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Joe Hill
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I think the last immersive game I played was... Uh... Katamari Damacy maybe? Would you call that immersive?
If the US Government nationalizes Reddit, then there's a cogent argument to be made about censorship there. Until then? Not so much.
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I do squeeze in a crossword puzzle most days. I walk a bit. I sleep a lot. Really hard to get it up for an immersive (ie time-sucking) game.
Between bein a Dad & bein a writer I do a fair amount of hustling. My leisure time is cordoned off for reading not games.
RT @authorsahunt: What's your favorite modern game, Joe? A: Two Dots? Words with Friends? I'm sorta lame.
My kids are great. Had a really good talk about mature games.
Way less complicated when I was a kid. GALAGA and BURGER TIME didn't have a lot to say about gender roles.
A story in which women are demeaned may invite contemplation. But when women are demeaned in a video game, you are invited to participate.
I genuinely don't know on that one. Parenting is harder than writing novels. Every bit as much an art, too.
Further complicating matters is my own knee jerk distaste for The Censor.
I know well that nothing draws a kid to a game, book, song, or film, like the sweet tang of the forbidden.
How to deal with the Grand Theft Auto problem. I hypothesize by ruling it out for the boys it makes it illicit & thus more desirable.
@joe_hill Mine's not a shield account. It's a hydra account. Hail Hydra
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I am told single-minded tweetholics with generic profile images are called Burner accounts. Why not shield accounts? #notmy... oh nevermind.
People who tweet on a variety of subjects & express a variety of emotions are interesting. Monomaniacs who wear a disguise, not so much.
That smells bad: like a mask for a mask for a mask. Take off all the masks, maybe there's nothing there. An empty hood on an empty robe.
As a general note, I am unimpressed with tweets from people who have only been on Twitter for 3 - 7 days, and only tweet about one thing.
Who doesn't love a list? @Powells comes up with 25 Books To Read Before You Die:…
I would *love* for @SenScottBrown to find out that his Koch Bros fan club can't buy him his election here in NH.
I don't agree with 90% of Jim Rubens ideas, but he's serious about campaign finance reform & he's a thinker. Also New England thru & thru.
Massachusetts had a long look at @SenScottBrown & said no thanks to more. Why we'd want what they can't use, I don't know.
I hope GOP Primary voters will go to the polls tomorrow & pull the lever for Jim Rubens, not @SenScottBrown.
Esp. excited to be doing events with some of my favorite writers: Sara Gran in LA, @leverus & @jeffvandermeer in NYC, @joe_hill in Boston
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Stunned. Crazy. RT @PixelProject: @joe_hill 's handwritten story 4 our fundraiser got snapped up by a donor 4 $1500!
Those who hate traditional publishing & those who love it will both find support in this @magiciansbook piece:…
IKEA gets out in front of Apple's announcement with a major breakthrough of their own. THIS changes everything:…
Be good to each other, folks. I have a bellyful of coffee cake and am aiming for a headful of dreams.
My GF, talking about a minor internet kerfluffle: "she got the ordinary number of rape threats." How can this sentence not make you blue?
I haven't dipped into SOUTHERN BASTARDS yet, but am looming forward to it.
Crazy news today they discovered Jack the Ripper was a gamer
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Well some people are riled up but that's ok. Pissing people off helps me sleep at night. It's better than whole milk and a cookie.
Sometime here, @JasonCiaramella is gonna write an epic series that knocks heads the way SCALPED did. Can't wait to read that comic.
Just don't be too hurt when I decline to saddle up and ride your angry little hobby horse with you.
Also #notyourshield means something to someone but not me. You wanna make a specific point, make a specific point.
Who doesn't want better?
No one ruined yer favorite game by observing that women are treated as just an achievement to unlock. They only suggest games can be better.
Found out about #Gamergate today. My 1st issue is the name. Shouldn't it be #scaredofwomenandknowledgegate? Or just #hatefulweeniegate?
If your argument is pinned to the belief that Assassins Creed is historically accurate, ha ha ha ha ha ha, sorry, what?
Guy said the feminist critique of Assassins Creed ignores that the degrading depiction of women is historically accurate. No. Also, haha no.
Know why I gave my limit to @jimmowrer? Cos I hate that the mean bozo he's running against shares my Dad's name.
This is what a star being devoured by a black hole looks like
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Read our AUTHOR Q & A with @joe_hill. What HE reads and where he buys his books!
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"Angela! Whats this new Mint Source shower gel you've bought! My cock and balls are on fire!"
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