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Joe Hilloween
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Goodnight Twitter, you big-hearted fools.
some men just want to watch the world brimp
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@joe_hill Went to the Horns premiere tonight in London. Awesome film for an awesome book. Congrats!
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Am looking forward to Jon @scalzi's upcoming novel about a Mudhoney fan trying to reignite America's passion for grunge: Alt Man's War.
As @Radlein notes, the 'h' that should be in his first name is in his last. That's why it's Jon Scalhzi, not John @scalzi. :-/
Tell John @scalzi that it's okay to be a Jon. There's no shame in it!
Fact: John @scalzi actually has no 'h' in his name. That's right, he's a Jon! But he pretends otherwise cos his shortcomings embarrass him!
@joe_hill fan? Be ready at 10 am PST Tues to get 1 of these Treasure Boxes. Limited to 25
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.@Germananja Besides, you could always have Godzilla eat your Walter White figure, ha ha aaaa never mind @BryanCranston
Apart from the one you're standing on: gravity and the biosphere &c. RT @Notts_Skeptics: Your horoscope for today
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"Florida mom petitions against Toys 'R Us over Breaking Bad action figures." I'm so mad, I'm burning my Florida Mom action figure in protest
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candyrotten said: I've been reading your short stories from 20th Century Ghosts as of late, and I honestly...
@joe_hill On a similar note, I think the machines from the Matrix were absolutely the good guys.
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I love the X-Files but I feel they unfairly slagged The Gray Men, who after all, want what's best for us.
(I'm pretty sure Maggie Leigh was in charge of that last last tweet from @BPLBoston)
It's National #Friends of #Libraries Week. We extend our thanks to all the friends who support the library. #boston
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If you are a librarian, please send me a picture of what you attach to the bathroom keys. I would like to make a slideshow.
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@joe_hill "You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance." --Ray Bradbury
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(I do pay attention to the reviews a bit - even the nasty ones. Because I always hope to learn and get better. But, perspective.)
.@TheJoeLynch I give great hugs and no one ever says a thing. :*-(
Also, being a movie star must be odd. Daniel Radcliffe hugged Juno Temple at the UK Horns premiere. This made news. Um. So, okay.
I love when people say good things about my books but I don't take it too seriously cos then I'd have to listen when folks say shitty things
Many good people think #GamerGate is about journalism & artistic freedom. That's like working at #KlanDayKare. The name means hate, guys.
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The customer reviews on Teavana are like leafing through diary entries composed by heroin fiends.
I was on Twitter twice before I'm *allowed* to be on, but I didn't tweet. Like putting the cigarette in yer mouth but not lighting it.
Just finished watching Horns, excellent movie version of @joe_hill's book. Daniel Radcliffe knocks it out of the park!
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HORNS - a daring literary/cinematic visualization of how the horrific unmoors unspoken/unspeakable truth. Loved it. @joe_hill @AlexandreAja
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@joe_hill Charlie Manx wasn't around. I still told my son to stay close. #NOS4A2
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Everyone should check out #HornsMovie. Great book by @joe_hill turned into great movie.
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At least admit this: putting a financial chokehold on people who talk for a living is NOT the world's best plan for getting awesome press.
My pal @scalzi has pointed out several times that it's very possible for a company to do some things you admire & some things you don't.
I always feel the need to follow up on this stuff by saying I love what Amazon did for short stories. Saved the market. And Audible roolz.
Few are inclined to do favors or work for the people tryin to put them out of biz. Indies also don't sell Nooks or B&N's editions of Dickens
When @hughhowey says he's been censored by indies (as if indies were 1 monolith), he ignores how Amazon has relentlessly attacked their biz.
I'm not saying the technology isn't smart. But there's a difference between smart and good. Maybe they should've called it the Fever phone.
At bottom, the firefly feature on the Fire phone is or might be very gratifying for the individual, but is toxic for a community.
It's bad for the virus too, because when the store collapses, the people who worked there can no longer afford to shop on Amazon.
You use it the inventory of local stores to shop on Amazon. If the virus becomes dominant, the store dies.
One bad future idea: the Amazon Fire phone, which works like a virus, attacking a healthy body. The analogy is almost perfect.
They're so starry-eyed about their vision of the future, they can't see the people hurting right now or that other futures might be better.
Amazon makes amazing things; great people work there. But arguing with their superfans over Hachette is like debating the Ron Paul faithful.
The movie Horns was amazing! Just as amazing as the book. Probably my new favorite movie. #HornsMovie @joe_hill
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"Pears: We're either way too hard or completely rotten. Brought to you by pears, the fuck you fruit."
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Comic books have made a little ground in representing women & minorities... and there's still a long way to go:
Polygon's statement on Gamergate. "We find the accusations from GamerGate wanting."…
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'Lemony Snicket' urges authors to connect w/indie bookshops | The Bookseller (I'll be doin this with Wt St. Books):…