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Joe Hill
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studiotifo asked: Joe, I have really enjoyed the serious answers you've given fans about your process. It's...
commodoreblue asked: I am so excited to meet you tomorrow at Baltimore Comic Con! Just a quick question,...
ruchu asked: Hello Joe! Do you know if/when Horns is going to have a UK premiere?
annamccagirl asked: Hello! I was just wondering, how long did it take you to write "Horns"? It's a...
lilredsketch asked: Hello! Is there a way I could watch the unaired Locke and Key pilot online or...
chimneyfish asked: Hi Joe, I have been holding on buying the Locke & Key hardcovers for an all-inclusive...
timelordbatman asked: You're writing is very inspirational to me. Horns is my absolutely favorite novel and...
Photo: 80s-90s-stuff: 80s-like airbrush kitsch I want this on the side of my 1973 Ford Econoline BAD
The best thing in this week's @nytimesbooks is David Lehman's defense of the bow tie (in Letters). I won't wear them but will respect them.
Boston's new Edgar Allen Poe statue is going to be epic:
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Twitter, settle this: is syrup a food?
Instagram is down?! But brunch is just hours away and how will I know how great everyone's Mimosas look?!
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But who watches the weight watchers?
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I hope my obituary does not include the phrase, "but he wrote well on Twitter."
I remember the good old days when "heartbleed" was a term for what you felt after Liam Neeson punched you in the chest with a tire iron.
Man, they really turned Doctor Who around, and it is wonderful again. Can't wait to see what 1990 brings. #1980s1stWorldProblems
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#1980s1stWorldProblems it's too bad they're done making star wars movies forever
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Having to sit through 12 minutes of Monster Truck and Inhumanoids cartoons to watch 6 minutes of Jem. #1980s1stWorldProblems
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There's not a single channel on my television where they broadcast cartoons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! #1980s1stWorldProblems
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