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Joe Hill
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Love my London trips but have had my share of rotten touristy experiences too. Booked with @GoldenTours: rude staff, bad info, screwed over.
Confession time: I've only just read this book. Whatever I read next is has a lot to live up to. Just incredible.
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Shanower & Rodriguez ‘Return To Slumberland’ In Gorgeous New ‘Little Nemo’ Series This Week
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. @autocratik just described Cecil Court as the real Diagon Alley. Yep. That's it exactly.
We're thrilled about this thriller! 15 Seconds by @The_AndrewGross is now available for bundling!
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Redonkulous generalization, but: I do sometimes suspect English writers of having a lot more fun with the language than American writers.
When I die I want to haunt Cecil Court.
Had a late somber meal with @MaryRobinette's Hugo Award. Hugo had a dish of ice cream & hair of the dog.
After visiting Highgate today, I know what I want on my gravestone: Beneath the mortal coil you soon will sag Remember this and #yoloswag
Love this Spider-Man plush ripped straight from the comics:
Remember me as you pass by As you are so once was I; As I am so you shall be - Prepare for death and follow me:
When I'm away from home too long I get a little... Squirrelly:
Peter Capaldi must've wandered off for custard and fish fingers or something.
. @GR_comics Alternate cover for Head Games #2:
Love hurts like hell. Check out the new book cover for HORNS by @joe_hill (the movie is coming this October!)
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“It's going to be on the front page of the WaPo tomorrow.” "Yeah, well, you’re going to be in my jail cell tonight”…
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Thot better of sending my two angriest tweets. Just will say: the shootings are not "incidents," they're "symptoms."
Trayvon & Mike Brown were the innocent victims of a particular cultural subset: white, paranoid, armed & angry.
Just. Wow. Police in #Ferguson fire tear gas at Al Jazeera, take cameras when journalists flee. Photos by @CassFM
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