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Joe Hill
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Marco Rubio introduced an awesome bill that could solve the student loan crisis:
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Here's the line to get into San Diego ComicCon 1983 #SDCC #FlashbackFriday Plenty of time don't rush.
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Interviewing @joe_hill on 13th aug. Must not spend the hour beating him with Horns screeching 'THEY MADE A FILM OF YOUR BOOK, YOU BASTARD!'
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Cheer up: The science of happiness has won fans thru out politics, including the prez of the conservative AEI.
I wonder when was the last time they celebrated in Boston, Dallas & Birmingham. I wonder when we last felt like we were all in it together.
We went there. We really went there.…
@joe_hill My Brother is Dying from Stage 4 Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Please donate or RT
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That's my late-nite-publishing think. Always glad to hear an exciting new way to connect books with readers. Never a fan of strongarm stuff.
@joe_hill If you are in KDP Select, you are automatically in it. They are giving folks the option of leaving Select prior to their 90 days.
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Amazon writers are clicking OK to "terms & conditions may change anytime" clauses. That's very different from a normal publishing contract.
But other folks are saying Amazon writers *can* choose to be part of the program. I hope so. That seems more reasonable.
I'm not saying I wouldn't want to do it. Only that I need to feel like I get some say in the matter.
I guess if you're an Amazon author you're part of Amazon Unlimited. Huh. I -- think I like having a publisher who can negotiate that.
Oh em gee: @OED's word of the day is "honeyfuggle." Sounds like the name of a sexually disturbed talking bear. Paddington, meet Honeyfuggle.
I also wonder if Hachette declined to sign on to the terms of Amazon's subscription service... hence the nasty-spirited fight.
My only question is if Amazon writers had the option to opt out. Or do you surrender that option when you accept their terms & conditions?
Libraries are the public swimming pools of literature, you just know little kids have been going weewee in the books. #okmaybenot
The real threat is clearly these pernicious libraries which insist on providing their subscribers with the same deal for free!! #outrage
If it's like the other existing subscription services, writers still get paid. I don't know how well, but it's not spit in a cup.
I don't know which publishers will go along with it but *NO*, Kindle Unlimited will not destroy publishing or destroy the writing profession
2 missile launchers mounted on armored vehicles crossed border into Russia <10 hours after the jet was blown apart…
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@joe_hill Hundreds of horny teenage boys every year end up in the hospital because they fail to master the Jagger Hip Jerk. #advancedmoves
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