly comics now. Theaters are your best friend's very large TV set.
Here's a question. Could the market support one @Marvel movie a month? Possibly 11 with modest budgets & 1 on the scale of WINTER SOLDIER?
BREAKING BAD will be making huge coin for AMC for years and years to come. In that way it's truly novel-like. Hemingway still sells too.
Better a show that ends, yet continues to make new fans, than a show that never ends & runs out the fun even for the first round of fans.
You don't need to do 4 great seasons, 2 mediocre seasons, and 1 crappy ending. You can just have 4 great seasons and 1 great close.