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Joe Hill
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It's National Library Week. SUPPORT, MOTHERFUCKERS.
The awesome meal between breakfast and lunch is brunch, or elevenses. WTF is between lunch and dinner? Dunch? Tea, I guess.
OCULUS SPOILER TWEET: ok, so how would I beat it? Easy. Take the bad mirror... And put another mirror in front of it. #weepingangelploy
Loved Oculus. Another great one from the guys who did Sinister. FYI tho - I know how to beat the mirror. And so would Amy Pond.
Reminder: The families getting hosed by states (like mine) that won't expand Medicaid are working families.
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Obamacare succeeded for one simple reason: it's horrible to be uninsured:
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The greatest sentence ever written was printed in the Times today: via @GilesKristian
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Gabriel García Márquez, Exemplar of the Fiction of Magic Realism, Dies at 87
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Really cool that there's a @david_mitchell account. Would be fraggin' stunned if he actually posted anything, tho.
Vaguely related: it always bugs me when political candidates pose with their favorite rifles/pistols. That's for despotic strongmen. Skip.
I don't know when or if we ever get to have that back.
By toying with the kind of stuff repressive governments do all the time, we gave away our best weapon, which was our own highest values.
The neo-cons don't get how badly torture, domestic spying & Iraq damaged The U.S.'s moral authority when dealing with thugs like Putin.
Am relieved that Edward Snowden has confirmed Putin isn't using government assets to spy on the people of Russia.
Jews told to register in eastern Ukraine. This is what happens when you embolden Putin.…
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RT @peterstraubnyc: you don't have to defend bow ties to wear them. Bow ties are their own defense.
GIMME FIVE - One-quarter of the year down and I figure it’s time for a report on the best of what I’ve...
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lmlarry18 asked: If you could choose only one, what book do you wish you had written?
cristinaowl88 asked: Hi Joe! I love your short story My Father's Mask. What inspired you to write it, and...
Twitter insults unlikely to be libelous! You dumb fuckfaces are in trouble now!…
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