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Joe Hill
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Well, my night is made. Sleep well, Internet.
Why did I wait so long to read HORNS? Raw, funny, honest, weird, and moves like a freight train. What a great novel.
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10 Essential Essays for Writers - tetw: On Keeping a Notebook by Joan Didion - A great essay about making...
I wanna link to the awesome #HORNS photos going around the net, but oh god so many spoilers, so - no. Google if you want.
Photoset: kellysue: topatoco: Happy Birthday kateordie, we love you! It is Kate Leth’s 256th birthday on...
A GOOD MARRIAGE opens Friday! Theaters in major markets and VOD! No competition but GONE GIRL, and who'll want to see that?
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Some amazing novels are being "vanished" by Amazon right now - books of craft & beauty. Don't kid yerself they're serving literature well.
The notion that publishers initially turned them down or didn't look at em cos they were too original is... just goofy.
The books that have reached critical mass that were Amazon self-pubs were well within the bounds of similar successful works.
But look: I don't think the self-pubbed hits coming out of Kindle have been breaking new literary ground. That's oft-repeated nonsense.
(Two areas where Kindle Self-Pub authors have shone - and shown traditional pubs a thing or two: SF and erotica. Prolly an essay in that.)
I'd also note that anyone who hits it big on Amazon... almost always signs up with a mainstream pub for their editing/promotional services.
I agree with the notion that it has acted as a crowd-sourced slush pile, which is great for publishers who have less resources for discovery
My 2 cents is some great stuff has been self-pubbed via Amazon. Is probably wrong to suggest it's an ocean of unrecognized masterworks tho.
@joe_hill I've come across 0 Great Stories That Are Just Too Creative For Big Publishing, but an abundance of bad storytelling/prose/grammar
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@joe_hill Having spent the last two months on Kindle Unlimited trying out Amazon's self-pubbed authors, bring on the gatekeepers.
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Am writing up a mega review of wearing a fitness tracker for nearly two years. Got any questions about them?
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Photo: A lovely review of HORNS. I’m aglow.
.@aszecsei Whatever happens as a result of Hachette/Amazon tho, those writers will still get to keep doing exactly what they're doing.
.@aszecsei sort of like: ha ha, you turned me down, and now my big brother Amazon is gonna make you scream uncle! FIght fight fight!
.@aszecsei A lot of the most avidly pro-Amazon self-pubbed writers have no skin in the game. They just don't like "the gatekeepers."
.@aszecsei Yes - well that's really it, isn't it? People rejected by the system understandably think the system sucks and is wrong.
No one thinks American Lit woud've been better off without that snobby elitist gatekeeper Maxwell Perkins.…
.@joe_hill @aszecsei But how can you get any better than Mighty Marvel dialogue like this??? ;)…
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.@aszecsei I love Stan Lee, but it's clear to everyone who's read 60s era Spiderman & 60s era Elmore Leonard, that Dutch wrote better talk.
.@aszecsei example: it somehow seems wrong to insist the our preference for Elmore Leonard's dialogue over Stan Lee's is purely subjective.
.@aszecsei The idea that all judgments on a work of fiction are purely subjective is slippery and unhelpful.
One example: being published by @fsgbooks really is a stamp of some kind of quality. It meant something 50 years ago & means something now.
As some have pointed out, most folks would prefer an elite neurosurgeon operate on their brain than a self-taught, uncertified surgeon.
The disgust with "gatekeepers" is like the knee-jerk contempt for "elites": a criticism that says more about the critic than anything else.
Publishers are "gatekeepers." So are medical schools; law schools; every investment firm that looks at a resume before hiring, and on & on.
I am going on the Paleo Social Media Diet, and for the next week will communicate solely through fire
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So many of these guys (and girls) set out to numb or overclock the system and wind up husks of people by 50. The bill comes due.
Am reading Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. The drinking habits of well-known novelists make for pretty grim reading.
I'd take one of these for Christmas, sure:…
(Warren's MORNING COMPUTER posts are just really fuckin cool)
SubPress Ebook sale going on, with titles discounted to the $.99 to $2.99 range.… RT appreciated.
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But really guys. If you haven't read NOS4A2 by @joe_hill yet, you need to change that ASAP. Scary, funny, touching, and just awesome.
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Trade of the day is Locke&Key. All of it. Why? Because it's one of the best things EVER. Thanks @joe_hill @GR_comics
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@joe_hill The movie tie-in edition of Horns is out a little early at my local Barnes & Noble. 😁 Score!!
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Trying to make a go of it in the creative arts is really motherfucking hard. But the machines will replace artists last. #jobsecurity
Don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't make a career out of art. You can and you should. Art matters.
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I've been a part of the art world for 20 years and I've met some of the most amazing, brilliant, honest, hardworking people ever.
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Theory: the ultimate secret social network is Wikipedia.
Every couple months I resolve again to do less social networking. Haven't quite managed the trick. I do increasingly believe Less is More.
(I'm on Ello as @joe_hill just like here, but follow at your peril. You may get months of nothing.)