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Joe Hilloween
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My last word on #HornsFilm (ha ha as if) is that if you like big G&R songs like "Civil War" and "Don't Cry" you'll prolly dig HORNS.
Really wonderful night at the Arclight. Big thanks to everyone who came out for the West Coast premiere. We had fun.
Daniel Radcliffe, Joe @joe_hill Juno Temple at the Horns LA Premiere at the Archlight Hollywood.
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HORNS is out in theaters tomorrow, I celebrated by smashing my nuts so hard I couldn't bend over to tie my shoes.
Scott Brown's one policy achievement was killing a tax on big banks. He must be really good at politics.
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People in New Hampshire should be able to get access to healthcare, @SenScottBrown would throw 10Ks in NH off their health care. #NHSen
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FACT CHECK: In NH, the ACA is expanding coverage and lowering costs
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The CGI in Nightcrawler must really suck balls, they don't show Gyllenhaal teleport even once in the preview. Better see #Horns.
Left both Book Soup and Meltdown Comics with signed stuff.
Part of the Book Soup haul. Not depicted - the Christmas presents that I had to fight not to buy for myself:
Book Soup is amazing.
Pls RT: @joe_hill is eBaying LOCKE & KEY: WELCOME TO LOVECRAFT, IDW limited, signed & doodled 2 raise funds 4 us!
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Wow, the NYTimes will let any old hack write for them these days. :-/…
Dear Twitter, I want you to know I am the man who will fight for yer honor. I'll be the hero you been dreaming of. Cos I'm badass like that.
Lost in the murmuring tunnel of lonely books:
Love hurts like hell, winning doesn't. RT to enter to win a @HORNS_film poster signed by Dan Radcliffe & @joe_hill:
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What you don't see in the street harassment video is that each guy just wanted to start a conversation about ethics in gaming journalism.
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sometimes I read these really euphoric restaurant reviews on Yelp and for some reason it makes me sad
@joe_hill Horns has made it to Scotland! Had the fear it wouldn't live up to your book but everything about it was brilliant, loved it 😍
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Damn. @Gingerhazing owning Twitter right now. Go read her tweets.
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Intense and sometimes heart-breaking piece by Richard Preston about the battle to stop Ebola:…
I hate writing. I hate everything associated with writing. Laptops, word documents, pens, paper, words, stories, vanity, childhood despair.
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Looking for a creepy comic to settle in with this Halloween? We suggest WRAITH, a prequel to @joe_hill's NOS4A2…
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24 hours later and still thinking about BIRDMAN.
"Spirit in the Sky" playing in the car on the ride from the airport. An Ig Perrish favorite.
#Horns author @joe_hill reveals the books that will spook you just in time for Halloween
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In LA for the west coast premiere of @HORNS_film. If I get a free moment, hopefully I'll be able to see The Last Bookstore.
I know BIRDMAN was wonderful. Hard to say more than that. I'm still processing. I'm processing so hard it took 5 minutes to write this tweet
It's hard to think about the endless flood of Marvel and DC releases the same way after seeing BIRDMAN.
.@JenannKnaggs I believe HORNS is playing in a couple of Cleveland locations.
@joe_hill Off to the Brattle on Friday to see #Horns. I waited for the big screen. It was tough!!
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I won't be satisfied until Tatterdemallion gets his own @Marvel movie.
if they really want dark and gritty, instead of doing mainstream superheroe movies, DC should be doing THE SANDMAN, PREACHER and DOOM PATROL
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I don't understand the AVENGERERS INFINITY WARS movies announcements: which one is THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES
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Interviewed @joe_hill, which was already a dream. Then he mentioned Mary Sues, in-scapes and his love for RavenClaw so now I can die happy
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The big screen adaptation of @joe_hill's Horns is released the UK tomorrow! Who's already read / listen to the book?
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Anyone got a link for me to coverage of the @Marvel news?
Damn. @BookRiot & Amanda Nelson have our literary scarf needs well in hand:…
Literary Scarf would be a really great name for my spoken word punk band. @scalzi on uke.
Hey @OutofPrintTees you better get to work on a line of literary scarves, there's a hole in the market to fill here.
Can anyone suggest a place to buy a handsome, but literary scarf, somewhere in Soho/Tribeca?
It's true, the @PatrickRothfuss beard is a thicket of genius and otherworldy possibilities.
@joe_hill I can see Grant Morrison standing alone on top of a hill, fighting hordes of hairy writers trying to take him down... #BeardWave
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