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Joe Hill
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Wow. NASA has verified that microwave thrusters (seem to) work. No reaction mass needed.… This violates Newton's laws!
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Photo: A dorky reminder for a guy who seems to need one now and then.
NASA will make oxygen from CO2 on the surface of Mars
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Video: The most important 12 seconds of film in the history of the western.
Sitting around, working a Buk, listening to music, basically a good Sunday:…
Some people say you shouldn't eat anything with a face does this also mean I can't make lampshades out of people y/n?
And here is a funny, big-hearted piece about Steve Goodman's "The Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request."…
Wise & thoughtful piece from @scalzi about the latest Amazon offer:…
Some argue printed books & physical bookstores are obsolete. Yet both remain. When something is obsolete no one needs to argue the point.
@joe_hill The phrase 'This is the world we live in' followed by a shrug is the scourge of the world we live in.
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Odd how many people believe the future is a settled matter, rather than something we construct thru our choices.
Wow... just 48 hours in, C IS FOR CTHULHU is only $800 shy of their goal.…
The one con of @BitLitMedia is that they're in early days and selection is limited. But that was true of iTunes once too.
Just used @BitLitMedia to download an e-copy of @EllenDatlow's FEARFUL SYMMETRIES to go with my paperback. Cool.
Here's the Bit Lit app for iPhone/iPad: #iTunes. This is officially cool.
I'm being told that @HarperCollins is doing trial runs with @BitLitMedia but can't confirm that. I will say I'm massively for it.
I'd link to the article about the trial program @HarperCollins is playin with to sell eBooks & Hardcovers together, but teh google fails me.
I also think it'd be great if you could get a free eBook when you buy the hardcover. I hear @HarperCollins is experimenting with just that.
Don't get me wrong: I love how much Amazon has done to support my fiction. But we can have lots of bookstores or one. I'm for lots.
The eBook drops to $9.99 (or less!) after a few months anyway. This isn't about what's good for consumers; it's about what's best for Amazon
It might also underprice all these direct-to-kindle writers who have been discovered because they could sell cheaper than the big names.
Amazon wants a $9.99 eBook, day of release. That would underprice hardcovers & li'l bookstores out of existence. I'm not wild for it.
Progress is often an excuse to ravage an ecosystem. It's hard to argue nuance on Twitter, but that's the problem in a nutshell.